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fl mama in ga's Avatar fl mama in ga 07:17 PM 09-22-2011

Hello all,


My family and I moved from South Florida to Georgia  back in February and recently found out we're expecting baby #2 (yay!) I had a home birth in water with my first and it was an AWESOME experience. I was hoping to having another home birth with baby #2 but am having some difficulty finding a midwife that offers home birth services, particularly in Coweta County (south of Atlanta). I really want to avoid having a hospital birth, but I'm also concerned about the legal ramifications of having a home birth as it seems something of a "grey area" in this state. Can someone enlighten me about the situation in Georgia regarding midwifery and home birth, or at least give me some recommendations for midwives who are willing to serve Coweta county? Thank you so much!

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 08:46 PM 10-06-2011

Try posting in the Finding Your Tribe forum for Georgia.  Good luck and welcome to MDC!!