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View Poll Results: How long did you push (check more than one if you had more than one baby)
15 minutes or less 87 100.00%
15-30 minutes 55 100.00%
30-45 minutes 26 100.00%
45-60 minutes 30 100.00%
60-90 minutes 12 100.00%
90-120 minutes 17 100.00%
2-3 hours 28 100.00%
3-4 hours 16 100.00%
4-5 hours 10 90.91%
5-6 hours 7 63.64%
6 or more hours 10 90.91%
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laohaire's Avatar laohaire 02:23 PM 02-23-2006
I don't want to step on the other thread's toes, but I found myself really wanting to see some sort of statistics here, no matter how unscientific.

I have set it so you can vote multiple choices in case you had several babies, though unfortunately you can't mark the same choice twice, sorry.

Lousli's Avatar Lousli 03:42 PM 02-23-2006
About 45 minutes with my first, and 2 pushes (less than 5 min.) with the next.
thismama's Avatar thismama 03:48 PM 02-23-2006
I pushed just under 2 hours with my first.
dvons's Avatar dvons 04:44 PM 02-23-2006
An hour and 45 minutes with #1 and 20 minutes with #2.

kate~mom's Avatar kate~mom 05:02 PM 02-23-2006
i voted 15 minutes or less for both births . . .

first birth - epidural, AROM, told to push at 10 cm, no episiotomy, pushed a total of ten times --> 7 lb 8 oz baby

second birth - no interventions, water broke on its own and i was PUSHING, about the same number of pushes --> 8 lb. 3 oz. baby
nikisager's Avatar nikisager 05:07 PM 02-23-2006
I wanted to vote 4 times but didint, as my last three were all under 15 minutes and my first son I was young and dumb, they cut me from one end ( sorry for tmi) to the other literaly and sucked him out saying I wasnt possibly big enought o deliver him... I have found that if you wait till you feel the "NEED" to push, pushinjg takes alot less time!
hubris's Avatar hubris 06:02 PM 02-23-2006
First baby: 4 hours

Second baby: 30 min
Lizzo's Avatar Lizzo 06:10 PM 02-23-2006
First baby (only baby so far)- 11 mintutes,4 rushes, 9lb 1oz, 21 1/4 inches
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 06:15 PM 02-23-2006
Labor time - 32 1/2 hours.

Push time - 3 minutes!
Attila the Honey's Avatar Attila the Honey 06:18 PM 02-23-2006
I was induced so technically I guess the entire labor was 10hrs long but if we count from when *I* first noticed anything the entire labor was 6hrs and I pushed for about 45 min.
NaomiLorelie's Avatar NaomiLorelie 06:21 PM 02-23-2006
1st birth- pushed in lithonomy (sp) position (didn't know better) for about an hour.

2nd birth- pushed in hands and knees position less than ten minutes, although there was a five minute break between contractions so it only took 2 contractions.
Karen-Ida's Avatar Karen-Ida 06:22 PM 02-23-2006
I pushed 15 minutes with my eldest son and 5 minutes with my youngest.
Viola's Avatar Viola 06:26 PM 02-23-2006
105 minutes with my first, epidural hospital birth.

about 20 minutes with my second, homebirth. Although I think I was pushing involuntarily before that. From when I was told I could push to when I had the baby in my arms was about 20 minutes.
Belle's Avatar Belle 06:49 PM 02-23-2006
1 hour 10 minutes with my first and only (so far). Hospital birth, no drugs with a nuchal hand.
CandyApple's Avatar CandyApple 07:06 PM 02-23-2006
first - traditional hospital birth, 9lb baby - 2 hrs
second - bradley style, 7 lb baby - 3 pushes, 5 min
iris0110's Avatar iris0110 07:23 PM 02-23-2006
First 7lb 3oz Hospital birth, induction, 27hours of labor and an epidural, I pushed for about three contractions. Probably 10 minutes tops.

Second stillbirth at 22 weeks. 1lb 3ozs. Hospital delivery, induction, 2.5 hrs of labor, epidural. I didn't push at all.

Third 8lbs 8.9ozs. Hospital birth. spontaneous labor lasting 15hrs. 2.5hrs of pushing. He came out face up with his neck hyper extended and tore me despite my midwifes best efforts to help me stretch.
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 07:35 PM 02-23-2006
20 minutes for the first, just a few pushes for the second (probably 10 minutes?)
Persephone's Avatar Persephone 08:10 PM 02-23-2006
I was in total laborland, but dh tells me it was about 20 mins.
miranda's Avatar miranda 08:12 PM 02-23-2006
1st Babe: About 6 hours. Not non-stop of course, but a total of 6 hours.

2nd Babe: Maybe three big pushes. About 10 minutes.
kayjayjay's Avatar kayjayjay 08:47 PM 02-23-2006
I pushed for over an hour with my 1st (hospital birth w/epidural), for about 15min with my 2nd (natural bc birth) and I swear I never pushed with my 3rd (natural home birth). She just came out all on her own with one mighty contraction and I was saying "it's coming" the whole time so I know I couldn't have been pushing!
loon13's Avatar loon13 08:59 PM 02-23-2006
I pushed for about 10 minutes with my dd.
I gave birth in the hospital, but the birth was natural (no pitocin, no IV, etc.)
I had the doc compliment me in that he'd never seen such fast pushing in a first time mom. Whether it was true or not, it was nice to hear in the middle of labor. Boy, was I proud.
laohaire's Avatar laohaire 09:28 PM 02-23-2006
Gee whiz, now I'm feeling pretty uncertain.

My first (and only) I pushed just over 6 hours. Home / water birth, no medication, etc.

It sounds like everyone is saying they had to push longer when in the wrong position, or with an epi, or whatever.

So I'm wondering if something went wrong for me.

I tore like heck, too, because after 6 hours I finally decided she was coming out in the next push no matter what. It took 2 pushes from when I made that firm decision, and I definitely tore myself. Still glad I did it.
saritabeth's Avatar saritabeth 10:29 PM 02-23-2006
I pushed for 6.5 hrs. and ended up with a c section...

Hopefully, I will push for less than 15 minutes with this baby !! Hope springs eternal....
ChattyCat's Avatar ChattyCat 01:17 AM 02-24-2006
I pushed for 6+ hours in every possible position with rolling contractions, and then I had a csec.
AutumnMama's Avatar AutumnMama 03:54 AM 02-24-2006
1st baby (8.6 Hospital birth)--2 1/2 hours

2nd baby (7.10 homebirth)-- about 25 minutes

I'm hoping this one is just as good or better than the second, but we'll see
mandib50's Avatar mandib50 03:57 AM 02-24-2006
wow i envy those women who only pushed 15 minutes - OR LESS
my first was 2 hours before i was sectioned,
next 3 were homebirths so
baby #2 - 4 hours
baby #3 - 30 minutes
baby #4 - 40 minutes.

i never got that quicky birth i wanted
artgoddess's Avatar artgoddess 04:06 AM 02-24-2006
I have one child, he was born in a hospital. After being in a little over 33 hours of labor, my nurse was convinced I'd be one of those who takes a few hours to push cause both myself and my body were so tired. The doctor was in the office and they called him told him to take his time, but I was 10 cm. He walked through the door 30 mintues later just in time to see my sons body slip out into the nurses waiting hands.

They all looked at me stunned saying "wow, for a first timer, you really know how to push!"
mesecina's Avatar mesecina 05:00 AM 02-24-2006
20 min. wiith the first, 12 min. with the second.
Sharlla's Avatar Sharlla 05:03 AM 02-24-2006
Both labors were around 4 hours from beginning of active labor to the delivery. With DS1 pushing was about 30 mins and with DS2 it was 11 mins.
tsfairy's Avatar tsfairy 05:04 AM 02-24-2006
I voted 3-4 hours. I pushed for about 3 hrs and 20-odd minutes at the end of a 40 hour induction at 36 weeks. Before I was a full 10 cm I felt an overwhelming need to push, and DS was posterior throughout most of 2nd stage, but we finally got him to turn. I think his position was the main reason I pushed for so long. Luckily no tearing - only a small "abrasion."
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