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NH mom's Avatar NH mom 05:26 AM 08-17-2012

My baby is almost 6 weeks.  My postpartum bleeding was normal (for me) for the first 2 weeks, then around week 3 it turned bright red again for a few days and then stopped completely.  By 4 weeks I thought I was done.  Then two days ago it picked up again.  Last night my husband suggested it might be an early period.  Cramps, bloating, chocolate cravings, backache... maybe he's right. 


Baby is fully breastfed, co-sleeping, and never out of my sight or arms.  With my other kids I was period free for 19-27 months!  What's going on?

girlfromthenc's Avatar girlfromthenc 10:00 AM 08-17-2012

I don't have an answer for you, but the same thing just happened to me. I'm 5wks postpartum today and in the past 2 days I started bleeding again. Its a very small amount and pinkish, but I'm more worried about the cramping and backache. It's pretty significant and I haven't had any cramping since the first few days PP. I also didn't get a period for at least 2 years with my other 2. It's totally freaking me out. I'm on diflucan for thrush, so I'm wondering if that could cause it? I've also been doing a lot more activity this past week. I might call my mw. If I get any info, I'll be sure to share.

sraplayas's Avatar sraplayas 08:45 PM 08-20-2012

me, too. i'm 8 wks pp and at 6 wks had what seemed like a period then it happened about 10 days later, then today i'm bleeding again. i went over 2 yrs w/ my other two and had to make some diety changes, etc. this is just weird! thinking if getting my thyroid checked soon....