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natashaccat's Avatar natashaccat 08:02 PM 05-22-2005
I had a beautiful easy birth of my 9 lb 9 oz baby but now at 3 1/2 wks pp I suspect that I'm having bladder prolapse issues. I'm feeling a big bulge in the front interior of my nethers.

Is this normal for 3-4 wks pp? If not what can I do?

shireen 03:07 PM 05-23-2005
Hi there,

First of all, congratulations on your new arrival!!

I had a grade 1 cystocele (bladder prolapse) during my pregnancy with DD #4. After delivery, it stayed pretty low for about 6 weeks; I did TONS of kegels and by 6 months it was pretty much healed. At my last yearly appointment (DD was just over a year old), it was resolved.

Kegels will help in about 60% of all cases; it's very common to have after delivery. Only in extreme cases (and usually only if you don't want more children) is surgery an option. That's because the problem will most likely come back with every pregnancy/delivery.

Sometimes they can place a pessary to suspend the bladder in place; it usually has to be removed again during another pregnancy. I opted not to have that done until I tried natural remedies first. It worked for me; I hope it works for you too. Good luck, and I hope I helped a bit...
natashaccat's Avatar natashaccat 02:27 AM 05-24-2005
Thanks so much for responding...
I did TONS of kegels and by 6 months it was pretty much healed.
How many and how did you do them? There seems to be several ways of doing these.
lilysmama's Avatar lilysmama 12:26 PM 05-24-2005
I too was diagnosed with uretha prolapse. I have been seeing a physical therapist and they show you exercises to do along with the kegals. Basically, lie on the floor with your feet up on the couch, squeeze a ball and hold it for ten seconds and put a strap around your legs and push out for ten seconds.

Mine has gotten much better since my second baby was born, almost nine months ago.
Pippi's Avatar Pippi 06:11 PM 08-12-2005
I'm in the same boat as you natashacat.

I gave birth 4 1/2 weeks ago and am certain i have a bladder prolapse too. I'm pretty freaked out by this!

My4girls- when you say it stayed low, how low? I don't mean to pry, but i can see mine if i look in the mirror down there.

I want this to go away! I don't want surgery but will consider it. I jsut wanted so badly to have a healthy baby (which i do!) and get my body back and get on with life.

Does this ruin one's sex life? Is it dangerous or unpleasant to have sex?
lilysmama's Avatar lilysmama 06:50 PM 08-12-2005
My baby is almost a year now. Since you are only 4 1/2 weeks postpartum, things need some time to tighten back up. I still have it, but everything is just fine. I don't even notice it anymore unless someone brings it up. No sex problems either. Normal periods, with tampons too. Try doing your kegals to get everything to tighten up.