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I just can't wait to be pregnant again. I fantasize daily about the experience of labor, and imagine what it will be like to give birth vaginally.

I think a lot of my craving is a yearning to heal from my last experience. Does anyone else feel this way?

I had a somewhat difficult twin pregnancy last time, and it was lovely in many ways, but not at all what I had planned for. I wanted a homebirth with a midwife, but couldn't find a midwife who would assist me. Instead I had a very medicalized OB-attended pregnancy that included 6 weeks of bedrest, some depression, and that ended in a scheduled c-section.

I just want to do it all over again. It didn't feel real last time. I feel like I totally missed out.

I still don't have AF back, and am nursing my twins several times a day/night, so don't really expect it back anytime soon. Somedays the pregnancy/baby craving gets so strong that I feel tempted to wean my babies in order to bring back my fertility. I can't imagine actually doing that, but I'm even surprised that I think about it. I want to just feel content with the babies I have.



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I can totally understand this feeling. Even women with pretty 'picture-perfect' pg & birth experiences often want to 'repeat' it because it's so hard to remember & savor every little part. But of course the desire to have a better experience than the difficult first one is going to be even greater.

Personally I am strongly craving another pregnancy and birth too. But it's not a good time to bring another babe into the family. *sigh* Ah, well.


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I think is very normal to feel the way you do after an experience that wasnt what you were hoping for.

Ive had a cesarean and a VBAC and I actually experienced some of those thoughts after my VBAC because of a few things that happened after the birth - just a complete lack of respect by the OB because I was "stubborn" enough to stay at home throughout my whole labor. I wanted to go back and redo everything from the point that I started to push and left for the hospital.

Are you really going to have more children in the future? If so, you can start deciding what you want those births to be like... Theres TONS of info on vbacs on the web (since you said you fantasize about giving birth vaginally). has lots of links to studies and info about rupture and ICAN has an email support group that can be found by going to Yahoo groups and typing in ICAN-Online.

Do you know if any midwives will attend you after having had a cesarean? Something you could do would be to start calling around now to see if theres anyone you "click" with. Maybe that would give you some hope and excitement for future babies.

Anyways, Im really sorry that you have to go through this, but it is very common and hopefully with time it will get easier.
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I so wanted to start TTC last Fall. At the time my ds was about 20-22 months old. When dh and I talked about it he told me he didn't think anyone in our family was ready for a new baby yet. He had all kinds of logical reasons. I went along with him and I resigned myself to waiting until next summer. It was the right decision. I find toddlers very challenging and two of them would be even more so. I am eager to start TTC in couple of months and the urge to TTC is coming from a much less needy place emotionally and dh seems genuinely ready and excited too. I don't want to sound like I am telling you what to do, but just my experience.
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