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I guess this falls in the "Beyond" part of "Birth and Beyond".
I went to Target yester day in order to get some clothes and a bathing suit that fit and didnt' look obscene. What a shocker. I couldn't wait to get into my car so I could cry! Pre preg. I was about 115 lbs and 5'1 or 5'2. I tried on 3 sizes up from pre preg. and they had 3 inches or so to go before they would meet at the zipper. The bathing suits...ugh. I'm nursing my son and it's the most wonderful experience ever and I am obvouisly providing for his fat little butt. But damn! These boobs are just too much!

I have a question...
If one has a c birth and the baby was obvouisly in the pelvis but did not pass through, did the pelvis spread as it would have it the baby were born vaginally? I am only 4 weeks pp and I know that the weight will come off. I gained 40-45lbs with and I only have 20 to go. But, are my hips permanently spread or will they go back to "normal" over time. I can handle it if they don't. I just want to know so that I can adjust to the idea of being wider and quit trying on pre preg cloths.

Please share your experience!

Mama to DS1 (4/04) DS2 (HBAC 11/06) DS3 (HBAC 12/08) DS4 (HBAC 1/11). Wife to one handsome hard working DH.
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First of all, because I know how depressing it is. Second, 4 weeks is really soon. I would get really depressed when anybody would tell me "give it a year" because there was just no way I could cope with the idea of that. I'm happy to report to you that I was squeezing into my pre-preg clothes by about 4 months pp, fitting into them pretty well by about 5 months, and they were starting to be loose by 6 months (I was "average" size before, not overweight but not skinny either).

I can't really answer your question about the C-section and hips spreading other than to say I'm now an inch smaller around the hips than I was before, but I'm still a couple cup sizes larger in the bust. Poundage wise I'm now a couple pounds less than I was before pregnancy, but the location of those pounds is pretty different.

The pattern the weight loss has taken has been very interesting. It was all from my hips first, and then suddenly over a two-week period all the "bloat" in my face vanished, and next my bust and chest fat started to melt away. All in all at this point I'm not unhappy with my shape, other than the fact that it is dang hard to find a 34DDD bra. But I'm guessing that cup size will start going down--I've lost about 5" in my under-bust measurement just in the last six weeks.

Hang in there! Nurse your baby and drink lots of water and eat healthy and be active. I think you will see change.
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Please give yourself a break - it takes time to get back in shape! Yes I do know one chick who only took a couple of weeks to fit back into her jeans, but the great majority of us take a lot longer. I had lost a good bit of weight and fit into non maternity (not my regular clothes BTW LOL) by my 6 wk pp checkup, but I didn't lose all my preg wt until about 4 mo pp. It honestly took me about 9-10 months to go completely back to normal and I exercise regularly. Just think of it as "9 months up, 9 months down". Your body has been through a lot, pretty amazing if you think about it. Just eat sensibly, exercise regularly and you will gradually see your old self come back

P.S. ETA that I had both a c-sect and a VBAC and I got back into shape after each. So if I can do it, so can you!
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I have to tell, my hips never quite went back. I lost all the weight, which was nice, but I always had bigger hips. And, after a while, I honestly really didn't mine. I mean, for me, it means that with THIS pregnancy, the baby will have an easier time coming out. So I just kind of wear it as one of my battle scars, if you stretch marks faded but I can still see tummy was never as hips were a smidge bigger. I think the key, at least for me, was to accept that *some* things were just going to be a certain way.......and work with THAT. Once I accepted that my hips were probably never going to fit into a size 7 again it made it a little easier to work with.

And...........notice this about women around you...........women who were clothes that are too small, especially if they are carrying ANY extra makes em look worse, doens't it? But when you look carefully, you'll see women with less than perfect figures out there that you hardly notice because they wear clothes that FIT well and flatter them. So, I kind of gave up obsessing about the number (although INC clothing runs big and I can fit into an 8 in ALL their stuff! lol!) and just started getting clothes that looked really good on my and were be honest, sometimes that sends me into the 14.......but I can leave the house feeling comfortable and knowing I look good.......and it's not like my tag is sticking out for everyone to see, you know?

And........yes to what the other ladies said...........4 weeks is REEEEEEALLY early! You're probably still loosing weight!!! I plan on wearing a maternity bathing suit all summer to cover what I expect my gut to look like.....who's gonna say anything??
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I don't know about the pelvis/C-section question, but I had a very similar experience. It was so depressing after giving birth. I remember going shopping at 5 weeks pp and having to go up four sizes to find something to wear. My ribcage also spread, and of course, I had the giant boobs (in addition to all the new fat). I used to be able to wear a size M T-shirt, and then all of a sudden couldn't. It took me a while to get back to where I felt my skeleton had rearranged itself. My about a year pp, my ribs were back down to normal, and my hips were about the same as they were before. I know a year is not what you want to hear, but try to cut yourself some slack -- you just finished growing a whole new person!
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It took me two years to lose all the weight I gained with my first pregnancy. But I did lose it all, eventually (then I got pregnant again). My body will never be the same shape it was before pregnancy, and I'm working on coming to terms with that, myself.
I think what hurts us the most is the way women's bodies are portrayed in movies, magazines, and TV. Instead of hating ourselves, we should work together to try to change things!
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I didn't have a c-section but I think there is some truth about the hips. I lost all the weight at one week pp but I still had to buy bigger pants. Also, it took a few months for the belly to look the way it used to. Pre-pg I wore jeans with a size 30 waist, pp I had to buy a 33. But a few months after that, it all came off and then some!

I don't know if I'll be that fortuante this time around...we'll see! My hips started getting bigger right away, around 6 weeks. By 8 weeks I was in maternity pants.
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I gained exactly 50 pounds when pregnant with my son. I was 140 pounds when I concieved and the day I went into labour I had weighed in at 190 pounds! It seems like it took forever for me to get back into my regular clothes. For the first three months pp I only wore elastic waisted cotton pants. Not attractive but it was all I could find that fit. By the fall I could squeeze into my husbands pants and ended up wearing those until my son was about 7 months old. It wasn't until about 9 months pp that I once again comfortably fit into my old colthes again.

Give yourself time. You just had a baby. I remember about two weeks pp I went into my closet just to see if I could get my pants on. They wouldn't even go past my knees! The waist on my unzipped pants was smaller than my thighs!

And hey, you burn more calories a day nursing than you do from an hours workout!
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I can totally relate to what you're going through. after my c/s I was horrified of my pouchy flappy belly (I still looked 5 months preggers!) I gained 60 lbs and now have lost all but about 5 lbs (I'm about 139 now).. I have not noticed that my hips have *spread* though, just my upper thighs a bit! lol.

Blissful Mama to DD-(5), DS-(6) and someone new due in November!
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oh honey!
first, let me reiterate what everyone else said - you are soo early postpartum!
When I read the beginning of your message, I was thinking you were at least 6 months out and then was shocked when I saw your dates! Second, stay away from those dressing rooms with poor lighting! I can only speak for myself but at 4 wks, I felt pretty flabby, tired and crappy looking. It takes so long before you feel like some version of your old self. I got dressed up for a job interview at 5 months pp and it was the first time I even put on lipstick or real pants and I was surprised at how great those things made me feel. In terms of the weight loss - all my weight did come off quickly and like one of the other posters, by 6 months, I was skinnier than before I was pregnant (I was normal/athletic before, now just wimpy and thin!). My hips are definitely different, I guess wider? I think rather than focusing on your size, do little things that make you feel strong and healthy like walking and enjoying the warm weather and wear skirts that will fit you at several sizes, put on a pair of earrings or lip gloss (if that is your style). The bottom line in, enjoy your baby and be proud of what you've created and are growing and do those simple things that make you feel better that we forget about once we have a baby!
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Thanks so much to all of you for the hugs and sharing your storys. I do feel like kind of a putz now though. That shopping day was one of those days, you know? Normally, I feel pretty good and I feel like I don't look half bad. It was just a shocker to try on clothes that showed me EXACTLY how much bigger I am. I know it is very early. That's exactly what dh said. He was so sweet. I left him with the boy for an hour so that I could go get some clothes. When I returned in tears he kept reminding me of how silly it is since I just had a baby. He also told me to look at the baby and "he loves you so much!". He does, and he loves my huge, gargantuan boobs (I prefer my C cups but oh well!)

It's that "oh I'm so cute and round" when your pregnant. Then its the "ok, I'm not pregnant any more so I'll put on my string bikini that I wore last summer". I have come to terms with the fact that this summer is out when it comes to string bikinis. But next summer, I'm in!!!

I have always heard that nursing makes all the difference in weight loss. You ladies sound like living proof. I lost 25 pounds in the first week and a half. Now I've kind of stoped with 15-20 more to go. The weather is starting to get warm here and I've busted out the jogging stroller...I'm only walking now but it feels good to get out!

Thanks again for the encouraging words! I am silly

Mama to DS1 (4/04) DS2 (HBAC 11/06) DS3 (HBAC 12/08) DS4 (HBAC 1/11). Wife to one handsome hard working DH.
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Oh mama, you are less than a month out from your birth! Please be kind to yourself--it's too early for everything to be back to the way it was pre-baby! Please just don't try on "normal" pre-pg clothes. Be patient. Wear stuff that's a few sizes larger. Anothermama is totally right--wear stuff that fits properly, too.

I wanted instant results, too, and the "give it a year" thing depressed me, too. But I had about the same results as wakeupmama... basically lost all my weight and back into my clothes ~5 mos. post partum. Nursing helps! And actually, I was pretty darned thin before ttc this baby... I was 15 lbs down from my weight pre-ds (which was a normal, attractive weight), and I purposely gained 5 lbs before ttc.

I had a cesarean, too. I think no matter what, your body changes during pg, and it takes a while to get things to move back to where they were.
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Oh Amy...

YOU are why I took a picture of myself every two weeks during my pregnancy, and every few weeks post-partum, with my second pregnancy.

After my first baby, I couldn't believe how "giant" I was post-partum, and it seemed like forever 'til I was back into my regular clothes (it was actually 3 months. It took longer this time. But realize: both times IT DID HAPPEN! As it will for you, too!)

And then, at about 9 months pp, I was underweight. So over the course of a year, I was back to my ol' sized self.

So this time, my second time around, I wanted to record the data, with photos, weight, and a tape measure, because I knew the data wouldn't cause dispair for me, but rather, comedy and encouragement.

Here are some stats for you:

40 weeks pregnant, I was 42 1/2 inches around my waist, 40 1/2 inches around my hips

36 hours post-partum, I was a waifly 38 inches around my waist, 40 inches around my hips

5 days post-partum, I was 35 inches around my waist (my non-pg HIP measurement, BTW) and 39 1/2 around my hips

6 weeks post-partum, still 35 inches around my waist, still 39 1/2 around my hips

(SO...from 5 days to 42 days post-partum, no inch movement!!)

12 weeks post-partum, I was 32 1/2 inches around my waist, 38 1/2 around my hips

Now at 9 months post-partum, my waist is 27 1/2 (2 1/2 inches to go) and my hips are back to non-pg 35.

That said, my non-pg yet 35 inch hips feel wider, even though they would not appear to be, given that the numbers are the same. So Amy, I don't know if your hips moved or not (you would've had the same pg hip-widening hormones all pg women have, regardless of method of birthing) but my guess is mama, you've just got a booty! Like I did!

I hated feeling frump-tacular during my first post-partum. This time around, I was 39 weeks pregnant, at the mall, trying stuff on, so I could have a few new things that fit, just for my post-partum. It was a huge esteem-booster, to have non-maternity clothes to wear, THAT FIT.

"Give it a year", as these wise women say, and I'll add: it took 9 months to put on, it'll take 9 months to come off.

I also think it's unneccesary for a woman to 'work' at getting the weight off until a year has passed....lactation burns 500 calories a day, while sustaining a pregnancy requires a mere 300 extra calories a day.
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Wow, thanks Tinyshoes for posting those stats. I wish I had been that specific. That is really interesting. I seem to have reached that plateau where no inches are coming off right now. It's good to see that things will pick up. What a wild ride our bodies are on!


Mama to DS1 (4/04) DS2 (HBAC 11/06) DS3 (HBAC 12/08) DS4 (HBAC 1/11). Wife to one handsome hard working DH.
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