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est72 04-11-2014 10:42 PM

My DDC is mostly on Facebook (though I'm not), so I hope it's ok to look for some support/opinions here.

I'm currently pregnant with baby #3 and hoping for a 2nd vbac. I just spoke to my ob this evening, and we agreed on 4/19 as a final date before scheduling a c-section. I'm ok with this for a variety of reasons (I'm AMA, this is a vbac, and I'll be just shy of 42 weeks), but I also really really really hope that another vbac is in my future.

So, here's where I'm hoping for some reassurance or some btdt stories about going into labor naturally before the 19th. As of yesterday, I was 4cm and 60% effaced. I definitely lost my mucous plug yesterday and have been losing some more blood-tinged mucous since then. I have been having contractions but they are very irregular, both in terms of intensity and time (like, I'll have 3-4 strong contractions in an hour but then nothing for several hours).

I keep thinking that there's no way I could NOT go into labor naturally within the next week, but each of my pregnancies and labors have been so different, I'm not sure if this is a realistic expectation or if it's just as likely that I'll still be pregnant in a week, even with all of these signs of approaching labor.

Any thoughts? Similar stories out there? TIA!

womenswisdom 04-12-2014 08:27 AM

In lieu of a cesarean, if you feel your pregnancy needs to be ended by a certain date, why not consider induction? AROM is likely to start your labor given your client dilation and does not increase your rupture risk.

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