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With my first (13 hours of back labor), I felt amazing. I was wide awake and in awe od what I just did. I kept saying 'I DID it!' and was so proud that I had done it med free. I was on a huge high and couldn't sleep for more than 12 hours.

With my second (5 hours, no back labor, waterbirth), I was thrilled he was here, but very hungry and very tired. He came at 11:15 pm and I was wiped out within 2 hours of his birth. I wanted him in bed with me, but I was all shaky and was afraid I would drop him, so he slept in the bassinet right next to my bed. After a bit of sleep, I felt amazing!

Baking mama to dd (7.5), ds (6), ds (3.5) and someone new in April
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Very empty. That was what I noticed first. And then very, very empty after I delivered the placenta. I felt awesome, and bewildered. It was a hospital birth -- I've had homebirths since then. I didn't like being in the hospital, but they all left us alone after I was stitched up and stuff, and that was a wonderful time. We cuddled and tried nursing and it didn't feel nearly as awkward as I worried it might.

After we left the delivery room and they took him to the nursery for no reason, though, things weren't so sunshine-and-lollipops, though. :

Mom to DS(14), DS(12), DD(9), DS(6), DS (4), and DS(2)  


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i felt HUNGRY, like ravenous. i was consumed with it. i went home and ordered a huge pizza
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This is really interesting. I remember having more emotions about the actual birth than the baby! I felt so immensely proud of myself and I did also feel a little sorry for myself at the same time! Physically I felt unwell, I was really shaky and my BP was very low. I held and nursed the baby for a while immediately after but I distinctly remember feeling unfamiliar with him and when my mw took him for a minute to do his physical I didn't even notice/care. It was a lot different than I pictured it in my mind.

Mom to a bright & energetic 6 y.o. boy  blahblah.gif   With my sweetie for 10 years now  blowkiss.gif  Registered nurse  caffix.gif

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"Yay it's done and I did it! Surprised with the realization my son was finally there and real and that he was so heavy. Wow he's beautiful. Look, DH, look what we made! U/S was right, he's male right? Yep, hi, your name is Pherson, hi Pherson! Ooooo squishy placenta, wow that feels better to have everything out. In fact, I feel really good! DS is so beautiful! Wanna nurse? Hmmm, I'm naked. Yes a blanket would be nice, thank you, and an ice pack for the swelling. Let's call everybody!"
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Wide awake

Midwife (CPM, LDM) and homeschooling mama to:
14yo ds   11yo dd  9yo ds and 7yo ds and 2yo ds  
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Two CNM-attended hospital births with water labors:

With my first: "It's a real live baby!" (post-miscarriage pregnancy)
Wow, that was AWESOME!
I felt AMAZING - hopped up on endorphins. Euphoric describes it perfectly!
I was starving hungry. Snarfed down a dinner tray with DS latched on for his first nursing. Then snarfed the labor snacks that I hadn't felt like eating.
I had to pee like a racehorse.
I couldn't stop staring at DS. I couldn't sleep because I kept checking out bits of him.

WIth my second:
Dayum, what was THAT!? (had a FER, went from 5cm to birth VERY quickly)
Oh, so THAT was the ring of fire! (no pushing meant tissues weren't numbed up)
I had a 10-pound baby? Wow! Where was she hiding all that extra mass? Are you sure?
Wow, check out how fast she latched! She's already a better nurser than her brother (this turned out to be totally true, long-term).
Gotta Pee! No, gotta eat! No, really gotta pee! Hey, can I take this sandwich into the bathroom? And can you get me another one? What about some toast? Juice? Sure!
Eew, I didn't bleed that much when I got up after DS.... blech....
Sleepy. DD was born at 3am and I hadn't slept the night before. Just wanted to curl up and nurse (and did so).
Still couldn't stop looking at DD. Tried to figure out how much she looked like her brother did when freshly squeezed.

savithny, 42 year old moderate mom to DS Primo (age 12) and DD Secunda (age 9).

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Well mine were both c/s which wasnt the question ... but

After #1 - c/s after 33 hours of induced labor. All I felt was exhaustion and hunger. And I wanted my baby which I did not get for 4 hours and then only for 5 minutes.

After #2 - c/s at 42w due to BPP findings and no labor. euphoric to meet my sweet baby girl. hungry and nauseous at the same time.

I hope to answer the question asked after this baby is born!
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Thank goodness it's over and he's out

Just complete relief from all the pain. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being little pain and 10 being the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced, it went from 10 when i was pushing to 1 after he came out.

He was SO worth everything I just went through, days of prodromal labor etc

Shock that I had dealt with that much pain

Is he crying? Oh good, he's okay

So grateful that the hospital staff was so great about putting him on my chest after he was born, not seperating us and respecting our wishes. relief that I had avoided unneccesary interventions or any of the other things I had been stressed out about with a hospital birth.
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Both times were unmedicated except while I was sewed up after tearing.

I felt:

euphoric-- not because I did it without drugs, just because I did it!

relieved-- healthy baby

self-centered-- I felt like I REALLY deserved a break. (At no other time in my life have I felt so justified.) I had no problem with DH being the one to care for the DC.

dread-- I HATEHATEHATE getting the placenta out. It's so anti-climactic. It was also surprising the first time . . .I was like, "I have to do what now? But I thought I was done!"

 2/02, 4/05, 2/07, 11/09, and EDD 12/25/11 wave.gif



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What's on your list? (and it'd be great to note the length of your labor, it might make a difference)

I labored at home for a long time and had water birth baby 1 hr 15 min after arriving at birth center. I felt like "I never want to do that again" and "wow, that was totally AMAZING!!!"

Mom of (11/27/03) and (9/29/06).
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Originally Posted by kerikadi View Post
Euphoric :
Woozy when standing :
Amazed :
Shocked - when #3 was a girl
Blessed :
I also felt very close to my DH

Almost exactly what Keri said I had to edit a few things (I have only had 3 kids!)

After all 3 of my births, all in hospital, all totally different, I have felt like One Million Dollars, baby. That being said...never been stitched...or forcep-d...or I'm lucky.
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Happy it went "my" way.
Pleased I stood my ground about no epi.
Incredibly in love with DH.
Amazed, truly amazed, at genetics and biology and nature and all that's ability to make someone so beautiful and perfect.
Awed by baby's ability to hold her head up (though wobbly) and how intense she was staring at us/me.
Surprised and giggly that she wanted to crawl across me to get to a boob - I didn't remember what I had read somewhere about newbors doing that instinctively.
Truly amazed at what my body had done and at her little body and face.

2 hour labor start to finish - very intense.
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after my first (induced 24hrs, maxed out pit, AROM, stadol, epidural):

Is he out?

Did he fall on the floor?

Is he ok?

Why aren't they putting him on my chest?

What is going on?

Is he ok?

Can I hold him now? (nothing was wrong with him)

30 minutes later I finally hold him - Pure Joy

How do I nurse him?

Finally - HUNGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After my second birth (all natural - labored for almost 3 days):

Is he ok?

Scared to death that he isn't ok (was being rescusitated)

Finally get to hold him - PURE JOY!!!!

I can't wait to do this again!!!!

Then the rest of the focus goes to how to get the staff off my back so I can establish nursing before his mandatory nursery stay

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MOstly complete and utter exhaustion. I want to sleep now. I need to have my baby and I don't want anybody messing with him/mama bear instinct (although I didn't feel the instant love or bond- it was very gradual, not really until the ppd got better at 6 mo). I just wanted to be done with everything and rest.

OH, the birth was drug/intervention free at the hospital. I didn't even get there until I was an 8/9, but had already been going at it a while. Actually the nurses weren't even bother me, but I just felt the need for privacy. A huge big reason why we are doing a homebirth- not because of the birth itself, but trying to recover with strangers asking if you went pee yet and 5000 visitors- having a baby at 8:30 am, is about the worst time possible. I had already been up for 2 nights, then had visitors until 10:30 p, with the nurse in at 12a, and who ever sleeps in a hospital anyway.

Happily Married to my : 11 yrs- Mama to wild-eyed monkey boy 7-04, fiery little girl 4-07, and the happy smiley baby that sleeps 11-09!
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It was complete euphoria. I felt great, on top of the world, like I could run a million marathons (holding my baby, of course!). I felt like "I could SO do this again!" and felt so good that I had experienced the whole thing, no drugs. Ya know, "no pain, no gain"?

Only afterwards did I process and remember all of the traumas and annoyances, and realize that it wasn't quite my ideal birth...

Loads of blessings, and learning on the job.

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I was so amazed that I actually had my baby at home. I had never doubted that I could do it, but I was just in awe that it actually happened. I remember thinking that it wasn't so bad, not nearly as bad as I had been expecting. I wasn't tired, and I was also surprised how normal I felt. I ended up taking a nap, and then dh made me dinner.
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in awe
spiritually connected
in love
glad that it was over...


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I felt great, bouncing off the walls. With the first two I just wanted to go home. 3rd was harsh and I slept for days, but that was unusual (I hemorrhaged and almost died). 4th was born at home and I went to the mall 8 hours later .

Cari-mama to Eriq, Lile, Paikea, Kaidyn, and Mieke is here!! 2/9/10
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