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jrose_lee's Avatar jrose_lee 10:03 PM 11-09-2012

Just hoping to hear from someone who has recovered fully from a torn/injured pubic symphysis.  I believe mine was torn or hurt in some way during the birth of ds3.  I am now 9 months postpartum and mostly recovered, but I can still tell it is not back to normal and occasionally have pain with walking etc.  Is it likely I can fully recover from this with time?  Also, I would like to have one more baby and am concerned about injuring it again.  Any thoughts on that?  Ds3 was a very quick birth (only about 40 minutes from the time I truly knew I was in actual labor until he was born).TIA!

starrlamia's Avatar starrlamia 11:27 AM 11-12-2012

I would recommend seeing your doctor, they are most qualified to give you the answers you seek. Plus they can do xrays and exams to determine how your injuries are healing. Good luck.

greenmamato2's Avatar greenmamato2 09:22 AM 11-13-2012

I would definitely talk to your doctor and see if things are still in progress of healing, or if you need to look at possibly having it "worked on" (maybe physical therapy, etc). 


Regarding future pregnancies, my doctor told me that it does get worse with each pregnancy, but that it should go back to normal shortly after the birth.  During the pregnancy though, the pain is intense.  I've had it bad this time around.