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sparatikness's Avatar sparatikness 01:33 PM 02-07-2014
I'm part of the Jan 2014 dd club and am 2.5 weeks pp. I'm posting an amazing blog post as a reminder to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF DURING THIS TIME! I wish I would have known this a few weeks ago.

After reading this I'm now enjoying days (Unshowered) lounging in PJs, watching reality tv and movies and nursing my baby. I just came out of a two week marathon of breast feeding madness and stress so I'm allowing myself to focus only on breast feeding and not worry about anything else. I know some of you have other kids but accept help from friends, don't clean, just chill and feed/water yourself. Do what you can for yourself!

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 03:00 PM 02-07-2014
Excellent piece! And so true! I rarely left the house for the first 6 weeks. Socializing felt like a strain. I was happy to watch tv and nurse all day. Recovery is tough. I was a mess, but I got better.
sparatikness's Avatar sparatikness 11:25 AM 02-08-2014
Yeah I didn't know. Seems prizes are given for how quickly you can get back on your feet. I'm a super active person so I fight to make myself stay down. I've heard from women that they were very active early on but then weeks later it caught up to them. My doula told me to take the energy bursts and add them to the reserve until I'm at 100% again, instead of using up those bursts of energy.

I've noticed brain cells lighting up again too but only when I stay down. Having brain cells again is a wonderful thing, if only for small moments now. :-D