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briannas auntie's Avatar briannas auntie 02:01 AM 10-01-2012

Hi!  I am not pregnant yet (still trying), but I reccently watched the film "The Business of Being Born", that I checked out at the local library.  I LOVED that film.  It  was like everything I believe in in terms of childbirth was reaffirmed on that film.  I am very into having a natural birth, with few interventions, and having a birth plan and being determined to have a doctor not ignore it.


Because I am disabled (very low level SCI, an ileostomy bag, neurogenic bladder, and moderate gastroparesis), I have been told at a pre-pregnancy consultation that I will be labeled "high risk" and will have to deliver in a hospital with lots of people monitoring me.  When I mentioned that I wanted a natural birth, the OB/GYN that did my consult just chuckled and said, "You'll change your mind once you are in labor sweetie".  That pissed me off so much when he said that.  I know my body is capable of having a baby naturally, and i have confidence that I can do it.

Now, despite the spinal cord injury, its such a low level injury that only my mid-thigh down is affected.  I can feel everything else on my body.  The ileostomy bag is from am emergency surgery when my colon suddenly stoped functioning and tore.  The neurogenic bladder is part of the SCI (I use catheters to empty my bladder), and the gastroparesis is idiopathic (I have a feeding tube just for medication and extra water at night, I can eat solids).  I still weight train several times a week, play wheelchair basketball, and eat healthy (easy to digest) foods.  I am a bit on the overweight side, but that's from having several surgeries in the past 4 years that took a while to recover from, along with water retention to avoid rapid dehydration due to not having a colon.


I was wondering what restrictions do midwives have for people who are disabled or overweight?  I seriously want to use a midwife, not an OB/GYN and deliver in a birth center (insurance won't pay for a home birth), but I am worried that all the midwives will turn me down, despite being healthy otherwise.  I read in an older Mothering issue about a woman in a wheelchair who had a homebirth with a midwife, and I was wondering if I should bring this copy in to show a midwife that it can be done.  I can't find any information in the books I got out of the library on qualifications and restrictions for midwives taking on clients, so that's why I am asking here.

TheDivineMrsM's Avatar TheDivineMrsM 11:09 AM 10-01-2012

It depends on the practitioner, the hospital regulations, and the availability of MWs in your area. The one birthing center that's within 50 miles of me is pretty strict on who they accept. I don't even think I could VBAC there. In your situation, you may want to consider a midwife/OB combo practice.