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mamaglee's Avatar mamaglee 11:19 PM 08-18-2006
I will be at home for this third birth, but I don't want to see anything disposable. The Chux pads and disposable pads and even cord clamp really irritated me after my last birth. I want everything to feel soft. So I will use a lot of old towels, prefolds in lieu of Chux and pads and then mama cloth. I really don't want the feeling of that sticky tape or paper next to my young tenders

Amylcd's Avatar Amylcd 11:21 PM 08-18-2006
I wear my own gowns, but definitely use their mesh panties (loved em!)
pinuchkin's Avatar pinuchkin 01:02 AM 08-19-2006
When I put on the hospital gown I put on the "patient" persona. So for me, no gown this time. The mesh panties, on the other hand, are fricking awesome, take them all home for later.

I'm looking at wearing a spaghetti-strap small tanktop (I had one on under the gown with DD -- it had a "superman" S on it. ), and a birthing skirt.
skyblufig's Avatar skyblufig 02:35 AM 08-19-2006
Let's see... I went to the hospital in a sweatsuit with just a sport bra-type tank underneath and the tank was the only thing I wore in the labor tub. After I put on a hospital robe w/o a gown becaue it was easy to nurse in and I have to admit it: I loved the mesh panties as well. I kind of psyched myself up in to thinking they were "Gidget" bottoms crossed with space age material. In fact, I liked 'em so much I hustled the nurses for more, along with some awesome pp pads that had ice built in. You just shook them first and they got cold and they were pads as well! It was shameless -- I'd stuff whatever they brought in to the room in to my bag and then when the next shift got there I'd ask for more. That's how we ended up with a half dozen long sleeve kimono tops for ds and about as many blankets too. : they were just so soft I couldn't resist [klepto, I know...]
wonderwahine's Avatar wonderwahine 02:38 AM 08-19-2006
I was a total klepto in the hospital to, until a nurse came in and said 'if its not nailed down or furniture, you can take it" she even got us more diapers, wipes and mesh undies
A&A's Avatar A&A 02:42 AM 08-19-2006
I wore a nightgown of my own---I bought it for the occasion, so it wasn't already my "favorite" or anything, so I didn't really care if it got stained. But I was really glad to not be in a hospital gown.
Jane's Avatar Jane 02:47 AM 08-19-2006
I think that it's nice to bring your own - and you can wear yours or use their, then, as you like.
If someone's gonna take my picture a lot, I'm gonna bring something that I look good in - and it ain't faded bluish hospital gowns.
TCMoulton's Avatar TCMoulton 03:16 AM 08-19-2006
I labored in the hospital supplied gown before my CS and spent 6 hours sleeping in one after my midnight birth, but once I was up and moving about 6am I headed right for the shower and then dressed in my own Hanes her Way undies and a brand new soft fuzzy sweatsuit - I was soooo comfy and also felt presentable when visitors would show up. I did use the hospital supplied pads - they are freakin huge and caught everything they were supposed to - no leaking for me!
MamaTaraX's Avatar MamaTaraX 03:37 AM 08-19-2006
My first two were born in hospitals (one hospital, one in-hosiptal birth centre). With the first, I labored naked, with ablanket, in a hospital gown, in my own clothes. When it came time for him ot be born I put the gown back on because I got cold. As soon as he was out, I was in my own clothes. Mesh panties rock the casbah though. They hol dthose Wisconsin-sized pads very nicely My second birth I walked iin in my own robe, and was naked until hours after his birth. I wore a hospital gown for a short period because I was too lazy to dig out my own clothes and nobody was with me. I wore my own clothes after that. Mesh panties again rocked the casbah. Different pads though, still hugemongous. I'm down with cloth pads and all but I gotta say, there was definately someting nie about being able to throw them away. My third was born at home and I still loved my mesh panties Yet more different disposable pads and I sat on a towel panty-less a lot. Next time I think I'll just sit on a towel a lot more (you could do that in the hospital too, if you wanted)

Namaste, Tara
EmilyS's Avatar EmilyS 03:53 AM 08-19-2006
I really wanted to wear my own cloths but as soon as I got their they were like, "change you clothes!" I was bummed but honestly it was the last thing on my mind during labor. It was so awsome to take a shower and change into my clothes after birth though. My t-shirt and boxers never felt so good. I hated the knit panties. I just wore mine and stained them beyond recognition.
Pandora114's Avatar Pandora114 05:58 PM 08-19-2006
LOL Hubby asked me today what we were gonna do with the Bummi's super prints that no longer work.

I told him Umm I'm gonna put them in the super sexxy fishnet panties the midwife is gonna give me along with one of those ratty prefolds because my momma cloth isn't gonna be big enough to catch it all.

He's like "Sexy fishnet panties???? o.0"

I go 'you'll see" lol
wifeandmom's Avatar wifeandmom 07:54 PM 08-19-2006
Surely I can't be the only one who HATED those mesh panty things.

I wanted OUT of those things ASAP. They were just horribly uncomfortable.

I changed back into my own maternity panties (more like parachutes) when I got up about 3 hours after my section. I put in the obligatory elephant sized maxi pad provided by the very kind nurse, however by that evening, it was quite apparent that I simply was not bleeding....at all.

At that point (maybe 8 hours after delivery?), I put on a thin sized maxi pad for 'just in case', although I never did bleed, and was SO much more comfortable.

One thing both hospitals I delivered at had for vaginal delivery moms were these pads that had ice pack things built into them. You know the ice packs where you twist it to 'activate' the coldness? It was a plain maxi pad that you twisted and it was like a combination pad/ice pack. They said most moms fell in love with the things after delivery cause they were so soothing and helped with swelling and such tremendously. Might be something to ask about if you're delivering in a hospital that has them.

I think with childbirth, you should be prepared to use what they give you, especially if you are gushing blood everywhere those first hours after delivery. OR if you don't mind ruining your own clothes, wear your own stuff, but realize it may be the last time you wear those outfits/panties.

I certainly wouldn't want to buy a bunch of nice nursing sets and new panties to wear, even though I never bled the first time and spotted enough for a pantiliner for about 3 days the second time. Who knows what the next one will be like? I'd rather not figure out it'll be the one time I bleed like a stuck pig (much more common) while wearing my nice new nursing gowns, kwim?

On a funny note, my second 'scheduled' section didn't quite go as planned cause my water broke a couple of days early. Off we went to have baby with nothing but ourselves and the camera. I figured I'd send DH back home (less than a mile away) for stuff later that day.

So, by that evening, I desperately wanted to shower and put on my own clothes. I sent him to get 2 pairs of shorts, 2 t-shirts, several pair of panties, some socks, and my toiletries.

He comes back with all of this...only the two pairs of shorts he brought were BOTH white. Hello, honey, maybe another color would have been more appropriate?? Thank goodness I didn't do more than spot that time around either, otherwise I would have been very attractive looking.

Lesson learned was to specify 'no white pants/shorts' after delivery.
wonderwahine's Avatar wonderwahine 08:00 PM 08-19-2006
maybe because you had c-sections is why the mesh undies were uncomfy......I would assume they wouldnt sit nice on an incision.
Snowdrift's Avatar Snowdrift 08:10 PM 08-19-2006
I had a homebirth
It wasn't messy
I wore my own clothes
In fact, I wore my everyday skirt and my *very* expensive robe. Probably the most expensive article of clothing I own, it is a souvenir of our honeymoon b&b stay. It got a little stained. Hydrogen peroxide got it out, no problems.

I used infant sized CPFs and paper pads. Next time I will skip the paper pads: they caused me pain that wnet away as soon as I switched to soft CPF's.

ITA that the hospital wants you to wear thier garments to exert control over you and to deny you privacy and bodily integrity. Don't let them. Jmho.
bobandjess99's Avatar bobandjess99 09:23 PM 08-19-2006
i was nakey during the birth, but right up until she burst out of me, there was no mess...
so i could have labored the whole time in my wedding gown and not gotten anything on it..
when she came out, there was a gush of fluid and blood, and piles and piles of meconium (i joked to dh after that it looked like a doberman had taken a poo in our dining room! )

Of course, when i started to bleed out, i did not have the energy to move or even sit up, so i ended up laying right smack in the middle of the piles of blood and poo...not pretty. I then had to take a shower, well, okay, i laid in the bathtub, while water came down on me, lol, and then crawled/was carried by dh dh, to the bed, where i slept all night......

Stupid blood clotting disorder....were i "normal" i probably wouldn't have gotten anything on me, except my immediate vaginal area....which was nicely caught by the tarp/towels on the floor....but Nnnnooooooo, my stupid blood has to be missing a certain clotting factor....blah!
josybear's Avatar josybear 09:57 PM 08-19-2006
going into the birth planned on wearing my own clothes.
i also planned to have an unmedicated birth, have a waterbirth, go home a few hours after the birth, etc etc.
ds had other plans.
it turns out that i'm an incredibly messy birther. i managed to get blood in every little nook and cranny of the room. people driving by the place where i was labouring got blood on them and never figured out why. people thinking about me from other parts of the country got stained clothes.
i wore a gown for the birth and i didn't notice it, really. i was so focussed on the birth for the first part, and in a daze from blood loss for the second part. and if i'd worn my own clothes i would have wrecked them, no question about it.
after the birth and the huge tear i kept bleeding and bleeding and bleeding... i coud get blood all over something just by looking at it. they changed my sheets every couple of hours and my pad every hour. i stayed in the hospital for a week because of all the blood loss. i loved the mesh undies and hated the pads and the gowns. next time i'll bring my own shirt, but i'd rather bleed though their panties than mine. and the pads started giving me a rash where no rash should be almost right away, but i didn't feel like i had a choice, since i'm a sea sponge girl so i had no mama cloth hanging around asking to be bled on. next time i'll be smart and use an old towel.

you don't know if you'll be a heavy bleeder like me, a non bleeder like one of the pps or somewhere in the middle. keep an open mind and improvise as you go.
wifeandmom's Avatar wifeandmom 10:19 PM 08-19-2006
Originally Posted by romans_mum
maybe because you had c-sections is why the mesh undies were uncomfy......I would assume they wouldnt sit nice on an incision.
It wasn't my incision that was the problem though. Heck, my incision was covered for the first 24 hours both times, plus there was a nice...um....layer of maternal fat covering it anyway that it never gave me a moment's trouble. It was all cushioned down there under all the fat/tissue left.

It was more of the way they rubbed my butt and crotch area that was so annoying. Not painful or anything, just incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe it was the particular brand or maybe they were just too small or something.
wifeandmom's Avatar wifeandmom 10:20 PM 08-19-2006
Originally Posted by josybear
keep an open mind and improvise as you go.
Now there's a great piece of advice!
wonderwahine's Avatar wonderwahine 10:34 PM 08-19-2006
Originally Posted by wifeandmom
It wasn't my incision that was the problem though. Heck, my incision was covered for the first 24 hours both times, plus there was a nice...um....layer of maternal fat covering it anyway that it never gave me a moment's trouble. It was all cushioned down there under all the fat/tissue left.

It was more of the way they rubbed my butt and crotch area that was so annoying. Not painful or anything, just incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe it was the particular brand or maybe they were just too small or something.
ahh yeah, I was lucky my hospital had the sized ones, not the one size fits all (cause it can't no way a size 2 can wear the same thing as a size 26)
boscopup's Avatar boscopup 11:44 PM 08-19-2006
Since I was not planning to even birth in a hospital, when I went preterm, I wasn't prepared and just went with the hospital gowns. I was on bedrest the whole time I was there (until after delivery), so it really didn't matter whether the gowns covered anything or not, although the ones at my hospital actually weren't that bad - I think they wrapped around a bit and covered everything, but I'm not positive (it's been 2 years). And they gave me nursing gowns for afterward. Since I didn't have a robe, I had to double up on the nursing gowns when I went to visit DS in the NICU - otherwise I would have flashed everyone through those nursing holes! DH brought my clothes in the day I was discharged. My own clothes would have been nice for postpartum, but for labor, I really didn't care what I was wearing. And since I had NO nursing clothes, pumping was easier with the nursing gown.

Now the mesh panties... LOVED 'EM!!!! I stole some extras and wore them for about 2 days after I got home. They were SO comfortable! Alot more comfortable than my real panties. I also LOVED the ice pack pads. Those are the best! The regular humungo pads were very bulky, so I switched to regular sized pads when I got home. This time, I'll use cloth once I get past the ice pack pad stage, since wearing sposie pads for 3 weeks causes me to get diaper rash. I'm planning to birth outside the hospital this time (assuming I go full term), and I still want to get those mesh panties and the ice pack pads. They rocked! Really only needed the ice pack pads for about 24 hours maybe. I just had a first degree tear.
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