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It's weird isn't it.. I've gained about 22 lbs at 29 weeks, I started off v underweight tho and I've been doing physio aswell throughout preg and gained a lot of function dispite my joints deteriorating, therefore I'm sure a bit of my gain at least is muscle..thing is I started off 105lbs and 5'9 if I were overweight and 5ft I would expect to gain much less as my body would need much less.. As it was I have gained this much to try and give the baby as much chance as poss.. I still don't look v pregnant tho and most my weight is boobs and water retention around my bum (damn wjeelchairs) the rest of me looks pretty small still and I'm still being carried up/down stairs on a daily basis.. And can hide the fact I'm preg with a jumper! It's all relative.. The guidelines I've seen say If your underweight u should be aiming for a 40-45 lb gain rather then the standard 25-35
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I have now happily gained 60lbs at 30 weeks. I don't report weights to my midwives, and I am feel confident that it is all part of the process since I eat relatively healthily. 

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I am not quite done yet. 33 weeks pregnant on Monday and I have gained 41 pounds so far. I was 130 before I got pregnant. I feel huge but I am also pregnant with twins so it makes sense.
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I gain a pound per week despite puking twice a day for the first 18 weeks, then 2 pounds week until about 28 weeks, then probably 1/2 lb per week after that. It doesn't really seem to be effected by how I eat or how active I am. I think being tall makes a difference too. There's no way I would gain only the average recommended when I am above average height. The only time I gained only the recommended 30 lbs. was when i got pregnant the second time after having a baby 7 weeks prior.


Preg #1 - Started at 150 and ended up at 190 at 38 weeks.

Preg #2 - Started at 160 and ended up at 190 at 38 weeks.

Preg #3 - Started at 145 and am at 180 at 31 weeks..



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Originally Posted by DaisyO View Post

I started at 130 and gained between 50 and 60 lbs.  It was all normal until about 35 weeks, when I started to gain more than a pound a day for no apparent GD...but my thyroid levels were not the best, although my midwives weren't worried.  I half suspected an iodine deficiency (ate non-iodized sea salt, and was only on 1/3 of a prenatal a day), but that doesn't totally add up b/c I live near the sea and ate lots of seafood and even seaweed salad.  Still confused about that fast weight gain, it was scary since I couldn't stop it.  It stopped itself when I had my baby (induced after early rupture of membranes) at 37+1.  She was only 5.5 lbs, too.  Very strange pattern of weight gain that makes me feel nervous about any hypothetical next time (although I think I'll be happy with just one!), especially since the birth was not as expected and that in my mind was tied to the weight gain.


As far as weight loss goes, I'm now only 120, with almost no effort on my part.  The baby is 15 months old and still nursing a lot, and I've been vegetarian for about six months now also.  So, it all just kind of disappeared.  Still confused about the whole thing, as I said..not to hijack, but if anybody has insight I'd be interested.



I had a similar thing happen with weight loss after my second. After I stopped nursing my weight plumeted to 138 and I am 6 feet tall! My husband even said something because he thought I had been dieting but I wasn't. It took a year + 1 m/c for my body to snap out of whatever had happened. Looking back I think it was partially because I had 2 back to back pregnancies only 7 weeks apart and then I abruptly stopped nursing and I think my body just freaked out.



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48 lbs with both pregnancies. With #1 I started out about 10lbs heavier than with #2, I was 165 with #1 and 155 with #2 starting and ending I was 213 with #1 ending and 203 ending with #2. FWIW whether you go early or late can make a big difference in how much one could gain. If I delivered 4 weeks early I would have probably only gained 38ish pounds. I gain a lot the last 4-6 weeks and I went over 40weeks with both kiddos, #1 was 41w4days and #2 was 41w2days, babies were 9lbs and 9.3lbs no GD or any other issues.

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With my first I gained about 50lb - I really stopped looking at the scales after about week 35.  I didn't eat well (a lot of milkshakes) I had a lot of swelling at the end and I didn't exercise because the slightest amount of walking gave me severe Braxton Hicks.


This time around, I've eaten very well - lots of fruits and veggies, almost no sweets and I'm chasing around a 2 year old in addition to yoga and walking (and I continued to run throughout the first 2 trimesters).  And... I've still gained 45lbs. I started around 125 and I'm hovering around 170 with just over a week left.


Two totally different pregnancies - very similar weight gain.

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I gained about 35 pounds.

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Gained 30 lbs with #1, lost it all by a year PP (when I got pregnant again).
Gained 28 lbs with #2, only lost 22 lbs by a year PP (when I got pregnant again).

Gained 30 lbs with #3, lost all + 4 of the pounds from #2 by a year PP (when I got pregnant again).


So, I'm figuring another 30ish lbs and hoping to lose back to my original pre-pregnancy weight by a year PP (which shouldn't be an issue, I wouldn't think!).

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I'm normally pretty thin, technically I'm underweight but I have an old back injury and can tell if I go just a little bit over my normal weight and/or loose fitness because my back starts to hurt.  I started all three of my pregnancies at right about the same weight (approx. 115).  With number one I gained 15 lbs, with number two I gained about 20,  (I was very heavy for me and uncomfortable).  With number three I had a previously undiagnosed diary allergy that got horrendous in my first trimester and lost a ton of weight when I finally went off the dairy.  I gained back some of the weight I lost, but not much.  I gave birth at about 117 lbs and only gained 6 lbs by the third trimester.  I felt great, probably because I finally went off the dairy.  If I gained the 'recommended' amount my body would just break down.  It just doesn't function well at higher weights due to my old injury. 

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