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Hemorrhoids and Natural Childbirth

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Did you have hemorrhoids? Did you labor and deliver without interventions? I need to hear from you. My first child was born via cesarean and I had had an epidural after the first few contractions. I had developed bad hemorrhoids during the pregnancy and they were very swollen and inflamed by the end. They never totally went away but have not gotten swollen and inflamed yet, although I'm only in the beginning of my second trimester and if you didn't know me I don't think you'd even know I was showing. I want a natural birth this time around. My concerns are pain and bleeding from the hemorrhoids and I also want to know if the ones close to my perineum will make it more likely for me to have a bad tear. That is probably my biggest concern. So far, my midwife just tells me ways to make sure they don't get too bad and I am doing those things, but I want to know about these concerns I've mentioned. Can you tell me about your experiences with hemorrhoids in and around the time of labor and delivery? Thanks.

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I don't know if this answers your question or not but I had issues with hemmroids with my first and they took a really long time to go away.  I have since changed my diet, take a supplement to help, and other things to prevent them from flaring up or from returning again with this pregnancy.  I take a magnesium supplement every night to prevent constipation.  It also really helps me sleep better.  I use a stool to prop my feet up on when I have a BM.  This is so amazing I can't even tell you!  If I still have issues I have a bottle of witch hazel I use topically to treat.  Hope this helps!

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