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This is what I dreamed last night It was SO real. I dreamed that my husband and I were in bed and we were planning on doing a HB but the midwife didn't make it in time. In my dream I was so calm and just quietly gave birth to the first baby right there in our bed in the dark of the night. There was no pain, just this quiet calm. DH reached to catch the placenta and found that it was actually another baby. We had a boy and a girl And we were so happy! I woke up disappointed that it wasn't real When I told my mom that I had dreamed this she said "Oh my gosh, I dreamed that I was pregnant... but maybe it was suppose to be you!" (My mother who is known for her prophetic dreams!) I know I'm not pregnant but it gives me so much hope for the homebirth I want one day.

Guess I need to lay off reading so many childbirth books, my doula reading is seeping into my subconscious!

It was a wonderful dream though....


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Cute dream. I hope it comes true for you... but not TOO soon.

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ooh, that's a GREAT dream!

Here just last night, I had a similar dream. I dreamt that I came back from the hospital (I've only had homebirthed babies fyi) and told my mom & DH that I just couldn't have my babies there. I was just tired of their treatment. Then, I gave birth standing up to my first baby. It was a nice big boy. My mom just kept laughing saying, "I KNEW you'd have a UC!" She was so giddy! Then, I ran the bath hoping to take a bath with my new son while I waited for my other baby to arrive. Before I could get the water just right I had to hand off my big newborn son to my mom while I stood up & pushed out the next baby. It was a little girl, but her toes here malformed. For the first time the whole births I got scared. Then, POOF! a trusted MW appears and says, "Oh, that's no big deal. My daughter had the same thing. Just hug your new baby, worry about her toes later."

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i just keep giving birth to myself in my dreams.

it's pretty fascinating. i've not come out as a twin though.
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Cool dream!

I am a twin! I've always wanted twins myself but there's just one I am growing right now

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I think twins would be great! My mom is a twin.

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