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Hello. my name is Katie and I was just wondering if you can be unconscious during a planned c section. My boyfriend and I are trying for a baby and we have discussed our options but have chosen a c section due to the fact that I cannot stand any sort of pain. My boyfriend is very supportive of me and our decisions. Please do not judge me for my decision, I would just like some advice and information as this will be my first baby and I am very nervous. Thank you.

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Not sure if this is a serious post, but just in case...

General anesthesia will not generally be used during a planned cesarean since it puts mother and baby at greater risk. Many OBs won't do a planned cesarean without a reason, just fyi, since it increases risks to you and your baby as well. I will tell you that you WILL feel pain for up to 6 weeks after a cesarean so having a c-section is not a way to avoid pain. It is major surgery and you will be taking care of a baby while recovering. It also puts future pregnancies and your future health at risk. Think carefully before doing it to "avoid pain".

ETA: Just noticed that this in the vbac forum, I probably shouldn't have replied at all, but I will leave it up.

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It's impossible to have a baby without some sort of pain. I"m sorry, but that's the truth. Pregnancy itself causes pain- round ligament pain, pressure at the end of pregnancy, etc. If you have a c-section, they're going to definitely be putting in an IV and that will cause pain. After the c-section, your incision will cause pain. If you want to have a planned elective c-section, I support your decision. However, do not expect to be without pain. Having a baby is painful- whether you give birth to that baby through your vagina or through an abdominal incision.

CNM mama.

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It's very unlikely that you'd find an anesthesiologist that would be okay with using general anesthesia without a medical indicator. (I wanted it with my last one. My c-sections have been mostly pain-free, using spinal anesthesia...but I hate the numbness.)


As others have said, a c-section isn't going to avoid pain. Everyone's recovery is different, but there will be post-op pain, probably lasting for several weeks. I had intermittent pain for about seven months with my second one.


All the best with whatever you decide.

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I would echo what the other people said.  A c-section would actually pro-long your pain.  There is much more to consider than only the pain of labor.  C-section recovery is NOT easy.  You also open yourself up to more risk for infection (which would hurt).  Getting out of bed to care for your newborn when your abs have been cut open HURTS.

There can also be prolonged pain issues.  Next month it will be 2 years since my second c/s...when I have sex I feel pain in my incision.  I had to buy new jeans (even though though my old ones fit)  because I was in pain every night because they rubbed too close to my incision.  When I have menstrual cramps I feel the pain more intensely along my incision. 


I'm not trying to be negative or mean, just real.  I'm all for natural birth and labor (and have tried twice) but if the pain scares you get an epidural...I would strongly recommend avoiding a c-section if you can.

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No c-sections here but I was looking at my options because baby was flip flopping up until a few weeks ago and I believe I read that ga has a 50% higher death rate for mom than an epi. Also they have to put in a catheter which is extremely painful going in and I would think they have to do this before the ga since they have to be ready to cut and get baby our before ga hits him.
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I had 2 vaginal births with epidural. The first one I waited 18 hours and yes, pain was horrible and made me hallucinate.

With the second child I arrived to the hospital fairly early in active labor and requested immediate epidural and pitocin.


My second birth was lovely with minimum pain.


Of course, there after pains and general soreness etc, however, you can ask for things like Vicodin and Ibuprofen.



Sit down with your doctor to discuss pain control methods.

Epidural is safe and effective. Epidural is safer than general anesthesia.

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If you want to avoid pain, don't have kids.  :)


I still have pain TEN YEARS after my last csec.

Bring back the old MDC
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Oh man, that hep lock they put in my hand before my c-section was excruciating.  When I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and had to have the hep lock replaced every 4 days, it was like torture.  Not to mention the blood draws every 2 days.  But all that was nothing compared to the emotional pain of leaving my preemie in the hospital.


I was recovering from a cold when I had my second c-section.  Coughing was terrible.  Going over speed bumps on the way home from the hospital?  Youch!


Oh, and then there is engorgement pain, which you're going to get even if you don't breastfeed.  And when your baby bonks its head into your chin?  That hurts.  I've gotten bloody lips from my kids' heads.  Sleep deprivation causes headaches.  Babies pull hair.  Oh, and after you have a baby, it's not unusual for sex to be painful for a while.


Parenthood is not for the faint of heart.  It hurts, physically and emotionally.  If you aren't even pregnant yet and already trying to come up with ways to avoid normal and natural pain that is necessary for having a baby, you probably aren't ready to have a child.  Many insurance companies won't even pay for an elective c-section, especially with general anesthesia.  It's not as safe for you or the baby, and you will miss the very moment that your child was born simply because you didn't think you could handle the pain?  There are moms on here who had to be put under for emergency medical reasons and mourn that they missed that life-changing event.


Not to mention you'll still be in intense pain for days and weeks afterwards, as others mentioned.  You think that your abdomen, abdominal muscles, and uterus and going to be sliced up and sewn back together and it's not going to hurt afterwards?


Seriously, if you "really can't stand any sort of pain", perhaps you should reconsider having children.  This is not a judgment, this is just the reality of having kids.

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I've got to agree with Bokonon. My ex-FIL heard the cartilage in my nose go crunch from across the room, when ds1 (about two at the time) headbutted me in the face. He wasn't angry - he was playing. He once hit me in the eye so hard that I saw sparks, because he woke up in pitch blackness in our tent and freaked out. DD1 raced across teh room and plowed into my abdomen for a hug...when her little brother was only two weeks old, and I had an infected c-section incision (so it wasn't closed). I screamed.

I've been punched, kicked, and jumped on (mostly in fun, although ds2 has anger issues). I've had my nipples bitten. I've collapsed with the pain of trying to get out of bed (post-section). I've had more painful attempts at sex than I care to think about. I had such engorgement pain with my first (not with any of my others) that I stood in the shower (using hot water to ease it, which did eventually work) and gasped, then cried,  when the water first hit my breast. I've hurt my muscles carrying kids around. I've had things thrown at me. I've slipped and bruised myself badly on spilled liquids, paper and some solids (eg. cereal and rice). I've had to keep functioning through stomach bugs and headaches, and all kinds of other aches and pains...which were probably prolonged by the impossibility of getting enough rest. This stuff is all pretty typical.


I love being a mom. I wouldn't change it for the world. (You can tell this partly by the fact that I just kept having them.) I love it. But, I can't even count how many aches, pains and minor injuries (never mind post-op complications from c-sections) I've experienced that I never would have if I didn't have kids. People sometimes talk about being in the "parenting trenches", and there's a reason for that. Being a mom is going to come with a certain amount of pain. There's just no way around that. If you really want a baby, OP, you might want to talk to a therapist  about your expectations and how to manage those inevitable moments that hurt.

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