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LeaPea's Avatar LeaPea 08:16 AM 07-22-2012

I am having such a hard time. I am 42 weeks today with my second child, and I never thought I would still be pregnant at this point. My daughter was born at 40w4d, so I assumed this one would come around the same time. Silly me!!


I just don't know what to do with myself. I am so isolated right now. No one wants to talk to me unless it is about the baby. All the questions from my family are driving me crazy. "When are they going to take the baby?" What?? I can't leave the house because I am so tired of the constant questions from everyone. Plus, my belly is pretty big, so I am getting the comments about how I am going to pop at any minute.


Doubt is starting to creep in too. Like, maybe my body can't do this, even though I know my body can. Or maybe something is wrong and baby boy can't descend.


Anyone have any words of advice?

alegna's Avatar alegna 09:08 AM 07-22-2012

(((hugs)))  My second was 43 weeks 5 days.  My advice is turn off the phone and do whatever you like to do to relax- bubble baths, a massage, bad movies  ;)  Babies come when ready.

Turquesa's Avatar Turquesa 09:12 AM 07-22-2012
There are few times that I would outright condone lying, and I'm sorry to say that this is one of them. mischievous.gif. It truly is worth it for your sanity.

"Well, Mom/MIL/Nosy Person...I have some kind of bad news. I just saw/spoke with my midwife/doctor, and it looks like we had the dates all wrong. I'm not actually due until a week from Tuesday..."

Blame it on miscalculating your cycle, ultrasound dating, or whatever you want. Just buy yourself some time!

Next, unplug your phone..or at least screen your calls. DH and I actually created a facetious voicemail greeting for pushy callers: "Thank you for calling our Baby Reporting Hotline. At this time there are--(different voice) ZERO--(then back to original voice) babies delivered to this in-box. Please try your call again later."

Finally, if you ever have a third, lie about your due date from the get-go. On my second and third time around, that was a massive sanity-saver! winky.gif
veggielover's Avatar veggielover 11:08 AM 07-22-2012

(((hugs))) mama. I have SO been where you are. Carried all of my babies to 42-43 weeks. It's exhausting and overwhelming...but oh so worth it. <3 SO worth it.  



If you can, turn off the phone (or on silent and let calls ring through to vm)...stay away from public settings (send hubby to the store, take a "mental health" vacation from church or family functions)...turn your home into your sanctuary for the next few days and just BE. Find that place of inner calm. Breathe. Find things to do that relax you and bring you smiles and contentment. Laugh. Sleep! Take warm baths. This baby WILL come when it's time. <3 Promise. 

veggielover's Avatar veggielover 11:13 AM 07-22-2012

Oh, also wanted to add that I soooo remember those doubts. They can be intense. (((hugs)))) My advice? Just embrace them for what they are, process them, and then move THROUGH them. Your body is not defective. Lots and lots of women have been where you are. If your mama instincts about this babe feel at peace, then cling to that. Don't let the fearful voices of everyone else drown that out. It's hard, because MAN oh man, are they loud! ;) You can do this, mama. Your baby and your body are doing a dance right now. Don't rush it. The timing you've got going right now is beautiful and perfect.  

LeaPea's Avatar LeaPea 11:41 AM 07-22-2012

Thanks everyone! It's nice to know there are women who have been in my position. Seems like everyone I know has a c-section at 40 weeks if the baby hasn't come yet.


I got a massage this morning, and it was divine! Hubby took our toddler to the park so I could have some alone time. Baby boy is movin' and groovin' and I feel great! I'm not sure why all of this is getting to me, but I know I need to let it go.


I told my husband this morning that if we ever did decide to have a third child, I'm automatically adding two to three weeks to the due date.

tiacait's Avatar tiacait 09:35 AM 07-25-2012

Any updates LeaPea? :) My son was born at 42w,1d so I feel you. Have you tried acupuncture?

LeaPea's Avatar LeaPea 02:57 PM 07-26-2012

Baby boy was born at 42 weeks 3 days. I finally set up an appointment to be induced, and Joaquin decided he would come on his own! I was so relieved :) He is perfectly healthy, and weighed 10 lbs 12 oz bigeyes.gif.

veggielover's Avatar veggielover 03:47 PM 07-26-2012

Wow!!!! Congrats, mama. heartbeat.gif Glad to hear all is well. Enjoy your babymoon.