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Originally Posted by Greaseball
What do you mean by "never?"

Usually, when people say the baby never dropped or the cervix never dilated, they mean it did not happen in the amount of time the mother was "allowed." If it never happened, that poor woman would still be in labor.

How do they know she would not have dilated in another hour or two? As long as there is no fetal distress, why not just let it continue?
She dilated to three but her baby was not engaged. He was very high. She stayed at 3 for I believe six hours and she just didn't lie in bed. She was up walking around, pelvic rocking, etc. We were doing things to encourage labor along. Her contractions were right on top of each other, and sometimes could barely get her breath. After six hours of no progress and her baby had still not dropped, she decided to rest in bed with Nubain. Even with that she was in horrible pain and asked for an epidural. I wanted to encourage her not too do it but she was so emotionally bad off with the pain I didn't want to make things worse for her. IMO, it wasn't the time. After she rested, the belief is that she would dilate -- it just didn't happen. We joked it was like he was backing up rather than going down. Finally in the late afternoon she said she wanted to have a csection. Her doctor didn't pressure her at all to have one, nor did anyone else. When she made the decision she seemed pretty with it, unlike the hours before. She was offered AROM and PIT and refused. She said she would rather be csectioned that have that type of induction when she had been at 3cm for so long and her baby wasn't even engaged. Her next baby 16 months later was a transverse breech.
So what should she have done, gone with the AROM and PIT? I just don't know if that would have helped but only made things worse.
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Such an emotive issue.

We have similarly outrageous stats in Australia on c-sec and the same myths put about by OBs. I'm one of the few women I know who has had a necessary c-sec and it was still a cause of tremendous grief for me. I am so saddened by how many women are terrified by birth to the point that they believe anything that is told to them despite being otherwise thoughtful, capable, insightful women who wouldn't stand for that rubbish from a plumber. So few of us see normal physiological labours or births any more because the "cascade" is now normal and so long as the baby leaves your body via your vagina it's a "natural" birth regardless of how many drugs you consumed or nasty things were attached to that poor baby's head. I wonder if it will turn around in my lifetime and women will reclaim their bodies and also accord their babies the gentle respect that is due to them?

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After reading Ian May's books, I am convience that I was "fearful" of the labor and delivery in a hospital. She states in her books that a woman could be in transition, get to the hospital and find she is only 3 or 4 cm dialated or that labor completely stopped. It wasn't that the woman wasn't in transition at 8 cm, she regressed.
My own situation was slightly different, but still intervention was started b/c my labor was not normal. My waterbroke and I had no contractions, if I had the option of a hb like I wanted I don't believe I would have stalled. I believe that fear of the hospital kept my body from doing what it was suppose to do minus drugs. For me I dialated on Pit and pushed for nearly 3 hours, the baby wasn't dropping (of course, I'd been strapped to a bed on EFM and told not to move). I wish I had never gone to the hospital when my water broke like they tell you to. I wish a lot of things different... You just don't know what you are getting yourself into until you are there for the first time, all the best planning in the world isn't enough when you don't know what and who you are dealing with.
It is possible that many woman are not comfortable with hospitals and the unknowns once you arrive. Labors stop in animals when they are in danger, labor is primal, it is only reasonable to think this can happen to women as well.
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So what should she have done, gone with the AROM and PIT?
How about none of these; just waiting? It sounds like the doctor didn't even tell her she needed a section; she maybe just asked for one because she was tired of the pain or exhaustion?

I had a baby that would not engage after I had been pushing for 2 hours. I asked my midwife if I might have a true case of CPD, since I had gained about 50 lbs and am 5'1". She said, "Not a chance." She knew there was nothing wrong just because there was no "progress."

I have a pregnancy and birth book from the 1940s and c-sections are just mentioned in a paragraph. At the end of the paragraph, it says "Fortunately, this operation is not performed that often." I wonder if that doctor is alive today? :LOL
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