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Allie2's Avatar Allie2 09:30 PM 03-13-2006
A tonsilectomy at 19 - a week of pure heck

But hands down for me is anything KIDNEY related. I can't pass a stone, my body just can't do it. Infections, stones, procedures they're all 1000000 times worse than childbirth. The worst? Last May I knew I had several stones, a fever of 104 and they told me to wait in the ER. I was so weak I layed on the floor and just shook from the fever. Several other people waiting told off the intake nurse and I got in and was admitted for 10 days. 5 stones and 3 surgeries later I went home. NOTHING will ever be worse than those 10 days. NOTHING. I had 4 days I was delerious in my bed begging for morphine. That's all I remember.

LadyMarmalade's Avatar LadyMarmalade 09:39 PM 03-13-2006
I was reading a medical journal a few years ago and they monitored the brainwaves and pain indicators in people in a variety of situations. Apparently the only two things which consistently rated more painful than labour were amputation and nerve damage.

Having said that, my afterpains with baby #2 were much worse than the labour. Nothing has ever come close to the pain I had during baby #1's labour, though. My mother was with me for both births and she's only seen one person (dying, but subsequent amazing recovery) in more pain than I was for my first labour. I saw that person too (but not at their worst) and it was definitely worse.
LadyMarmalade's Avatar LadyMarmalade 09:41 PM 03-13-2006
I've heard they're much worse with second and subsequent children, though. True?
For a few months after the birth of our 2nd *this* was the very reason I told DH to get a vasectomy (he didn't, though). The thought of afterpains was too frightening!
Metasequoia's Avatar Metasequoia 10:36 PM 03-13-2006
Didn't read through all of these yet, but here's mine:

Headache from spinal menengitis - ouch! And it lasts for 2 weeks!

Anything dental.

Spraining ligaments in your knee & chipping bones.

dace101's Avatar dace101 05:22 PM 03-14-2006
I can think of many everyday things that hurt worse than labour, but for me labour was relatively painless (drug-free and completely natural). I think it's all in how you manage your "pain".
Honestly, what hurt most in relation to birthing my dc was the two weeks afterwards of stinging pain everytime I peed all over my teeny tear.
jaidymama's Avatar jaidymama 08:16 PM 03-14-2006
Since Christmas I think I have experienced food poisoning twice... I thought I wanted to die each time... it hurt so bad. My brother said not to focus on it, and I remembered that idea from child birth... I said if it isn't child birth I shouldn't have to use that technique... At anyrate, being sick like that hurt my entire insides way worse than giving birth.
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