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ian'smommaya's Avatar ian'smommaya 07:54 AM 04-20-2014

I was in a car vs. bike accident (I was on a bike and hit and run over by a 25 passenger econo van.) and that hurt worse, mostly because I didn't get the stunning, amazing baby afterwards. So how about you? What hurt more than labor?

IdentityCrisisMama's Avatar IdentityCrisisMama 08:08 AM 04-20-2014

Snow blindness - ouch! 

lovemylab's Avatar lovemylab 03:30 PM 04-20-2014
The first poop after labor about a week later..... My husband heard my scream from outside, he thought maybe I was in labor again, lol.
corielynn's Avatar corielynn 12:36 PM 04-22-2014
An abscessed tooth is way more painful.hands down.
gentlemama0228's Avatar gentlemama0228 12:36 PM 04-22-2014
Shingles for sure!
CoziLovr's Avatar CoziLovr 12:37 PM 04-22-2014

We moved to a different state when my daughter was one month old. It was so exhausting and difficult! Way harder than labor. 

LauraCH's Avatar LauraCH 12:42 PM 04-22-2014

A severe ankle sprain.

RainbowHippyMum's Avatar RainbowHippyMum 12:42 PM 04-22-2014

Honestly . . . almost anything hurts me more than a good, natural birth xD We had our daughter all-natural at home last April, and my birth was virtually painless and she was born without me pushing even once. It was worlds different from the horrible and painful birth I had with my son in the hospital.

LauraCH's Avatar LauraCH 12:44 PM 04-22-2014

Oh!  And not having any more babies.  :( 

MrsJPS's Avatar MrsJPS 12:49 PM 04-22-2014

Sorry to be a downer, ladies, but nothing I've experienced has hurt worse than natural childbirth. Gallstones, a painful neck injury, a pilonidal cyst, a broken leg... nothing came close. That said, I teach natural childbirth classes and am highly passionate about it, so the fact that something so mind-bendingly painful could be so rewarding that I actually want to encourage others to do the same must say something! ;)

hgz217's Avatar hgz217 12:51 PM 04-22-2014
Totally agree. I used hypnobirthing and had a beautiful birthing experience. No need for fear of pain if you have a plan to focus within and listen to your body.
joanielspeak's Avatar joanielspeak 12:58 PM 04-22-2014

Adult tonsillectomy. Two full weeks of severe mouth and throat pain, no eating, painful drinking, itchy scabs in your throat, vomiting (shutter)... eww, it was horrible. WAY worse than my 4.5 hour labor and natural delivery at home.

Kaeti Madison's Avatar Kaeti Madison 01:05 PM 04-22-2014

Ovarian cysts, for sure.  And possibly a severe kidney infection.

DrCSB's Avatar DrCSB 01:43 PM 04-22-2014
That's a long list, but I had quick natural labors (though the 8-pound second one did hurt way more than the 5-pound first one who came early). Ironically, round ligament pain in my first pregnancy hurt way more than either labor. So did breaking my tibia.
sophiawadt's Avatar sophiawadt 01:45 PM 04-22-2014

kidney stones!!!!

meagannoelle's Avatar meagannoelle 02:01 PM 04-22-2014
Watching my sister give birth! I didn't have a natural birth though. ): wish i would've now. But all is well that ends well! (:
egleason's Avatar egleason 02:12 PM 04-22-2014

Gallbladder attacks.  When I went into the ER with severe pain and told the nurse that it was worse than childbirth she didn't believe me until I told her I'd given birth 7 days prior sans medicine and received a 3rd degree laceration in the process and none of that compared to the pain of that attack.  I'd rather have 10 natural births over 1 gall bladder attack.

colomomma's Avatar colomomma 02:21 PM 04-22-2014

Vaginal Exams during labor!!! Hurt way more than labor itself. If there is a next time for me, I am refusing.

asherraifsmom's Avatar asherraifsmom 03:21 PM 04-22-2014

nothing was more *powerful* feeling, but as far as unbearable PAIN that i couldnt do anything to alleviate, i'd say shingles, and a severe pinched nerve in my neck during pregnancy. Made my arm feel like it was on fire and there was no position i could get in to make the pain stop. At least with labor, usually movement or laying in a certain position or doing something makes it all bearable. i could do something about the pain. absolutely nothing to be done, position-wise to help nerve pain or shingles (which is a type of nerve pain too). (though, off topic but if anyone gets shingles, B12 helped the pain more than anything else and Lysine stopped the spread of the rash)

rainbownurse's Avatar rainbownurse 03:40 PM 04-22-2014

Nothing hurt more, but I was induced and had back labour, so that might be it

stizler's Avatar stizler 04:30 PM 04-22-2014
What hurt more than the labor was the delivery of my 9lb 9oz son. When his head was coming out I thought I was going to die. I think I almost went into shock.
JustJenny's Avatar JustJenny 05:19 PM 04-22-2014

Tooth pain!

broodymama's Avatar broodymama 07:24 PM 04-22-2014

Gallbladder attacks for me.  That sent me running for the ER and morphine, holy crap!  

silversparrow's Avatar silversparrow 07:24 PM 04-22-2014

When the freezing wore off after getting my wisdom teeth removed!!!

nsmomtobe's Avatar nsmomtobe 07:35 PM 04-22-2014

I broke my ankle and had it reset without pain medication (because I was pregnant at the time and the doctor didn't want to risk it). It was easily the most painful experience of my life. Unlike labour, it did not come and go in waves--it lasted several minutes--and I didn't have endorphins working for me. The nurse, who was trying to distract me, asked how I was going to get through labour if I couldn't handle that. 


My labour itself didn't hurt. It was only the crowning/pushing part (and the stitching afterwards) that was painful.

sidrajedi's Avatar sidrajedi 07:41 PM 04-22-2014
I don't actually know what it was that happened to me that hurt worse than labor. But I think my body was having an allergic reaction to a niacin supplement? I was involuntarily evacuating my kidneys. Worst.Pain.Ever.

Labor was pretty bad though. Baby was turning and coming down at the same time. Ouch! But it was still an awesome experience.
paulycat's Avatar paulycat 08:36 PM 04-22-2014
Kidney stones. I has three kidney stones the night before my daughter was born (all natural-no drugs birth) and I was in such agonizing pain. They actually gave me morphine for the stones and I took it. I have hasstwo unmedicated births (last one was a 9lb 7oz bruiser!) and the kidneys were the worst. Oh and a scratched cornea. The pain was unbearable, I was literally going crazy until they put some drops that had some form of cocaine in them and the pain went away instantly.
rosie023's Avatar rosie023 08:47 PM 04-22-2014
Muscle spasms in my back. I was screaming and writhing in bed in agony for over an hour. This happened several times for a few days, couldn't get out of bed for a week and had to walk with crutches for another week. Debilitating back pain was way worse for me than my 6 hour natural homebirth. Sure, it hurt but labor is a productive pain. It has a beautiful end to it, it's not pointless. For me, labor was a breeze in comparison.
mamabear0314's Avatar mamabear0314 09:15 PM 04-22-2014

I had hand, foot and mouth and had blisters come up all in my nether regions. Then they got infected. Trying to pee left me throwing up or nearly unconscious from pain. Easily a 10. My births were a 9, 8 and 7 respectively on the pain scale.

Yuba_River's Avatar Yuba_River 09:15 PM 04-22-2014
I second the abscessed tooth. And my labors were really painful, but that was worse, even with Vicodin.
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