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KnockedUpButtercup's Avatar KnockedUpButtercup 12:23 PM 09-15-2013

So, I am 43, 2 previous c-sections, with a 3rd one coming up in March.  (I was bullied into my two previous, medically unnecessary c/s, but at this point I'm not prepared to risk my scarred, 43 year old uterus on a natural birth.)  I am wondering if it's possible to have a hysterectomy after a c-section to deal with my (severe, recurring) fibroids.


Has anyone had these two procedures done at the same time?  What was your experience, if so?  I am most concerned about my nursing relationship with the new baby - that's my number one priority, since a natural birth is off the table for me.


I appreciate your insights!



Viola's Avatar Viola 04:24 PM 09-15-2013

I don't have any experience with this, but I wanted to respond to bump your post up to the top.  It seems like this should be possible.  People in my family have had their tubes tied with their 3rd c-section, and a couple of my sisters have ended up having hysterectomies after the fact, but it seems like having one surgery and recovery period would be better in the long run. Have you spoken to an OB about this, and what ramifications it would have for breastfeeding and post partum recovery? 


motherhendoula's Avatar motherhendoula 05:50 PM 09-15-2013

I would speak to an IBCLC about how it would affect breastfeeding - they will probably know a bit more

ilovetchotchkes's Avatar ilovetchotchkes 05:54 PM 09-20-2013

My MIL had a hysterectomy shortly after she had my husband- her uterus prolapsed during his birth. 

She nursed him for over 2 years. He also had a tongue tie! jaw.gif

I'd definitely contact an IBCLC but it CAN be done.