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I had an excellent (perfect) natural hospital birth.

I was risked out of the birth center I wanted to deliver at. The doctor I went with dealt primarily with high risk patients that were risked out of the birth center, but he was a low interventionist doctor, had a hatred of epidurals, and an 11% c/s rate including his repeats. He had an awful bedside manner but man did I adore him. He had an "of course you can" attitude about natural birth.

In the hospital, I was talked out of an epidural by two nurses in a row (I had back labor, and was extremely discouraged and frightened when I arrived at the hospital). They encouraged and supported me. I had two nurses assigned to me full time (they said because I was high risk), and they worked extremely well with my doula. My birth plan was respected and followed to a T.

They only checked me twice--once when I was admitted, and again when my water broke and I wanted to push. 6 hours passed in between these two events, and they were supposed to do a vaginal check minimum every 2 hours but they "forgot" (even though they were in the room for all six hours).

Intermittent monitoring followed by telemetry moitoring, and a hep lock were the only interventions. They were very respectful when performing these things--they would pause for contractions, etc.

My actually delivery ended up being almost unassisted, as she came out in two pushes. From the time they gave me permission to try to push through the lip and the time she was delivered was about 15 minutes, and I skipped contractions and "chose" not to push for some. There was no pressure. She went from +2 station to fully delivered in a single push, so they were caught off guard. My doula caught her head, and a CNM who was working as a L&D nurse ran in from the hallway and delivered her without gloves or assistance. My doctor arrived later to stitch me up. She was 9-9 and was born with her arm over her head, making her total head circumference quite large. I felt like superwoman when I was pushing her out!

After birth, I kept her and nursed for an hour before she was weighed. The cord was not cut until it stopped pulsing, and the atmosphere was relaxed and excited. We stayed in the hospital for 48 hours (they gave us the option to leave after 24), and I did not want to leave. We roomed in, of course, and breastfed constantly.

This was in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Pleasanton, CA. I sure wish I could deliver there again (we've moved). : What a wonderful, ideal experience it was!
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Originally Posted by Nanners View Post
I am a big proponent of homebirth, it just isn't for me and my family, just a personal preference. I have had 2 hospital births. The first was not what I wanted, so I made the decision that the second one would be, and it was. I was allowed to drink water freely in labor, had no interventions at all, pushed on my hands and knees, the cord had stopped pulsing before it was cut, my midwife and 1 nurse were the only attendants (other than dh and SIL), the baby was put immediately on my chest to nurse, and left there for nearly 2 hours before he was weighed, measured, etc. They did take him to the nursery, but waited until I was to the point that I could take him there myself, so we were not separated at all. He was never out of arm's reach during our whole stay, which was only 24 hrs. Nobody balked at that, either. I see very, very little anywhere about positive hospital birthing, and just wanted to share my experience!
Here in Norway, that is the norm, we all do it like that, more or less. Relatively intervention-free births, mom can descide a lot, and cord is not cut until after it stops pulsating. After, baby is placed directly on mom, even before cutting the cord, and left to nurse a while before cleanup (usually baby is cleaned same time as mom gets freshened up to leave the labour-room and go to maternityward).

All my 3 births were like that. But now, if i ever get pregnant again, I want a homebirth.

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subbing to come back and read this thread...I really want to read positive hospital stories, it's good to hear them! Most positive stories are homebirths/birth center births

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I had a fabulous hospital birth with DD and have chosen the same midwives/hospital for this baby. I just can't think of a reason not to, everything went so well. Plus insurance pays at the hospital...

I had no interventions, no monitering, no drugs, no arguements or problems. I was allowed to eat and drink, move freely, labor where desired. I only had two cervical checks- one when I arrived and one when I was ready to push. I almost delivered in the shower. The only intervention was the heploc/antibiotics for GBS. I waived all eye goop, etc. without any problems. DD never left my bedside except to get her picture taken. The m/w have a queen size bed in their room. DD and DH stayed with me and we all slept together. Food is orderd like room service (DH can order as well). My nurses were excellent, midwives fabulous! Quiet, not very busy hospital. Plenty of peace but help when needed.

My only complaint is the mandatory 48 hour hold for GBS+ moms. But it was nice to stay and be taken care of for about the first 42 of those hours

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Another awesome hospital birth here. No complaints at all.

The basics:

- midwife assisted
- labored at home for a long time (8cm dilated upon hospital arrival)
- no medical interventions
- labored with birthing ball, in shower
- nursed right away
- never separated from baby (co-slept)
- private room the whole time
- somebody else cleaned up the mess!

I can't imagine it would have gone any differently at home, except maybe for the mess part.
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I had a wonderful hospital birth with a scheduled c-section due to extensive prior uterine surgery. My OB is a fabulous guy. I had aromatherapy and Neil Young in the surgery. (Just the music, not the singer, though he certainly would've been welcome!) My baby was given to me and I nursed immediately. Dh held him to my chest and we had a while to bond together. He did have breathing problems, but they brought him into recovery with me in his little bubble thingy. Then he came directly into my room with me and dh and never left. The nurses were very nice, and very helpful with nursing. They didn't even give me any negativity about having had breast reduction. (I really expected them to claim I couldn't nurse--I had few problems took fenugreek and blessed thistle at a nurse's suggestion and was fine.) They never gave him formula or even suggested it. They were very supportive and I given that I'd always envisioned an all-natural homebirth it was about as good as a surgical birth could get.

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I also had a positive experience in the hospital with my ds2. I was induced (blood clotting disorder, previous stillbirth of ds1 and funky bloodwork) at 37 w 2d. My homebirth midwife has privileges at the hosp so she was there the entire time and that was key, I believe. One annoying nurse who wanted to be "in charge" got off duty 4 hrs after we got there and the next nurse who came on was wonderful, respectful and stayed in the background.
Intermittent monitoring, 2 VE's upon my request, aromatherapy, low lights, sitting in the shower and getting back rubs from dh and my mom- it was a very intimate experience for me/us. Of course, ds2 coming out ALIVE was the best part of it all. We checked out the next day- couldn't get any rest after the fact.
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I had a hospital birth with a midwife. It was a positive experience for me. I was induced with pitocin due to complications, but was allowed to eat, drink, walk around, use the jacuzzi, sit in the rocking chair, etc. I had to have fetal heart monitering once every 15 minutes because of the induction. I was very in control of what was going on (as much as I could be with an induction) and was only checked for dialation three times during my labor. (when I asked for IV narcotics, when I asked for an epidural, and when the baby was crowning) I was not permitted to get up (obiviously) or eat anything besides jello or clear fluids after I received the epidural. (I was about 7 CM when I got it) I had the help of two doulas, my best friend and my midwife. Pictures where taken at all stages of labor and during the actual birth. I caught my baby when she came out, held her on my chest while they did all the tests, cut her cord, and nursed her within a few minutes of birth. I would do it that way again in a heart beat. (minus the induction, those contractions are very painful):
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This is my first post here, this place is a bit intimidating, but this thread was calling my name!
My water broke at home at 37 weeks, man, we were so surprised and excited, I had actually just packed my bag a couple days before, so we packed our bag in the car, and we went off to the hospital.
I know some folks wait as long as they can to get to the hospital, but I was excited to get there, they had amazing showers there with these vibrating shower heads, and they were much nicer (and cleaner!) than our shower at home The rooms are also very comfy, and with beautiful views.

We got there around 9pm and they checked me into a triage room to see if my water had indeed broken (which it had) and then moved me into a delivery room. My first nurse was Shana (from Saskatoon) and she was really nice, and they watched to see if I had started contracting yet. Once it was determined that I wasn't really contracting they put me on pitocin. For the first couple hours, the contractions started, and DH would help me with breathing and relaxing and massages (he was WONDERFUL!)
At about 6am I was still only 4 cm dilated, and the contractions were about a minute and a half apart, and really painful. I had wanted to delay the epidural for as long as I could, but when the nurse said that they were “moderate” and that I still was only half way there I realized it was time for the epidural. The other benefit to having the epidural at that time was that the anesthesiologist that was on call at that time gave “good epidurals” because they were lower or half doses, so you could feel more, and he was off at 7am. It was a bit uncomfortable holding my back arched for so long, and still during the contractions, but it was sooo worth it! I still felt the contractions, but they didn’t hurt like they did before. This was probably around 7am when he finished. And my biggest fear about the epidural was not being able to feel my legs, but I could completely still feel my legs, they were really heavy, but I could move them around the bed a bit, and wiggle my toes and feel them, so that was great.
I was able to rest a bit, and call my family, and DH had a quick snooze.
At 10 – 10:30 I started to really feel the contractions again, and was worried that the epidural wasn’t working, but the nurse (now it was Stephanie, who was really great, and a wonderful support for me) said that it was just that I was getting to transition, and that I’d be pushing soon.
At 11am I started to push. When we started I remember looking at DH and he had started to get a bit teary, which completely made me tear up too. It was just amazing that we were about to become parents, and really made me focus and think about what was about to happen.
Stephanie suggested that we lower the dose of the epidural, so that I could better control where I was pushing. That was a great suggestion. I really did feel like I could concentrate more on the exact region to push, and there really wasn’t an increase in the pain. Pushing was a lot of work, but it was very rewarding, and not really painful. It would be painful to not push during the contractions; actually getting to push was a relief.
In my birthing class they told us about using focal points, and so I had brought to the hospital all these cute little things that I thought represented DH and my life, and what do I end up using as a focal point, the red “Wrong Way” sign that I could see outside my window. Worked great!!
I had a lovely CD that I had made up with “slow baby tunes”, and that was playing in the background. That was also a really wonderful thing for me to have, as I really did listen to it in the background in between pushing, and it helped to relax me. The nurse Stephanie even said that she loved the CD too, and so I gave it to her afterwards as a thank you.
After an hour of pushing, Dr. was in there with a resident, and a medical student, and they realized that DD was facing the wrong direction (“sunny side up”) so they had to turn her over.
(It was a lot of fun having a resident and one (sometimes two) medical students there for the birth, it was interesting to talk to them, and to listen in on them as they were quizzed by my OB, I think I heard more about what stages I was in because of their presence, and the science of birth is absolutely fascinating)
As I was closing in on the 2 hour of pushing mark, the nurse had heard Dr. talking about thinking about getting the forceps or vacuum ready to help out, which I didn’t want. So she told me and that gave me an extra bit of determination to get DD out soon. Her head was starting to crown, and the nurse called DH and told him to look over here, and I remember him looking at me and saying something along the lines of “ok baby, this is it, you really have to push now, she’s almost here” and that gave me an extra bit of energy. I remember thinking that he looked really excited/nervous/happy all at the same time, and I wanted to push hard to make him happy.
Our beautiful daughter was born at 1:16 pm on Thursday May 25th, and she was just perfect. She cried a bit, but not too much, and they placed her on my chest as they wiped her off a bit. DH and I just looked at her and told her how much we loved her, and it was really the most wonderful thing in the whole world. They eventually took her to the other side of the room so that they could check her out, and she did great. DH said she had her arms all over the place, and was really active. Her apgars were 8 and 9, and she was soon back to me all wrapped up in a blanket. She was very attentive, she would follow our voices as DH and I talked to her, we were fascinated by her. She was so calm, that she completely calmed us down too, and we were just in awe starting at her and learning how to nurse her.
The doctors continued to deliver my placenta, and sew me up (I had the episiotomy and a “second and a half” degree tear) and collected DD's cord blood to be donated (they say they got a really great collection, way to go DD!) I was completely oblivious to all this, we just couldn’t take our eyes off our beautiful new baby girl.
After about a half an hour he doctors had finished with me, and at about an hour after her birth they wanted to take DD to the nursery to weigh her and check her out. DH went with her, and she once again did perfect. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 3.4 ounces, and was I think 19 inches long (although DH said the nurse said “probably more like 18 but with her cone head she’s 19 now!)
At some point they moved us out of the delivery room, and into the post partum room where we stayed for the next two nights. DD was with us most of the time, except when they needed to check her weight and vitals, and for two times when I needed to get an hour sleep or so.
We were discharged on Saturday, with both her pediatrician, my OB, and all the nurses commenting on how perfect and beautiful she is. We are very lucky parents, she was a dream the whole time we were in the hospital, and she’s been a dream baby ever since we got home two days ago. We are so in love with our beautiful little girl.

I went into the whole labor process with some, but not many expectations. I wanted to wait as long as I could for an epidural, if I indeed needed it, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to have pitocin, and I was nervous about the episiotomy, and was hoping against vacuums or tongs or a section.

I loved my birth experience, and without knowing it ahead of time, it was exactly how I wanted it. I was in charge. The pitocin was unfortunate, but because my water had broken and they wanted to start the contractions, I was totally fine with it, and it ended up not being a big deal at all.
I was really happy to have time without the epidural, because I got to try out my birthing ball (which was fun), and got to practice breathing with my husband (which really was a bonding experience for us), and got to ‘feel’ what I’ve been thinking about for all these months. But when I was ready for the epidural, I was really ready for it. I was ready to stay in bed because of it, I was ready for the catheter that you have to get because of it (how awesome is the catheter really, after all these months peeing every two minutes it was fun to not have to worry about that!) It was the complete right decision for me. I got to rest before pushing, but I still felt contractions, and felt the process.
I loved my birth experience, I really felt comfortable with the people who were in the room with us, but in all honesty, there could have been 10 more strangers in there and I wouldn’t have cared. All I cared about was that my husband was there by my side telling me to push for two hours, holding my legs up, wiping my forehead, and telling me he loved me. I loved my birth experience.
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I was very happy with my second hospital birth. I went in knowing what I wanted, brought 2 girlfriends, a doula, and my dh with me to be my advocates and support people. It was really a great birth.

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My birth was in a birth center attached to a hospital. It was midwife assisted, I labored in the tub most of the night (did not birth there, but I could have). I was monitored once for 10min. when I first arrived and the rest of the time was just checked with a hand held. Could eat and drink anything I wanted (didn't eat, but could have). After the birth my son was placed on me with the cord still attached. Also, everything was done in the room; labor, delivery, recovery, all the babies weighing and measuring etc. He never left me the whole time I was there. Plus a great bonus, the hospital offered a 'special meal' the day after the birth. I had lobster..and it was really good! )
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My first birth in a hospital was awful.. ended in c/s.

My second birth in a different hospital was AWESOME. It was my VBAC and looking back, there is very little that I would change (like I had a hep-lock because I didn't want an IV- next time I won't even have a hep-lock). I had awesome midwives and they really respected our wishes. The nurses were awesome and sooo helpful with breastfeeding. Many of them were also doulas. The hospital room had a jacuzzi tub to labor in and aromatherapy kits & a telemetry unit so that we could check on baby every once in a while and I didn't have to be in bed for that to happen.
They brought us a menu and DH and I were able to order our meals for the next two days.. it was a peaceful time and we were able to really rest and relax. It was great

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