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Whenever I hear homebirth stories mom always says "I jumped up and just hopped in the shower, no pain!" I birthed in the hospital (no tear, no episiotomy) and was attached to all kinds of machines so getting out of bed the first time was a major production which I put off for almost 8 hours until they took everything out of me.

How long was it before you were walking comfortably, getting up and down and such? Hospital or homebirthers.

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my first was a hospital birth and I was up walking about 1 hour afterwards.
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Usually w/i an hour. Depending on how long it took for the placenta to come out. During my hospital birth I had to wait for my epidural to wear off.

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Both of my births I was up and walking within half an hour or so. My first, at a FSBC, I delivered in a bed so I hung out there for awhile until I was ready to shower... we nursed, I had a snack first. It was probably more like an hour, now that I think about it. My second, at home, I delivered in a pool, and after I delivered the placenta (fairly quickly) I got up so I could get out of the cooling water and be more comfortable. That was certainly within half an hour. Both times I was slightly shaky and moved slow for a bit but felt great very quickly, and within an hour or two of getting up I felt more or less normal again.
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Um... walking a bit in about 10 minutes. Walked upstairs after about half an hour or 45 min. Then took a needed nap Walked around after the nap...

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I insisted on getting up and taking a shower with my second a half an hr after WITH an epidural, just had to have the catheter removed...could I feel my legs?? nope...but my water had been broken for over 24 hours and I just reeeeaally wanted to wash off
my husband helped me into the shower then brought dd in the bathroom in the bassinet with him once I was seated in the extra huge shower
after the epidural wore off (about another hr?) I was up and about with no problems..but I had no tears and just couldnt get over how lightweight I felt!

my first it was about an hr after but I had been stadol-ed out of my brain for that labor and had no idea I had had a monster episiotomy...the light weight feeling after still carried me through tho and I was moving around quite a really hurt to sit though and I didnt know why until about three weeks later when I got curious with a mirror to check out the damage so to speak
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First birth, in a hospital with epi, I was out for about 2 hrs after the birth. I did not actually get up and walk until later in the morning.

Second, also with epi in a hospital. I was on my back for several hours because of spinal fluid leakage. Also got a rip-roaring headache from hell. Ended up having a blood patch procedure to get rid of it.

Third, no meds, nothing. Still at a hospital. Got up about an hour or so after the birth and walked to my post-birth room. Baby was more alert too.

I would never do a homebirth, although I am not against it. It just wasn't right for me and DH would have never agreed to it. However, I am glad that I had no meds the last time. What a difference.
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As soon as the placenta came away i went and had a bath, with dd1 +dd2 i was up and dressed about an hour after

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had a hb and was up probably an hour later taking a shower...but i didn't do too much walking for the first two days or so... my back was sore from a long labor where i didn't lay down much.

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My first was a hospital birth with epi and I was walking a couple of hours after birth, but with quite a lot of discomfort and terrible back spasms.

My second was a hospital birth with no pain meds and I was walking without any discomfort within an hour of his birth. I could have been up sooner but I wanted to snuggle my little guy and nurse. Everyone who I saw over the next couple of days was amazed when they saw me. I had so many comments about how I did not look like I had just given birth. And I didn't feel like I had either, aside from the poochy tummy and the precious babe nursing at my very full breasts.

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I birthed at home in a birthing pool, and while I didn't WANT to, I got up out of the tub pretty much right away, with a lot of help. Then I had a great deal of exercise trying to get the placenta out - 3 hours of going up and down stairs, squatting on a birthing stool, squatting on the toilet - ugh. Then we went to the ER to get me stitched up. I felt a little wobbly, but ok. Then went to bed, and the next day I felt ok, and the day after that I was all dressed and everything.

Then 10 days later I couldn't get out of bed......

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Dd was in the hospital... I think it was probably about 30 or 45 minutes, mainly because I had no need to get up before then. People kept bringing me food, whatever.

Ds was at home... Let's see. We were in the water for about five minutes before the placenta detached and subsequently plopped out, turning the water nice and red, plus he was getting cold (despite what everyone else said, *I* knew he was cold!), so we got up and walked to the bedroom probably 7, 8 minutes after.

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As soon as the placenta was out and the baby had nursed a bit.

With my first I went to the hospital to get stitched up came back home RAN into the house to change my clothes and then we went to the store to get maple bars I was really sore as in it would take me 20 mintues to get off the couch for about 2 weeks after. Walking was fine.

Second, very minimal soreness, what soreness I did have was my tailbone from having sat to long in the bathtub after birth, was up right away felt great.

Third, never felt like I had had a baby, no soreness nothing except a newborn in my arms.

Am curious to see what the 4th will be like.
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Had a hospital birth, no drugs and was walking within the hour. However I did feel like I was walking like a cowboy and my tailbone was quite sore. Actually, the muscles in my entire body were sore, kinda like I had run a marathon, other than that felt great just very tired.
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Almost 24hr unassisted. : I had a hospital birth, no meds or even an IV until afterward when my plecenta would not come out easlily. Mymidwife guessed that I lost about 2x or more blood then normal so I had the spinns. Felt like my legs were jello and the room was spinning when I stood up so I needed my hubbie or a nurse to help me. :


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DD1 was a hospital birth, I nursed her for 30 minutes right when she was born, and then hopped in the shower.

DD2 was a HB and I was walking around getting dressed, putting clothes on her, within 30 minutes. And no soreness. :

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I had a hospital birth. It was far from natural. I walked within minutes. I wasn't even sore. I felt like I had rough sex, thats all.
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I don't remember with my first

My second I walked to switch beds 10 min after he was born, but he was a preemie, and I think I was in a super state of shock because I didn't go down to the nursery to see him until 3 hours later (i'm not sure why the nurses didn't help or encourage me? )

my third I was in the shower about 30 minutes after he was born.

My fourth, the took away to the nursery to monitor her before the placenta came out, and I got up and followed. Only to be stopped by the nurses who Insisted I was going to pass out (I felt fine) so I did give birth to the placenta and then I was up for the rest of the day (with no sleep) till they gave her back

sorry they were all hospital births with varying degrees of intervention (pit for 1 and 3) no narcotics or pain meds for any of them
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hosp birth here. i woke up within an hour, went to pee and took a shower. i was far from fine but it was manageable.

Liv, SAHM of 3 kiddos 





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After 24 hours, and then with assistance. I walked like an old lady, kind of bent over for about 2 days. I had a c-section, of course. People tell me this is great achievement after having abdominal surgery! Hopefully I'll VBAC this time and I can be doing the vacuuming within a couple of hours!!!
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I was up as soon as the placenta was delivered and my tear was stiched up.
HOspital birth here.
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I walked with help to the bed within an hour of giving birth with both homebirthed children. I walked on my own after that, but I had to do it slowly and it wasn't very comfortable. I walked comfortably 3 days later, but took it easy for a couple weeks. I had some slight perineal tearing with both kids.
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I had a homebirth but also hemmoraged horribly. I was on complete bedrest, not even able to get up to pee for 24 hours. My midwife came by the next evening and said I could get up to take a short shower that was 24 hours later. . . um no I couldn't, I couldn't stand up for more than 2 minutes without getting really really dizzy and tired.

HOWEVER, all that was from blood loss and not due to pain. I was a little sore but I don't think it would have kept me from walking around. If I don't hemmorage on my next birth I assume I'll be walking around within an hour if I want.
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Well we went home from the birth center after about 3 hours. I had a bad tear and stitches so I couldn't sit for awhile, pretty much all I did was lie down or stand up for a few weeks. I had a long recovery, DB had to help me a lot.

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With my 3rd birth, a homebirth with no tearing, I was up and walking about within the first hour after giving birth.

~~Kristina~~ Mama to DS(10/30/01), DD1(VBAC 3/28/04) and DD2(HBAC 5/21/06)
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with my hospital birth, i remember walking around in the evening, she was born at 2 pm.

my home birth, i had to get up and out of the tub for placenta delivery, then walked to the bedroom. about 2.5 hours after birth went downstairs and had supper.
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With dd in hospital natural vaginal birth. I was up within the hour. I walked to the bathroom with 2 nurses 1 in back 1 in front holding up the chux pad to keep the blood off the floor, sat on the toilet to get cleaned up.

With ds in birth center natural vaginal birth. I was up within the first hour as well. This time tho with 1 nurse me and her holding the chux and I had to clean myself up again on the toilet I was home with him 6 hours later. Hour drive back to the house with a stop for gas on the way not the funniest ride of my life but OMG it was so good to be home.

Both times I was moving around like normal by the next day just had to be careful how hard I sat down

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Second birth (UC) -- immediately. Well, immediately I was doing some light resus, then got back in (walked to) the hot tub to try to comfort him, then got out of the hot tub and tried to nurse him on the air mattress, then walked through the house to the bathroom to birth the placenta, then took a short mostly splash off bath, then got in bed for a little while to chill. I also wasn't swollen or anything like that.
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With all 3 I took a shower/herbal bath maybe 5-10 min after placenta was delivered.
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DD#1: c-section. After recovery, I was given a room and shortly thereafter they said I needed to walk to speed my recovery. I thought "No way!" but gave it a try. Man it hurt. I was slow and all bent over for several days. A lot better by the next week

DD#2: hospital VBAC and I tried to get out of bed right afterwards but felt faint so laid back down. They brought me to my room in a wheelchair. Shortly thereafter I needed to pee really bad and braced myself for the pain of getting out of bed and going over to the toilet. There was no pain! It was so much easier to get out of bed, walk, pee, I was practically high from the joy!
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