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mamato3cherubs's Avatar mamato3cherubs 09:02 PM 01-12-2006
#1 about 10-15 min but would have been much shorter, the nurses pull one of those, "OK, go ahead, lets see how far you can bring the baby down before we get the DR." after the first set of pushes, 1 contraction, they said"STOP!" we have to get the DR now!" o I had to breath through 2 more contractions before he came and 2 more pushes he was born.

# 2 about the same as one to crown, a few minutes longer to deliver.

#3 crowned with no pushing, just all a sudden there she was, but from there it was a good 45 min til her head came all the way out, yes, i felt the ring of fire for the entire time!!!

ashleep's Avatar ashleep 09:51 PM 01-12-2006
12 min. at our home waterbirth

she's my first and only

MCatLvrMom2A&X's Avatar MCatLvrMom2A&X 10:11 PM 01-12-2006
3 pushes less than 5 min with #1 but she did have the vacum attached because of supposidly her head was crooked but personally i think the dr was just wanting to do something since i went drug free. :
Amari's Mama's Avatar Amari's Mama 10:12 PM 01-12-2006
2 hours, whatever position I wanted, DD was sunny-side-up, which made it more difficult.
carla72's Avatar carla72 10:40 PM 01-12-2006
100 percent natural 5 or 6 pushes. 31 hrs of crappy labour though lol I didn't think I could do it by the time the pushing came around so I am thankful it wasn't long by that point.
Brookesmom's Avatar Brookesmom 03:33 AM 01-13-2006
4 hours, 15 minutes with baby #1. I didn't feel the urge to push though until after 3 1/2 hours when they started me on a low dose of pitocin. It wasn't long then! I was leaping up to the squat bar at each peak. Delivered her laying down in the "traditional" position though.

#2 will be a c-section if this bugger doesn't turn soon!

sargasso's Avatar sargasso 06:07 PM 01-13-2006
Hospital, natural, 20 minutes. My first and only.
CryPixie83's Avatar CryPixie83 08:43 PM 01-13-2006
I pushed for about two hours, but only because I pushed when the MWs told me and not when I had the urge. Once I had the urge (which is when I learned how to push right because my body was directing me) It took about half an hour.
Belleweather's Avatar Belleweather 11:58 PM 01-13-2006
About an hour... birth center water birth, babe was 9lbs 1oz. It took me a while to find my position and rhythm with pushing, but once I did he was out in a flash and went from crowning to completely out in one push.
JenJMP's Avatar JenJMP 12:41 AM 01-14-2006
3.5hrs with my 9#2oz dd.
Sqatted for 1hr, stood (leaning over bed) for 1hr, sidelying 1 1/2hrs.

My midwife asked, "How many kegels did you do?"
A couple hundred a day, for the record.
And I did all my Bradley exercises like a model student.
Perineum was completely intact. Totally worth it!

I also biked over 50mi/wk thru my due date.
Don't know if this had an affect or not.
Belle's Avatar Belle 07:09 AM 01-14-2006
1st and only (so far) 1hr, 10min. Hospital birth no drugs.
RockStarMom's Avatar RockStarMom 08:43 AM 01-14-2006
about 50 minutes
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 12:17 PM 01-14-2006
Drug free childbirth in hospital w/midwife. Pushed for a little over 2 hours. DS was 7 lbs 5 ozs and was born with his hand pressed against his cheek, lots of tearing because of this.
mamazig's Avatar mamazig 01:18 PM 01-14-2006
#1: drugfree hospital w/OB - asynclitic -- fast labor but 3 hours of pushing! then forceps -- (boo hoo)
#2: (last weekend ) drugfree hospital w/wonderful mw -- posterior presentation -- fast labor -- 20 min of pushing (after "holding back" 30 min until the mw got there! ouch!)
Moon Faerie's Avatar Moon Faerie 03:09 PM 01-14-2006
#1 - hospital birth with failed epidural, just under 3 hours of pushing

#2 - NCB at birth center, I'm not really sure, as I had no concept of time, but I only pushed becuase she was in distress, and I only pushed 3-4 times.
captain crunchy 03:16 PM 01-14-2006
With our daughter I had a perfect homebirth. Hard labor (I mean, the "holy crap this is PAINNNNNN" labor) was only about 5 hours and I pushed for only about 15 minutes....
Tiny straight tear that required no stiches and I felt great afterward....she was 8lbs even and had a 15!!! inch head....oh and her arm was up by her head the whole time too and she came out that way...ouch...
mamabain's Avatar mamabain 03:19 PM 01-14-2006
#1 hospital, pushing with no urge to push, 1.5 hours. 3rd degree tear. 6lbs4 oz baby

#2 home waterbirth, posterior baby, my body pushed, i had no control, 15 min., 1st degree tear on scar tissue, 6 lbs 12 oz baby

don't push until you can't help it!!!
Still_Snarky's Avatar Still_Snarky 06:10 PM 01-14-2006
10 minutes 4-6 pushes!
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 06:26 PM 01-14-2006
For my first vaginal birth I pushed about 45 minutes
wek524's Avatar wek524 06:56 PM 01-14-2006
4 hours and 15 minutes in a tub at home. And we could see a lot of hair after less than 2 hours. She just took her sweet time.
LandonsMom's Avatar LandonsMom 07:02 PM 01-14-2006
it was a natural (no drugs) hospital birth, about 20 minutes of pushing with ds, it was amazing! hes my only babe for now!
Past_VNE's Avatar Past_VNE 07:12 PM 01-14-2006
I had a home water birth with Jett. It went perfectly. When talking about the birth one day, I said something about pushing for 2 hours. DH corrected me and said, "No Doll, you were pushing for four hours." I had a twelve hour labor and pushed for four hours.

We later figured it out that the long pushing stage was due to Jett's craniosynostosis, which caused his skull to not be able to "fold up" properly. Basically, he had locked joints in his head, making him be born with a full skull size, instead of overlapping and forming to the birth canal. Also, this wonky skull caused him to be facing my left thigh as he was born.

It was definitely a case of laborland for me, too. It didn't seem bad at all, at the time!
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 07:19 PM 01-14-2006
W/ ds #1 I pushed for 1.5 hrs before the c/s. He was asynclitic and we don't think he would've come out, the DR even tried forceps.

W/ ds#2 I gave one big push and the DR pulled w/ forceps (my placenta abrupted and he needed out ASAP) and that was it. Had it not been for the 3rd degree tear, it wouldn't have been bad at all.
Quagmire's Avatar Quagmire 11:04 PM 01-14-2006
About 10 minutes. I got vacuumed - they were threatening c-section due to low heart rate.
Missinnyc's Avatar Missinnyc 11:42 PM 01-14-2006
DD1- Hospital, epidural, lithotomy: 13 minutes (6 lbs baby)

DD2- Birth center, all natural, lithotomy (it felt right): ~30 mins (8,11 lb baby)
shelbean91's Avatar shelbean91 11:52 PM 01-14-2006
3 pushes, about 10 minutes.
~*~MamaJava~*~'s Avatar ~*~MamaJava~*~ 11:56 PM 01-14-2006
1st babe took 1.5 hrs to push out (7#3) in lithotomy, 2nd took 30 mins (6#8) in a sit/squat kind of a position.

My SIL got #1 out in 2 pushes (8#9 baby) She's someone who says she canNOT control the urge to push at all - got it that time at only 8cm. Dr stretched her cervix manually to get her to 10 and whammo! out came baby. Her #2 took 1/2 hr though, posterior, and 9#11.
BabyDakota's Avatar BabyDakota 11:56 PM 01-14-2006
pushed 45 minutes, did not count them.
No drugs, no tearing, no hem. Whoo!
sydsmama's Avatar sydsmama 09:48 PM 01-15-2006
totally natural hospital birth, 9# baby (head 14.5), pushing only when I wanted to, no tears or hemmoroids: 45 min. And it seemed like forever!
LF2000's Avatar LF2000 02:48 AM 01-17-2006
First 2 hours 10.5 oz boy
Second 3 pushes 9.10 girl
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