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: Hello everyone! I've lurked for a few days and now need some thoughts from all you homebirth Moms out there. This is my first baby, and my husband and I plan on having an unassisted homebirth. We have an insurance plan that doesn't allow me to choose my OB. So, I was assigned to someone who I don't like at all. He is not aware that I plan to homebirth, since he doesn't "do that." I believe that birth is a natural event, and if I'm healthy and not having any problems, then I shouldn't be subjected to a multitude of procedures. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - KWIM? So, I don't get a Doppler when I go in, (they did one at 13 weeks and HR was strong), I don't want vaginal exams, Glucose test, etc. I am having an ultrasound in three weeks - I'll be 24 weeks then.

My problem is this OB told me last week he should "fire me" as a patient because I didn't want to be Dopplered on my last visit. I don't like feeling like I have to fight with this doctor, who should be interested in my health, rather than imposing his will on me and telling me I can't turn down optional procedures.

My question is: What do I do? I think at some point I will have to just discontinue any kind of prenatal care with him. Is this common among women trying to homebirth? I don't have a choice of doctors. Now, I know my insurance will cover it if I ended up having to, God forbid, transfer to the hospital during my delivery. But, what do I do - just stop going to the doc near the end of the pregnancy when he's trying to make me do things I don't want to do?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, welcome to the boards! I only have a second (dc are running wild), but as a "patient," you have as much right to informed refusal as you do to informed consent. You can google this particular medical care concept and be more informed about the differences so you can see where you're at. Wish I had a link for you. Your OB has the right to fire you....and you can do the same. It sounds like this would actually be a good thing Anyway, you can continue seeing him and refusing those tests/procedures that you don't want and receive the medical care you are comfortable with. You wrote he said "should"---was he trying to intimidate you? I'm just curious.....if so, what a patronizing, patriarchal......

gotta run!

I have retired from administration work, so if you have a question about anything MDC-related, please contact Cynthia Mosher. Thanks!
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Tell him that the Doppler is against your religion. I hear that doctors are trying to work with people whose religions don't allow medical treatment, and will often find a compromise. Explain that if he will not respect your religious beliefs, you will have to give birth at home. He will probably do anything to get you to see him then! Because, what if you had the baby at home, and everything was FINE??? You might tell people, and they might tell people, and the secret would get out that birth is not dangerous.

What you could do is just not see the doc at all, unless you have reason to believe you are at risk for some kind of problem. I have regular appts with midwives but we don't do any testing unless I request it. The things they do are things I could do myself, like measure the baby and listen to the hb. (You could probably buy a fetoscope.)

If you have some emergency, you could get treated at the ER. Another thing you could do is find a midwife to do the prenatals. Sometimes, insurance that won't pay for a home birth will pay for prenatals by midwives. I'm sure you could find one that supports your UC plans. Otherwise, they might charge something that you could afford for each visit.

I would definitely not tell this guy you are planning a homebirth. Most likely, he will come up with some reason why it would be especially unsafe for you. Worst case scenario, he could call CPS and tell them that it's unsafe for you and that you are ignoring medical advice. If you keep seeing this guy, tell him it was an accident.

My mom planned a UC with me. She was seeing a family doctor and keeping it a secret. After I was born, they took me in and said "Here she is!" They did another UC with my brother, and the doctor continued to see her as a patient. He said, "OK, I know you're going to do the home birth again, just let me give you a few pointers." He didn't get all high and mighty like they do today.
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I posted here this morning, and now my post isn't showing up.

Anyway, I was going to offer a few suggestions...

Can you see different family practice doctors or general practicioners (not OBs) on your insurance? Maybe one you will like better?

Can you get on the Medicaid card? I was on it in IL and I got my doctor of choice during my pregnancy.

Have you looked into midwives? There are both certified one and direct-entry ones there. Certified ones are sometimes covered my insurance, and both kinds are usually willing to work with you. Direct entry ones usually provide inexpensive prenatal care and are 'under the radar.'

I had a HB in IL with no problems from anyone. My Dr. wanted to do one ultrasound, and I let her. My direct-entry MW did my care for $35/month that I paid out-of-pocket to her. I am now having a HB in WA, and my midwife is covered 100% by our insurance and she is not into tests.

There has to be a better option out there than going to that OB!

ETA: I just realized that you posted in two different places, and I answered you twice! Ahh, pregnancy brain...
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Is it possible to use a midwife for prenatal care?
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