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storychick's Avatar storychick 12:39 AM 05-21-2006
#1, at 38w exactly. DH and I had just gotten busy trying to get the baby out, and I tried to go to sleep after. Got up to pee, went back to bed, felt funny somehow, got back to the bathroom and felt and heard the pop and a small gush. Immediately had a contraction that I knew was the real deal but went back to bed figuring it would be awhile. Had DS 7 1/2 hours later.

#2, day before due date. Woke up to a big contraction, tried to get out of bed to get up and felt a gush. Thought I'd peed myself but contrax hit every 3 minutes. DD arrived just under 2 1/2 hours later. Thank goodness we planned a homebirth.

I really hope my water doesnt break to start labor with #3, because I hope it slows me down so we have time to get organized!

Llyra's Avatar Llyra 10:05 AM 05-21-2006
Mine broke at 39 weeks with DD, in bed at night. I hadn't even started to have really effective contractions yet; it was almost 6 hours before they really got going.
XanaduMama's Avatar XanaduMama 10:56 PM 05-21-2006
edd was friday, though I'd been convinced for weeks before that he was coming any time (dropped at 35 wks, BH contrax on and off for 5 wks, doc check-ups showed baby was really low--zero station). but no. on the friday we went for a long hike, which was lovely. saturday walked around in target a lot, but otherwise took it pretty easy. 3:30am Sunday I woke up in a fright from a nightmare involving a flood (no kidding). went to the bathroom and came back to bed, lay there thinking about the dream for maybe a minute. then heard/felt a pop, like an elastic band snapping--I wondered if that might be it, then felt the trickle starting! managed to make it to the bathroom before the flood arrived in earnest!

sadly, my contrax never got strong enough for me to feel--we waited at the hospital that whole day (I was GBS+ so had to go in for antibiotics), walking, nipple stimulation, everything. ended up having pit at 6:30, contrax started at 8:30, ds was born at 11:30.
MelKnee's Avatar MelKnee 11:00 PM 05-21-2006
1st and 3rd times, it broke just as baby emerged.
2nd time, it broke about 5 minutes before baby emerged.
cottonwood's Avatar cottonwood 01:02 AM 05-22-2006
40 weeks, middle of the night, I had gotten up to go the bathroom, and when I got back in bed I felt a little "pop". From there it was just a slow trickle, and contractions started shortly thereafter.

My other three births, my waters did not release until just as the baby was being born.
orangebird's Avatar orangebird 02:52 AM 05-22-2006
Originally Posted by boscopup
A baby is typically induced at a time like 33 weeks if there are issues in the pregnancy that make it safer for mom and/or baby if the baby is on the outside. Examples include pre-e, prolonged PROM (like some women's water breaks as early as 16 weeks or earlier, and around 32-35 weeks, the risk of infection and low fluid issues becomes higher than risk to baby coming out that early), IUGR, etc.

If your hospital has a level 2+ NICU, a 33 weeker should be fine (barring any congenital problems not caused by prematurity). They do have to stay in the NICU for a little while though, as their lungs are not completely mature, they probably can't regulate body tempature yet, etc. But it's amazing how fast a baby can mature in those areas and come home completely healthy.

Inducing at 33 weeks due to a medical issue is not the same as inducing at 38 weeks because the mom just wants the baby out.
Exactly. No one induces at 33 weeks just for fun.

My cousin had a c-section at around 33 weeks because she really needed to start chemo for her cervical cancer. She was advised to abort the baby earlier (they found the cancer at her first prenatal, she hadn't had a pap in 9 years. ) She wanted to keep the baby. It eneded up spreading to her bladder and bowel and she eneded up having some more problems, had to remove alot of stuff. But anyway, there are times babies are taken around that time. It is a good age, a baby that age with proper care does extremely well!
orangebird's Avatar orangebird 02:57 AM 05-22-2006
What the hell happenned to the forum jump bar again, does it go away at a certain time every day for a certain amount of time? What is up with it, really?
gen_here's Avatar gen_here 03:28 AM 05-22-2006
Contractions started at 4 AM, took a shower to make sure they were "real" and not BH. In bed again at 5 AM. Woke at 6 AM to pee, and as I sat up in bed I felt like I wet myself. I woke my husband up to help me, put a towel between my legs to catch any "pee" as I got up, and I gushed. I had regular 3-5 minute apart contractions from 5 AM on - and this was 41w2d. I had my son at 9:50 PM that night.
eclipse's Avatar eclipse 04:50 AM 05-22-2006
I was 39 weeks and 6 days with my DS1- I'd had light cxn all day long, then got up to pee. I felt a pop and a little trickle, and then my cxn really started hurting. He was born a few hours later. With DD, it wasn't until I was pushing - it was a pop, and water everywhere. With DS2, I had a slow leak for 2 or 3 days before my cxn started in. I didn't inform anyone because I was trying to make it to 37 weeks to deliver at the birth center (I didn't make it, and ended up at the hospital). For the first day or two, I though I was peeing myself.
CryPixie83's Avatar CryPixie83 12:58 PM 05-22-2006
Originally Posted by mara
What the hell happenned to the forum jump bar again, does it go away at a certain time every day for a certain amount of time? What is up with it, really?
It goes away when bandwidth use is high.
midwifetx's Avatar midwifetx 04:27 PM 05-22-2006
my third and fourth births, the water broke spontaneously while pushing.
craftymom's Avatar craftymom 04:48 PM 05-22-2006
With my first, it broke about 5 minutes afetr I got up in the morning. Not a gush or a trickle--somewhere in between! It was a week before my due date, and I was induced 6 hours later. No contractions, no thinning, no effacing, no dilation, no nothing. This was _exactly_ what happened to my mom when she had me (I am also an oldest).

With my second, I was induced at 37w5d--I was on heparin for a genetic clotting disorder (diagnosed between my two guys), if anyone from that forum is reading this thread! My water broke about 6-8 hours after they put in the cervidil. It was a gush, and then the contractions _really_ got going.
Raynbow's Avatar Raynbow 05:02 PM 05-22-2006
My first one was at 46 weeks and my second at 39w4d.

I was sleeping in the car for the first one (what a mess that made on that seat!) and the other I'd gotten up at 1AM to go to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down *Splash*!

My mom got her labor to start by going on a motorcycle ride...
Peppamint's Avatar Peppamint 06:31 PM 05-22-2006
I had AROM the first two times, at 4cm and 9cm respectively.

With #3, my water spontaneously broke with the first pushing contraction and she was born 2 contractions later.
lyndamom's Avatar lyndamom 07:13 PM 05-22-2006
Each time was during labor (that's x4). Loved it that way: no bothersome discussion if preterm or prelabor release of membranes!
veganf's Avatar veganf 08:44 PM 05-22-2006
My water broke as my first sign of labor both times (same as my mother and most of my sisters).
With baby #1 I woke up at midnight 40w+3days to pee, sat back down in bed and felt/heard a pop. Contractions started 45 minutes later. Total labor 14 hours.
Baby #2 I felt "funny", got the phone, laid down on the couch and felt/heard a pop as I was dialing my husband's cell phone. Contractions were immediate, long, with no breaks in between. Total labor was about 1 hour 40 minutes! (We thought I was 37w+2days, but the midwife thinks in retrospect that I was actually a few weeks overdue.)
We'll see if it happens first again with #3!

- Krista
EStreetMama's Avatar EStreetMama 08:54 PM 05-22-2006
I had a little pop and gush at 41w 3d and light contractions started right away.

Then I had another small gush in the tub. The midwife said that the baby's pressure sealed the bag back up. Then, right at the beginning of pushing, there was a really big pop in the tub. It seemed so loud to me that I thought everyone in the room heard it, but no one did. That was a really strange sensation.
2+twins's Avatar 2+twins 01:43 AM 05-23-2006
My water broke spontaneously with all my labors.

birth1: It broke once I began pushing. I could feel a pop and then a sense of relief (like there was less pressure now). I was in the tub at the time so I couldn't see it or anything.
birth2: It broke just prior to labor beginning (like maybe 20 minutes). I was lying in bed for the night watching some t.v. and suddenly felt a snap (like someone snapping a rubberband on my skin, but inside) and then another snap and then a trickle. The sensation of it breaking was just a tiny bit painful (really very barely though).
birth3: It broke when I got up in the morning to go to the bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet and had just peed and then I felt something lodge itself into my vagina. Felt like a gas bubble or something. It was a really weird sensation and then some liquid came out. I honestly wasn't sure if it was my water or just urine. There was no snapping sensation that time and no pain. Labor began about 45 min later.
birth4 (this was the 2nd half of birth3 b/c it was twins): Felt a similar sensation of the bag of waters lodging in my vagina at some point during the labor. I started to get the urge to push at the peak of contractions and did that for awhile. Eventually my water broke during one of those pushes with a huge gush (all the other times were trickles, except possibly the first birth, but like I said I was in the tub so I couldn't see how much fluid came out).
Stephanie L.'s Avatar Stephanie L. 01:52 AM 05-23-2006
About as opposite as you can get!

DD1: 39 weeks (8 days before the birth)
DD2: 41 weeks (as head was crowning)
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