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Dh was born at home with a midwife.

I was born in a hospital, drug free, no epi & breastfed (in the 60's no less).

My mother was born at home (& she's not old--my father is older and was born in a hospital).

All of children were born at home.

My step father (who is my age. ) was born at home and breastfed for 2 yrs.
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In a hospital in the South.

My brother was born in a hospital in the Midwest.
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I was born in a hospital. My mom was induced and had me in about 4 hrs. I was 11 days "overdue". She's the reason I had no qualms about being induced. I didn't know it could/would lead to an unnecessary c/s.

DH was born about 3 wks early. His mom had toxemia. Dh's placenta had started separating, but he was born fine, vaginally.

That's all I really remember from what I have been told about our births.
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Parents: I'm pretty sure these were both HB in the 1930's (NY and Chicago).

Us: Chicago all in the 70's:
Me: Born at Home on my parents KITCHEN TABLE! The HB unexperienced doc couldn't figure out where to put my mom- so there she went. My dad used to joke that I was born in the Ironing board and my mother would always correct him. :LOL Iwas also born four weeks late!

SIS #1 Born at Home in the bed this time, with a really young and sweet doc named Dr. Eisenstien who I remember to this day because he was nice to me (I was about 4 at the time).

SIS #2 Intentional or Unintentional UC homebirth in the middle of a huge blizzard dec 78'. I got to hold my baby sis right after she was born & cut the cord My dad was working that night and couldn't make it home through the snow. (I miss her very very much, she passed away in 2001).

Dnephew(son to sis 1): icky hospital birth non-medicated vaginal (she had hard back labor and we had to fight them to let her walk around with those stupid strap-on belts). I was my sisters birth support and she almost broke a finger of mine on his crowning push.

Dniece (dd to sis #2)
medicated vag preemie born 2 mos early. I was supposed to be her labor support but Dn also wasn't supposed to be born for another 2mos, sis went into rapid surprise labor. We got to the hosp 5 minutes after she was born.

Dnephew (ds to sis #2) Unmedicated lightening fast Hospital birth. Again too fast for family. Born on my sis birthday we brought cake & candles and sang happy birthday to them both while he nursed.

DP: late 1960's twighlight sleep frank breech non-csec preemie. She was literally starving to death because of placenta problems and was loosing weight in utero before being born.

DD: Non-medicated 28 hour labor birth that started in a Hosp alternative birthing center, and moved to L& D because they didn't have enough nurses to cover both wards : She dropped & dialated quickly but got stuck on my dp's tailbone which had to *break* for dd to be born (i quietly suspect that this is because they had her pushing on her back instead of hands& knees, but can't substantiate). DD had a beautifuly round unmolded head because of it, and both peds thought she was a c-sec

Any more? a HB any way I can get it! NO HOSPITALS FOR ME!
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I was born 3 weeks late at BAMC in Ft Sam Houston, Texas. My mother was scheduled for an induction, but the enema they gave her beforehand did the job. Birth was unmedicated, but I don't know anything else about it.

DH was born at seven months in at Torajon AFB in Spain. His mom had been on bed rest for I think a month. He broke the cerclage & came on through, the day after Father's Day. Very fast labor, from what I gather. They told FIL he had a son and he said he knew that already (they'd adopted my BIL four years before DH was born), what about the baby his wife was carrying? They'd just gotten an isolette something like 3 weeks before Rob was born. His presence is a true miracle. His mother had had five miscarriages before him, and it took the idiot doctors some time to realize she was pregnant. Seriously, he was almost accidentally aborted, because they'd scheduled her for a D&C (not clear on the reason, but she'd had a long history of gynecological problems). Luckily for us (not so much so for the lady in question), they accidentally perforated the uterus of the woman who had an appointment right before MIL, so they cancelled her D&C to take care of the other woman.

DD#1 was born at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia. Induced for preeclampsia (which was pretty severe by that point; I could barely see straight) & completely unmedicated until it was discovered she was a footling breech, at which point I had a c-section. The only interesting thing about her birth (except for seeing two different, heretofore unknown to me doctors during the labor & a third performing the section) was that she grabbed ahold of the surgical drape and had to be pried off. :LOL

DD#2 was born the same hospital at 35w 4d, when my water broke. Planned VBAC, but she was footling too, so a repeat section. What I remember most about her birth (other than the fact that it took longer to give me my spinal than it did to have the surgery!) was everyone laughing when they opened my uterus, because she was mooning everybody.

Next child is a planned UBA2C, even if it decides to walk out into the world as well.

Sabra: Mama to Bobbie (3/02), Linda (1/04), Esther (10/05), Marie (11/10), Douglas (11/12), & Psalm (09/14; in Heaven)
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Wow these are all great stores.......My mom had 5 of us... the last baby was born a healthy 7lbs and then the doc said ol mary here comes the placenta give me a little push well out came the placenta and another baby,.... Samantha weighted 1lb 3 oz and was 13 inches long... we were so surprised she made it......... SHe will graduate in the top 3 in her class this next spring....
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I was born at Lion's Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. So were all three of my kids. So was my mom. So were my brother and sister. So were all eight of my nieces and nephews.

I was born by scheduled c-section ("once a c-section, always a c-section" - my mom's first was in 1963, vertical incision - I was born in 1968) and weighed 7lb. 12oz.

My dh was born in Knoxville, TN, and weighed 9lb. 13oz. He was two weeks "overdue", ie. 42 weeks.

My babies have all been c-sections:
ds1 weighed 7lb., 12oz - section was an "emergency" for frank breech presentation when I got to the hospital after 20+ hours labour.
dd weighed 10lb., 2oz. - section was scheduled for footling breech at 39w, 2d.
ds2 weighed 10lb., 8oz. - section was scheduled due to "post-dates" (and a weak maternal backbone) at 41w, 5d. I was in labour when I went in, though.

Except for my mom's kids, mine, my first SIL's daughter (she wanted a section due to an extreme fear of labour) and my sister's last (2nd twin dropped into transverse and her arm fell into the birth canal after her brother was born), all of the children in my family have been vaginal births.

Lisa, lucky mama of Kelly (3/93) ribboncesarean.gif, Emma (5/03) ribboncesarean.gif, Evan (7/05) ribboncesarean.gif, & Jenna (6/09) ribboncesarean.gif
Loving my amazing dh, James & forever missing ribbonpb.gif Aaron Ambrose ribboncesarean.gif (11/07) ribbonpb.gif

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Me-Ireland Army Hospital Ft. Knox, KY! I was borh on Easter at almost 42wks, the day before mom was going to get induced! She had a normal hospital birth w/ no pain meds, she's my hero! :LOL

DH-Omaha, NE. Normal hospital birth too I suppose, no pain meds I'm assuming. It probably went pretty fast as his mom didn't make it to the hospital 15 mos later w/ his little brother.

Jennifer, LPN and nursing student, Doula, CPST, and VBAC mama x3 to
AJ (5/03), Evan (12/04), Ilana (11/06), Olivia (2/09), and Unity (8/2012)

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My mom had 4 unmedicated vaginal births in a community hospital that was founded by an osteopath. My brother (baby #1) and I (baby #2 15 months later) were induced, but just AROM, no pitocin, because Mom would have had no way to get to the hospital while in labor. Babies 3 & 4 were completely natural vaginal births.

DH's birth was unmedicated, in a hospital, and he was delivered via forceps after 26 hours of labor. My MIL is tiny, and he had a big head. He spent time in the NICU under the bili-lights.

DS #1 was born 11 days after his due date, after 13 hours of labor, in a community hospital that got hit with a baby boom that day. They broke my water after about 7 hours of labor, had a single dose of nubain (I had been awake for 24 hours after that point and was exhausted), and had a mini-prep, catheter and episitomy (after I started to tear). DS presented with his hand along side his head. OUCH! Bleed excessively after delivery and barely avoided a transfusion.

DS #2 was induced at 40 weeks 1 day because of PIH. From the time they started the pitocin and broke my water to delivery was 5 hours. Single dose of stadol during labor, round of hemabate after delivery to avoid the excessive bleeding that happened the first time.

DD was induced at 40 weeks 3 days. Epidural was put in before they started the pitocin. From the start of the pitocin to deliver was 2 1/2 hours. I opted for the epidural that time because we had no sitter for the boys for most of the time, so DH needed to be with them. I didn't want to do an unmedicated labor alone.
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I was born at home in Dayton, Ohio after a 12 hour labor. It was dark and my mom's friend was holding a flashlight for the midwife to see and occassionally our friend Dale would take a photo causing the room to light up more. There were several other friends there as well. The man who would later become my step-father had decided earlier that the labor would take awhile so he went to a Rock Against Racism meeting and missed the birth. It is rumored that someone was listening to the Sex Pistols downstairs which is why I was named Anna Kiss after Anarchy in the UK ("I am an anarchist" anna kiss=anarchist).

DH was born in Bryan, Ohio via c-section.

DS1 - at home into my mother's hands (midwife).

DS2 - at home into midwife's hands (mom was in the driveway, having just pulled up, came in 3 minutes later).

anna kiss partner to jon radical mama to aleks (8/02) and bastian (5/05)
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