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Devaskyla 09-13-2012 06:42 PM

Is it possible for a birth to cause cervical damage that would affect future births by causing intense & prolonged transition?


My first VBAC had what was a normal seeming transition, but a stuck baby and very long pushing phase resulting in an OT baby. My second was a quick labour with only a half hour pushing, but just before that was a period of about 45 minutes of extremely intense pain. My 3rd was about an 8 hour labour, including about 1 1/2 of pushing. About 2 hours, possibly more, was such excruciating agony that I was reduced to screaming incoherantly with every, frequent contraction.


Both the second and third were a complete shock after the first one, which, while painful, never once made me feel desperate to escape or screaming in agony & terrifying my family.


I have not had any kind of exam since my post-cesarean check up with my eldest (yeah, I know, I need to get on that, but seeing a med pro causes extreme anxiety since ds1's "birth") so I don't have any way of knowing if there might be visible damage, but I was curious if it was even possible. And what the possibility might be for even worse/longer pain if I were to have another baby.

katelove 09-13-2012 08:33 PM

If your cervix had torn during the first birth there may be scar tissue which could cause issues with dilation next time and may result in a different, more intense pain as scar tissue is non-elastic. It's unlikely that this would be visible on examination though. Did you bleed a lot after your first birth? IME cervical tears *bleed*.

The only other thing I can think of is that your second and third babies were slightly malpositioned and were changing position during the period of intense pain.

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