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courtenay_e's Avatar courtenay_e 11:46 PM 04-23-2006
You go mama! Praying for ya, and crossing fingers and toes. You'll do great, whenever you go! Take care.

Emilie's Avatar Emilie 01:58 AM 04-24-2006
when i was pg with a post baby i was told to go down on my hands and knees chest down butt up- for as long as i can. it is suposed to help get the baby to float up and then down onto the cervix to help start labor. i would try that or at least on hands and knees.
i had my baby 41 wks 5 days- healthy baby.
cytotech is bad bad stuff. you can refuse. find a doula.
good luck mama
mamaverdi's Avatar mamaverdi 02:28 AM 04-24-2006
It's never to late to change providers until the baby is born, the placenta is out, and you are happily nursing.

I know OBs who have more sense than this woman.

Get your "dates" adjusted. All this harping on dates makes my head hurt. Some people seem to think those little date wheels are a magic ball.

bobandjess99's Avatar bobandjess99 02:36 AM 04-24-2006
keep us posted
georgia's Avatar georgia 03:10 AM 04-24-2006
Sending you all the strength and support I can muster up!!! Please keep us posted when you can. Here's to those contractions

clynnr's Avatar clynnr 12:25 PM 04-24-2006
I'm still here, LOL! This baby is comfortable, apparently. I was ready to leave for the hospital at 11pm last night, with ctx 3-5 mins, lasting 60+ seconds, and getting difficult to talk through... Then I laid down on the couch because I was tired, and FELL ASLEEP.

They jump started with Livi's morning nursing, and are now 6-10 mins apart, but not strong yet. We're going out for breakfast, then a long walk. Keep those labor vibes coming!!!
Emilie's Avatar Emilie 12:30 PM 04-24-2006
thinking of you and sending lots of labor vibes!!! i am so excited for you!!!
: :
mysticmomma's Avatar mysticmomma 12:53 PM 04-24-2006
I was induced with cervidil at 43 weeks. I was 3cm and 100% at the beginning of the induction. Cervidil was just enough to push me into labor. (We had failed NST's, and I didn't feel "right"). With the cervidil, I could still use the tub, walk around, etc. With pitocin, because it is so strong, you cannot. You are efm'd the whole way. Especially if you have a low bishops score... induction is likely to fail, especially with no ripening agent at all. Good luck. Your uterus doesn't have an expiration date.
georgia's Avatar georgia 01:45 PM 04-24-2006
Keep trusting your instincts and listening to your body! I went through almost a week and a half of evening ctx that were 3-5 mins. apart only to fizzle out. Each time, I was sure that was it. Not trying to depress you, just want you to not lose hope. You're gonna do great!!!! We're all pulling for you
eleven's Avatar eleven 04:06 PM 04-24-2006
I know I'm late to the party, but it sounds like good things are happening!! I hope everything goes well for you, Chelsea!
clynnr's Avatar clynnr 09:31 PM 04-24-2006
Still nothing doin' here. Ctx died this morning. Went to my MW appt, she agreed no cytotec. I'm dilated to 3, so the ctx did something! She stripped my membranes, cancelled my induction, and scheduled me for an NST tomorrow. I'm having ctx on and off, and nursing Liv like crazy. We are also under orders to DTD.
Trishy's Avatar Trishy 09:35 PM 04-24-2006
What did she say about adjusting your dates? I am sending tons of labor vibes your way.
mamamicky's Avatar mamamicky 12:36 AM 04-25-2006
But Black and Blue Cohosh tinctures can be used safely and responsibly and can REALLY jumpstart your labor. I personally feel it is safer than castor oil. A few doses may be enough.

Worked for my last labor....a 3 hour labor. He was born at 41 weeks, 4 days (after a few doses and some walking)

I would do it again with no hesitation.

mamacarla's Avatar mamacarla 03:58 AM 04-25-2006
I may be way off base here but should you DTD after membranes are stripped?

Isn't there a possibility of infection now?

Good luck - hope ctx pick up soon.

Mavournin's Avatar Mavournin 10:00 AM 04-25-2006
I thought you could DTD safely until water broke.

I'm glad your midwife is sounding more reasonable - I just hope that if your baby is indeed posterior that she won't start pushing other interventions on you during labor. And, despite it not being the ideal birth position, having an OP babe isn't the worst thing. My Ds was OP and it was actually a much easier labor and delivery than my Dd's. Seriously. If you suspect that your baby is still posterior when you are in real labor try and avoid as many vaginal checks as possible. The less you know, the less frantic both you and your midwife will feel about the baby's postition. Also, avoid having your water broken artificially. I know that my Ds being born in the caul made that birth so much easier - while that probably won't happen to many, if you can the waters rupure spontaneously as late as possible it will lend to a more favorable labor.
clynnr's Avatar clynnr 10:36 AM 04-25-2006
Thanks everyone! We're headed to the hospital. Ctx since 2:30, hard and fast since DD nursed at 6:30am. Thank you so much for all your support.
Lovinmy2babies+1's Avatar Lovinmy2babies+1 11:54 AM 04-25-2006
Woohoo!!!! Good luck!
courtenay_e's Avatar courtenay_e 12:32 PM 04-25-2006
Sending strong birthing vibes your way, Mama. You'll do GREAT!
weliveintheforest's Avatar weliveintheforest 07:23 PM 04-25-2006
I'm glad things are headed the right way and I know you will do great
cottonwood's Avatar cottonwood 12:35 AM 04-26-2006
Good luck!
clynnr's Avatar clynnr 08:26 PM 04-27-2006
Norah Kathryn was born at 10:53am on Tuesday morning, weighing 9 pounds 9 ounces, 21 inches long, after 18 minutes of pushing! We had slight scares with thick meconium for her and a large blood loss/hemmorage(sp?) for me, but we are all doing fine. She has a head of thick red hair like her sister!

She started posterior, but somehow turned and came out face down, which none of us was expecting. I give credit to the ten minutes I spent in the tub on my hands and knees that also took me from 5cm to ready to push--yup, ten minutes.

Thank you so much for all your help and support!
Artisan's Avatar Artisan 08:30 PM 04-27-2006
Congratulations, Chelsea!!! Norah has a beautiful name.
Lizzardbits's Avatar Lizzardbits 09:20 PM 04-27-2006
YAY! Congratulations! Welcome to the world Miss Norah! Happy Baby-mooning!
courtenay_e's Avatar courtenay_e 09:25 PM 04-27-2006
Welcome to the world, Little One! Great Job, Mama, we all knew you could do it!
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 09:28 PM 04-27-2006
ozzyemm's Avatar ozzyemm 10:47 PM 04-27-2006
Yay!!!! Congrats, and welcome baby Norah!
erin_brycesmom's Avatar erin_brycesmom 11:26 PM 04-27-2006
Huge congratulations mama!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually tear up reading the short recap of the birth Reminds me a little of my birth of my overdue 9 and half pounder who also had meconium. Enjoy your babymoon!
Mavournin's Avatar Mavournin 10:24 AM 04-28-2006
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