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I cannot imagine having had a medicated birth. In between contractions, I was able to completely rest and get some guidance from my midwife for the next push. My whole mind was in the process, I was able to think through the contractions, focused on the process, and the goal. It was so important that I was able to work with my body, I wasn't numbed so every push was productive. (I ended up only pushing for 20 minutes.)

Labor hurts, but afterward you will feel so good about yourself! Your body is designed to do this. I think medication only gets in the way. Either your mind is not all with it, or you are numbed from an epidural and can't work productively with your body, instead only dragging out the process. Go into it optimistically, you can do this! And when it's over, you'll have a beautiful baby in your arms!

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I love this thread! I'm so glad it's a sticky!

"A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing." ~ Emo Philips tea6.gif

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There are SOOO many great things about natural labor. Read my birth story in my siggy. But to name a few:

To feel the way your body is suppose to work is not painful, it is intense, overpowering and beautiful.

To have to work as a team with the person who helped create the child in you, is a dance. The most wonderful dance my dh and i have EVER danced. Because in our first dd's birth i had an epi and there was no need to dance. It was an experience we will never forget.

I didnt truely believe i was in labor til i hit transition! I had expected it to be as miserable feeling as my first birth (pitocen induced)!! Labor is truely not as painful as others make it out to be!

Because you can stand tall & proud that you stuck to your beliefs and didnt allow others to determine your path!

Because your child will enter this world unadulterated by any medications!!!

My last birth is truly the most beautiful day of my life and it has led me on a new path in my life. Natural childbirth is amazing and after you have had it, you will be able to stand your ground for yourself. You will recover faster then a medicated birth and you will be so empowered!!!!

Loving mom to 2energy.gif ,1jammin.gif , & 1dog2.gif . Surrodaughter 4/09
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I had an unmedicated hospital birth and it was the most amazing, empowering experience. I was able to stand up and pee on my own immediately (thanks but no thanks for offering the catheter, doctor sissorhands!) and felt better than I had in my life thanks to the hormone surge.

I am proud that I had enough faith in my body to do what it was meant to do.

I have no worries over DD being affected by medications.

I had a doctor who was ready to take over and start running the show (MY show!) but after DH told him to sit the hell down he stayed away from us. I will have my next delivery at home.
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I'm going to be in labour sometime in the next few weeks, and this thread is encouraging, particularly the insights about how we are not victims, and when we allow ourselves to "ride the waves", and go with what is happening, and lean on our supports that the experience is easier. I find that very encouraging!

Thanks, Mamas!

Mama to bikenew.gifBoots (April 2006) and Bolt.gifPebbles (November 2008).Wife to :treehugger.gif and mama to angel3.gifHeather, October 2003

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So many but i will name just two:

When you feel the baby's body moving inside of you and with you coming down the birth canal right before a contraction and you feel more in tune with the entire universe than you ever thought possible. I wasn't prepared for the fact that the baby would still kick and move while we were in labor. It is beautiful.

The urge to push is incredible. It isn't like, "come on, you are ready to push!" It is, "oh, whoa, i am pushing." It isn't you at all. It is just this powerful force that surges through your body, opens you up and moves that baby out... and that does not happen with a medical birth! God, I could live every day in that moment. It is the best feeling in the world.

Jennie Young

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My best feeling, besides the baby on my chest immediately after was what I now call my "sacred birth circle" - even though we had a hospital birth, the people with me (husband, sister, doula, midwife, nurse) made me feel so safe and supported that as they stood around me wiping my head, holding my foot, applying compresses, I felt like I was at the head of an ancient and sacred circle of women (except for daddy) with my baby at the center. A memory/feeling I will cherish forever.
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Originally Posted by Eman'smom
Hey I had an unmedicated hospital waterbirth birth is so totally cool, you will love it. We walked around the hospital room (we could have left the room I just wasn't comfortable with that), we laughed chatted had a ball. Everyone was totally supportive of my choice. I drank a ton of water, could have eatten but didn't want to. Nurses stayed away midwife checked on us everyonce in a while.

Not everyone would find this cool, but I actually liked the ring of fire (ok maybe that is the wrong word :LOL ) but I could feel myself opening up to let our baby come into the world, for me that was just so neat.

Dh caught both of our children, the man I love who created life with me was the first one to touch our children on the "outside".

Oh and as far as "embarassing stories", we can all imagine those, I didn't have any of those moments. So don't worry.

Your body is amazing, think about how cool and miraleous it is that your body can grow and birth another human being.
I really wanted to thank the OP of this thread for starting it. Without it I wouldn't have found this reply. I especially wanna thank Eman'smom for posting it!

I have wanted a homebirth since I found out I was pregnant, but my husband just wasn't going for it. He is scared something will go wrong and it is a valid fear. So I did some searching and found a hospital in my area that offers waterbirths with a midwife! I am so excited!!! Thank you all so much!
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The thing about labor that was wonderful for me was the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. Having a natural labor means that everything that happens comes from YOU, not the medications, not a doctor or anyone else, just you. After all is said and done and your baby is born, you will feel a new power within yourself that you never knew was there before. I remember after my first child was born that I couldn't believe that I had actually accomplished a natural birth. That really set the stage for the rest of my life. Now I believe that whatever I want to do, if I want it bad enough I will do it. So will you.

Someone else made a comment about getting to the point where you think "I can't do this anymore" or "I can't take it if it gets any worse" and then it doesn't get worse. This is so true. I have reached this point in each of my labors where I actually thought I would not be able to stand another minute of the pain. But in each case, it was immediately before my body kicked in and started pushing and the really bad pain was completely gone. Just remember that this is what your body was made to do. If you believe you can do it, you will. But if you give in to fear (your own or more likely that projected on you by others) you will never make it through. Believe in yourself!!
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I heard a lot of horror stories, maybe this was good because when it was finally my turn to was hard but it wasn't anything that my body could not handle. I kept telling myself through each contraction that it would end and as long as I stayed calm the pain would not get worse. I thought of happy thoughts and would not allow people to speak to much around me because silence was my best remedy. I also kept telling myself like a mantra that women have delivered babies naturally since humans evolved and there was no reason that I would not be able to get through this experience that would not last a life time. Most intense beautiful day of my life thus far, can not wait to do it again. There is going to be pain...such intense pain but nothing that your body can't handle. Think good thoughts and your body will body did.
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Medication DOES get in the way. I wish I had known about the "side effects" of epidurals before my last birth, now I am looking forward to giving birth to this baby naturally. Well, sometimes I feel scared, but othertimes I feel excited.

Homeschooling SAHM to 3 children under 5 + one on the way.
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My labors were absolutely perfect for me. They began on the perfect day, at the perfect time, with the right people around me... on and on... One of the gifts during pregnancy was that I surrounded myself with the positive birth stories. I never witnessed, nor heard "horror" stories. I actually enjoyed my births. It was a wonderfully, powerful, intense, joyous, intimate experience. Wish I could do more, but age won't let me! I also stayed very vertical during pregnancy, ie: alot of yard work, walking, etc. I'm sure that was helpful!


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I have 2 boys - and their labours/births were totally different! I was induced for the first - it was SOOOOOOO painful : - I wanted an epidural, had one and felt blessedly, pain-free! BUT it was weird pushing him out while not feeling anything, and afterwards didn't truly feel like he was my baby.... Also had problems with my milk coming in, and he was a very sleepy baby. Not an experience I wanted to repeat.

The second labour and birth was PHENONMENAL!!! It started naturally and progressed at its own speed (quite quickly actually) and was not very painful at all! I had done some of the pain management techniques in the book Birthing From Within - and that helped IMMENSELY! Lots of visualization (cervix opening) and *accepting* the pain rather than distracting myself from it and trying to get away from it. The only part that was *painful* was transition which only lasted about 45 min, and my doula gave me some Rescue Rememdy which calmed me considerably. I naturally felt the urge to push and it only took about 11 min of my own instinctual pushes and my 9lb 4oz baby boy was born! I brought him up to my chest and I announced to the room that he was a boy and I cut the cord when I felt ready to. It was one of the most sacred experiences I ever had!

Did I mention that this wonderful second birth actually took place in a hospital with a nurse coming in and out and a doctor there as well???!!! Sounds unbelievable - but amazing hospital births CAN happen! I just made sure my wishes were known and my doctor supported me - as long as there was no medical emergency. My doctor even told me afterwards that the instintual way I was pushing (teeny tiny pushes rather than holding them for the whole contraction - like my doctor was trying to get me to do!) was for the best because my baby came out so fast - 9lbs 4 oz and I DID NOT tear!!!!

The most important thing is to prepare yourself as much as possible and TRUST yourself as much as possible. YOU CAN DO IT!!
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Can I tell you how much I love this thread? Thank you ladies for you words of kindness and wisdom.

A friend of mine recently recounted her birth story to me and got me a bit scared about labor (not her intent at all). She had an epidural, three hours of pushing, and baby in the NICU with a pneumothroax due to being the birth canal for so long. She didn't get anytime to bond with her baby and they were basically given the baby back as they walked out of the hospital. She is feeling very nervous about being a new mother (and rightfully so!).

I just can't help thinking maybe she could have avoided some of these issues by not having medication (although I'm certainly not assigning blame). I knew she didn't want a natural birth at all. She said the pain was too much.

Anyway, reading your stories make me feel even more confident about the choices DH and I are making about this birth. I feel quite empowered already.

I can't wait to meet my little one. It can cannot come soon enough.

Mama to my beautiful Ana Carolina (2/07), Isabel Cristina (6/10), and #3 on the way in August 2013!

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I loved it -- even after 36 hrs of it. All natural birth, no meds. I especially loved at the end, when things were so so painful and terrible. I could literally feel my endorphis kicking in and taking over. I remember the pain, but not how horrible it was and remember how things just got so blurry, but could still remember the major points of the baby being born, seeing it come out etc. I felt AWESOME immediately afterwards.
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Birth is not something that you get to do more then a handfull or more for some, in your life. Each baby comes into this world in their own way. The feelings are like nothing in this world. It is not pain, it is the way your baby enters into this world. We get so caught up with the medical community their lingo the way they say we are suppost to feel. They call it pain does that mean it really is? What is pain? Pain is in a cut for ex were our body is dammaged or harmed in some way. When we give birth are we harming our body? No we are working with our body and our body is working all on its own with out exturnal stimuli.
I kept that in mind with my ds at my home birth. This wasnt a bad thing that was happening. It was the way my body was suppost to be working. How can I call it pain when my body is not being harmed, all it was was my muscles working togather to give me the life that was created inside me. I trusted that my baby knew how be born and I just lost myself in all the feelings, let it wrap around me like a blanket, welcomed every sensation. It was work but we work for everything we have. Mind set can make all the difference in the world, between just having a baby, and giving life.

 Midwife & Mom to Gracen 9 luxlove.gif, Avery 6joy.gif Urijah 4superhero.gif Greta Sue, 9-9-10babyf.gifuc.jpg  Oh Baby! 1sttri.gif Due in April

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When it comes down to getting that baby out, only you can do it. And you CAN do it. You are the most powerful creature on earth at that moment!!!
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After you're done, you have a baby! Yay!

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I was amazed at how easy childbirth was... there are so many horror stories I think the built up fear of it can make worse, if you let it. Let your body do the work and before you know it your little babe will be in your arms.

While I was pregnant, I tried to only surround myself with wonderful birth stories, not wanting to fill my head with all the negative ones.

A great book to read for any pregnant woman planning on a natural birth... Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.
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Thought I'd add my two cents for any first timers out there...

We had a homebirth. It was fantastic. The best was being left alone at midnight with my sweet little girl and my husband in our own bed to sleep. No visitors, no phonecalls, nothing but lovin'. Bliss.

Oh, the question was about labor! That really was great, too. Such an education, not like anything I'd read, but still similar. I made it happen. I made HER happen. So awesome.

Stacy - mom to Lily 5-20-06 , Angel, stillborn @ 25 wks 12-17-07 , and Cami 4-21-09.
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birth is not so bad, in fact it is as easy as falling off a log. i didn't experience any pain per say, extreme discomfort during transition and a wonderful sense of relief when my body was pushing. i learned from my birth that for the most part i had no control over most of it and i didn't have to really think about it. my body just did what it is supposed to, give birth.

you can view my birth at:

good luck and blessings:
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I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to this thread; it's wonderful to read these positive experiences as I head into the home stretch!
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I LOVED the pushing part. Most people I know were afraid of that stage, but I really liked feeling that it was close to the end and I was making progress. I didn't care about the pain. I pushed right through it! I think that's when the primal part of me took over.

I was also surprised that I lost my inhibitions then. I knew I was supposed to, but I'm such a modest person that I didn't think that would happen to me. But it did! I made noises and didn't care what I looked like or what anyone must have thought of me.
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I think it's actually easier to do a natural birth than it is to be medicated. It means your body can work at the pace that it was made to.

I gave birth in a hospital. It was painful, but not painful like breaking a leg or anything I would naturally associate a hospital with. We had fun... especially at the beginning and watched "Princess Bride" on a laptop computer. The hospital staff was very supportive, and I feel like they were a great blessing to me. The only really rough patch was when I was getting close to 10 cm and was having trouble handling the pressure mentally. It didn't hurt. I just wanted to push soooo badly! I blacked out a couple of times during these final contractions before pushing and my mind wandered to other places, kind of like dreaming but not being asleep. It was crazy!

And like everyone else says just having the baby in my arms at the end was such an awesome experience. I felt like something in me clicked. It was a "Eureka" moment when I realized this is what we are meant to do! It was such a sense of extreme fulfillment.
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My first birth was unassisted in a hospital. There were some 'issues' but they were freak cirumstances so they don't count here. What did count to make it a great experience is i was really well-educated about the natural birthing process (a bradley method book really went into the physiological details about labor and birth that helped me understand all this - the mechanics of labor) and also i was thuroughly educated about all the medical interventions possible at the hospital.

Knowing the hospital's 'most common practices' helped me clearly address what i did and didn't want, put it down on paper in a clear, concise birth plan, and since i was educated about it all there was no-one could second guess my decisions or why i came to the conclusios i came to.

I know you wanted positive experiences only but it is only fair to say there were some complications in my experience that no-one, let alone me in my first birth, could have forseen. However, i think education and clear communication/dialog with the delivery staff is of upmost importance to have a positive experience overall. Empower yourself and it will be the best it can be even if you run into 'issues' of your own.
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Oh, and it is okay to feel as educated as possible and still ask for guidance!!! the people at the hospital/birthingcenter/etc have been through a lot more labors than you and may have tidbits of wisdom to share!
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its the most amazing thing i ever hurt, it was hard as hell, but it was awesome. even though my birth was NOTHING like i had planned, i STILL can't wait to do it'll see, you'll be great!
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Okay. Labor hurt like you-know-what.

But one thing people don't tell you: You have breaks!
I went into labor expecting 20+ hours of non-stop, barely-able-to-breathe pushing.
What I got was 2 hours of pushing, with about 5 minutes of pain-free, coherant time between pushes! I couldn't believe it. I even napped between pushes!
But holding your baby and knowing "I did this... I brought this little thing into the world, and I ROCK because of it!" is the.most.awesome.feeling.
Definately a head trip, as a PP said.

However... I can't say i'm quite ready to do it again yet... Poke me in a few years, and we'll talk.
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It hurt like hell but i am doing it again this time at home. I know its no walk in the park but i would never take another drug like i did for my first preganncy unless i had to have a C section.

I cant say it was easy but i can say it was worth it i was awake and feeling and was able to leave 24 hours later.

Good luck and you will do great
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Birth makes me feel powerful, Womanly & very connected spiritually & Men can't do it.

I actually like giving birth but am miserable being pregnant.

Oh yeah & I'm good at it!, labours have been long to short but I have never spent more then 4 minutes pushing!
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