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View Poll Results: did you have morning sickness?
morning sickness/girl 50 34.25%
morning sickness/boy 39 26.71%
no morning sickness/girl 17 11.64%
no morning sickness/ boy 27 18.49%
other please explain 13 8.90%
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Galatea's Avatar Galatea 02:51 PM 11-27-2004
I, too, would like to hear your hypothesis. I voted no sickness, boy. The only time I was sick was when I ate bad Garlic Shrimp from China Palace. :

I read that morning sickness is a protective measure designed to prevent the mom from eating items that could hurt a fetus. So, the more MS you have, the better chance you have of carrying a healthy baby to term.

atomicmama's Avatar atomicmama 03:00 PM 11-27-2004
I was sicker than a dog with both. I couldn't even keep water down with dd :Puke
But, the difference was migraines. I had migraines EVERY day for THREE months with ds, AND a 3 1/2 yr. old to entertain...
My mw said she could almost guarantee that it would be a boy. (she had migraines while pregnant with her boys) Considering migraines are sometimes caused by hormonal fluctuations, I believed her.
Ravenmoon's Avatar Ravenmoon 03:03 PM 11-27-2004
I never throw up but i had nausea with my first for 5 months,a girl.For 3 months with my second,a boy.For 2 weeks with my third,a girl.For a month with my fourth,a girl.

I found it depended on healthy i was.The better shape i was in the less i had.
Pynki's Avatar Pynki 03:04 PM 11-27-2004
I've had morning sickness with all 3 pregnancy in lessening severity.. All 3 boys..

Warm Squishy Feelings..


rainbowfairymomma's Avatar rainbowfairymomma 03:15 PM 11-27-2004
oh this is so interesting! Would you mind pm'ing me after?
#1 not really any morning sickness and boy
#2 quite a bit of morning sickness but i donno what it is
Trishy's Avatar Trishy 03:35 PM 11-27-2004
No multiple choice?

With dd I was sick every day. So sick at one point that I was vomiting blood.

With ds1 I was mildly sick. A few vomits, lots of nausea.

With ds2 I was very ill for about a month. Doesn't sound like a long time now but I thought I was dying.
mamajama's Avatar mamajama 03:39 PM 11-27-2004
: Can anyone tell me how to make it so you can do multiple choice responses?
BTW trish that picture of Baby Joe is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 03:44 PM 11-27-2004
I was really sick with all of my pregnancies. But it was FAR worse with my boy than with my girls.
Proudmomoftwinsplusone's Avatar Proudmomoftwinsplusone 03:45 PM 11-27-2004
twin boys, all-day/all-nite sickness for 4 1/2 months.
Hey Mama!'s Avatar Hey Mama! 04:00 PM 11-27-2004
I barfed my guts out with both pregnancies, and they are both girls. So far I have only puked twice, compared to 20+ times a DAY with dd#2. I'm hoping that means a boy.
lynchmon's Avatar lynchmon 04:01 PM 11-27-2004
No morning sickness at boy!
XM's Avatar XM 04:06 PM 11-27-2004
I was somewhat nauseous for about 12w with Xiola, and VERY nauseous for 16w with Ezra... FWIW, when pregnant with dd I craved spicy foods, and with ds it was all about comfort foods (I hear that's another old wives' tale)...

In my circle, it seems to vary by mama... if you got sick with your boy, you didn't with your girl, or vice versa... but yes, I've also noticed this phenonema... weird, huh? Its amazing the things our bodies can tell us!

to all the pukey mamas... that's no fun!
hallesmom's Avatar hallesmom 04:15 PM 11-27-2004
Morning/noon/night sickness from day one!! Up until about 25 weeks. I had a baby girl!
Can't wait to hear the results!!
famousmockngbrd's Avatar famousmockngbrd 04:20 PM 11-27-2004
I wanna hear the hypothesis too. I have always heard that people get sicker with girls than boys, but XM's theory sounds plausible as well.

As for me, I had not a twinge of nausea the whole time I was pregnant the first time, and I had a boy. This time, I haven't actually yakked but I have had a few days where I felt like I wanted to. Nothing too bad but definitely more than the first. I don't know what we're having yet but I have been thinking it's a girl, because of this.
beaner&tiegs's Avatar beaner&tiegs 04:21 PM 11-27-2004
two girls, no morning sickness to speak of, just tired and slightly nauseaus if I went too long without food during first trimester.

one friend had morning sickness with first (girl) and much, much worse with her second, which was a boy.
Quindin's Avatar Quindin 04:24 PM 11-27-2004
It would make more sense to ask people who have had both genders because a comparision of which makes morning sickness worse would be more interesting.

I believe it has nothing to do with the gender of the baby.

I used to believe that having a lot of morning sickness was = having a girl. I had bad morning sickness with DD and none with both of mine DS.

This time however, it was AWFUL and I am still having morning sickness sometimes at 7 months. And I am having a BOY!!
Girl Named Sandoz's Avatar Girl Named Sandoz 05:13 PM 11-27-2004
I had extremely bad all-day nausea/ sickness for 2 -3 months in the first/ second trimester (not much vomitting but terrible nausea, I couldn't eat at all & lost weight) - I had a BOY.
3girlsmommy's Avatar 3girlsmommy 05:17 PM 11-27-2004
I have three girls. The first I had HORRIBLE all day sickness. The second almost none and the third mild morning sickness. I was breastfeeding through the last two pregnancies so that may have changed my hormones enough to prevent or lessen my morning sickness.
ShannonCC's Avatar ShannonCC 05:29 PM 11-27-2004
I was going to vote but I can't. You should make it able to pick multiple answers! I have one boy and one girl and didn't have morning sickness for either.
Mom2baldie's Avatar Mom2baldie 06:11 PM 11-27-2004
Baby #1 (boy) - had morning sickness for a few weeks, not bad at all though!

Baby #2 (girl) - no morning sickness at all

Baby #3 (girl) - no morning sickness at all

mamajama's Avatar mamajama 08:50 PM 11-27-2004
I'm frusterated that I can't figure out how to go back and edit this to allow for multiple votes. I guess I did it too late at night when I shoulda been asleep Seems to be about 50/50 anyway though so far.
LoveChild421's Avatar LoveChild421 08:55 PM 11-27-2004
horrible morning sickness starting about 2 months and lasted until about 3 1/2 months. I am having a baby boy March 24.
shelbean91's Avatar shelbean91 09:07 PM 11-27-2004
My first 2 kiddos I had very slight ms from about 8-12/13 weeks. Only slightly queasy constantly. First is a girl, 2nd is a boy.

3rd baby I was sick as a dog from 5-18 weeks. He's a boy.

No correlation whatsoever in my case.
abwife's Avatar abwife 12:19 AM 11-28-2004
Baby #1 and Baby #2 - little to no morning sickness = boys
Baby #3 - morning sickness = girl
nikirj's Avatar nikirj 02:21 AM 11-28-2004
Bad morning sickness all three times. Approximately the same severity, worst this time though. Had a girl, a boy, and don't know yet.
mamato2boys's Avatar mamato2boys 02:02 PM 11-28-2004
PG #1- no morning sickness or nausea-boy

PG #2- horrible/all day sickness for 7 months of PG-boy

PG #3-slight morning sickness (nausea only) first 12 weeks- also boy
mamajama's Avatar mamajama 05:22 AM 12-02-2004
sorry everyone for not being here in a while. Well I had heard that Morning Sickness means Girl. My sister in law has 6 girls and 1 boy and only DIDN'T get Morning sickness with him. (Poor thing!). I have two boys and never had it. My Mom only had it with me (I have four brothers). My friends all only had it with girls (except one) sooo... Anyway, there is such thing as coincidence afterall.
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