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coobabysmom's Avatar coobabysmom 01:50 AM 09-27-2006
open, open, open which I silently repeated...

nmm2112's Avatar nmm2112 01:56 AM 09-27-2006
Originally Posted by lizabird View Post
I don't remember thinking much of anything other than just living in each moment. Here's another one, time to relax, here's another one, time to relax. I was just really inside myself and not thinking about anything except moment to moment.
That's exactly what I was doing too!

ANd it worked REALLY well! 4hour EASY labor : (as close to painless as you can get!)
AllisonR's Avatar AllisonR 11:33 AM 09-27-2006
"I want to die. Let me die. No, no, no...."
Hoping this time goes a bit (A LOT) better. I like "Open" as my 2 year old says that a lot, and it expresses what I should be doing. I also like "loose" and "Loose mouth equals loose bottom" because it reminds me of Ina May and makes me laugh.
Lkg4dmcrc's Avatar Lkg4dmcrc 12:28 PM 09-27-2006
I kept repeating- "it's only one day in your life- you can do anything for one day"...well three days later it wasn't working too well for me! Next time, it will be "my body and mind are to do nothing but relax until pushing! (Even if that takes an entire week!)"
Mommy's Groove's Avatar Mommy's Groove 06:24 PM 09-27-2006
The mantra going through my head and off my lips with every contraction was "OPEN, OPEN, OPEN". That was with #1. With number two it was "this is fast, FAST, FAST!". I'd recommend the first highly and the second only in case of very rapid contractions!! Go with the energy!!
kathirynne's Avatar kathirynne 06:25 PM 09-27-2006
Mine (with all 4 births) was "This, too, shall pass." (And it did! )
lizabird's Avatar lizabird 07:09 PM 09-27-2006
Originally Posted by Qerratsmom View Post
with ds it was "one fish two fish red fish blue fish, one fish two fish, red fish blue fish" over and over.

elmh23's Avatar elmh23 07:53 PM 09-27-2006
There is a great joy at the end of this and it's worth it.
dirtgirl's Avatar dirtgirl 09:57 PM 09-27-2006
Fun question!

During my first labor, I kept thinking "surrender" and "what can I let go of".

During my most recent labor, I kept thinking "I'm melting!" with each contraction. It wasn't planned, but my dd is obsessed with The Wizard of Oz and after I got over the silies, it really helped me to relax.
Synchro246's Avatar Synchro246 01:34 AM 09-28-2006
I didn't dialate any until I found visualizing the cervix and uterus during contractions saying, in a very even and low tone, "my uterus is tightening upword. . .pulling my cervix open over the baby's head. . .it's opening. . .now my uterus is resting" ANd I would say roughly the same thing over and over.

Before that I was in labor for like 2.5 days and was still 3m. After I started that I delivered within hours.

I am so revisiting it again.
molive's Avatar molive 08:16 PM 09-29-2006
"Head, shoulders, knees and toes...knees and toes, eyes and ears and a mouth and a nose"-- in my head for the last 17 hours or so.
Miajean's Avatar Miajean 09:44 AM 09-30-2006
I had a diffcult labor, at least everyone tells me so. I had an overtired uterus after 72 + hrs of mild contractions but strong enough to wear me down. I had no meds, I had Pitocin when I asked for it. I never dialated past 6cm maybe 7. I halted for over thirty hrs. Since my girlie was never in distress I was allowed to try that much longer. I had a c section. My husband stayed outside while my doula was with me.

Everyone says it seemed hard. I only cried when I knew it would be a c section if I didn't dialte within another ten hours (they only wanted me to go 2 cm within ten hours and it never happened) because I was frustrated with myself.

I remember the whole time I talked, walked, listened to music and my mantra was "just keep swimming just keep swimming"

I still get shocked looks when I tell people I had a great birth, I had the best experience, I had good people who truely allowed me to try and do what I needed and then assisted when I aquienced to thier help.

but I had a happy go lucky catch p[hrase and good people around me...
Quagmire's Avatar Quagmire 03:43 PM 09-30-2006
Originally Posted by MikoMum View Post
Open! Open! I also envisioned a flower unfurling it's petals. It was a great image to have in my head, corny but effective.
This plus picturing the babe moving down the birth canal... very effective for staving off the feeling of needing to escape from one's body
EastonsMom's Avatar EastonsMom 04:02 PM 09-30-2006
This is going to sound nutty but... The sound of a horse galloping and the Moby song Everloving. ( Might have seen Seabisciut one two many times ) But I have loved this song sice HS and it has always been what I listen to to 'chill' out when I really need it the most. Horses have been my thing forever and the combanation of the two REALLY got me through.
ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 04:33 PM 09-30-2006
Push it out, shove it out, WAAAAY out!
just kidding...

Actually, I think I kept saying "open" and "lower" in my mind. During crowning, "Ring of Fire" was in my head, which I found pretty amusing, even at the time.
EastonsMom's Avatar EastonsMom 06:47 PM 09-30-2006
Originally Posted by ecoteat View Post
During crowning, "Ring of Fire" was in my head, which I found pretty amusing, even at the time.
Me too
Jade2561's Avatar Jade2561 01:12 AM 10-01-2006
Purposeful, Anticipated, Intermittent, Normal. It's how I describe the pain of labor in childbirth classes.
JayGee's Avatar JayGee 10:27 AM 10-01-2006
I was humming and singing, "Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King" (a song from church) during all of transition and pushing.
GuavaLava's Avatar GuavaLava 11:38 AM 10-01-2006
I lurk here and I think this thread was responsible for waking me at 2am. I woke up thinking, "this one goes to 11," and how funny (or NOT) it would be to chant that during labor. I don't even like Spinal Tap.
earthmamma's Avatar earthmamma 03:53 PM 10-02-2006
I didn't have a mantra but a visualization. I would close my eyes and picture a baby's head emerging from a mandala or a flower and tell myself to open.
avaylee's Avatar avaylee 04:14 PM 10-02-2006
What a wonderful thread, full of great ideas!

Love the Spinal Tap reference... I can see DH making it through it with that.
Cherie012's Avatar Cherie012 05:08 PM 10-02-2006
ROFLO, once my active labor hit ( I prodromaled for 5 weeks and got to 7 before I actually had "labor") I would say "just one minute. one minute to break. one minute to relax. One minute." and, for some reason, it helped me. I knew I had one minute between surges, and that one minute was a LONG one minute of pain free bliss.

Oh, and I shouted "RING OF FIRE" as soon as she crowned. The room was amused.
mntnmom's Avatar mntnmom 10:21 PM 10-02-2006
Originally Posted by ecoteat View Post
Push it out, shove it out, WAAAAY out!
That's DH's joke about his place in chilbirth....he feels like a cheerleader. Thankfully he's aware enough to not start chanting while I'm actually in labor!!

My mantra was just "It's almost over, and I'll have my baby"
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