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treeonastring's Avatar treeonastring 03:00 PM 05-23-2013

I'm already dilated to 3 and effaced a bunch as of Tuesday.  I had a big snotty brown mucus plug come out the night before and a little bit of pink streaked slime come out in the past hour.  For more than two hours today I was having contractions about a minute and thirty seconds apart, lasting a minute for more.  Some I didn't even know when they began or ended.  I decided to take a shower because when I relaxed my body all the way I would pee.  While relaxing I felt the baby go very low into my pelvis, and then the frequent contractions stopped.  Is this what they call a stall?  Should I be concerned?  And as I type, they are coming back, but not as frequent.


I'm 38 weeks and avoiding the hospital that I signed up to go to as long as possible because I don't think they'll honor my natural-inclined birth plan.  Any understanding of what's happening would be greatly appreciated!  I want to know as much about what's going on in my body as possible.

sky_and_lavender's Avatar sky_and_lavender 06:39 PM 05-23-2013

Sounds like normal early labor or even warm up labor. Try not to focus on it too much, could go on for days or even weeks, or things could heat up faster. You don't need to call anyone or tell anyone. Just carry on with life. It will probably be clear when it's time to give birth/go to the hospital.

rnra's Avatar rnra 06:50 PM 05-23-2013

I agree--sounds like official labor hasn't even started yet.  Hang in there!

eabbmom's Avatar eabbmom 07:34 PM 05-23-2013
Just your body gearing up. Baby moving, waters intact, you're golden mama.
katelove's Avatar katelove 07:46 PM 05-23-2013
I agree with the PPs. All sounding very positive and definitely sounds like your body is doing all the right things to get ready but it could be hours to weeks yet. Relaxation activities are a great idea but if you feel like being more active I'm sure that would be fine too.

ETA - I wouldn't call this a stalled labour because from what you described you haven't been in labour yet, just lots of labour preparation.