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Al Dente's Avatar Al Dente 01:25 PM 04-11-2007
Mine was necessary. 43 wks, heart rate dropping every day, transverse breech until 41 wks, cervix never thinned or dialated, not engaged whatsoever. He was lodged between my hip bone and ribs, no room to maneuver at all...would've died if I hadn't given up my ideal of a natural birth.

georgia's Avatar georgia 01:43 PM 04-11-2007
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Turkish Kate's Avatar Turkish Kate 08:43 AM 04-12-2007
Unfortunately, yes, it was necessary. After 80 hours of labor at home (hands and knees, shower, pool, birth ball, pulling, pushing, squatting, kneeling, you-name-it), my cervix had not effaced or dilated one bit. Apparently one too many surgeries for cervical dysplasia did the trick.
mkmama 10:35 AM 04-12-2007
As disappointed as I was having a c-s after going 27 hours naturally, i guess it was necessary. i didn't know what to write at first. Baby's heartrate dropped to 80bpm and my body was totally worn out. 9.5 cm but i had no more strength to push (long story) and the baby was stressed (midwive had had me push at 9cm telling me i was 10...his head caved in from ramming on my bone and he was distressed). Sometimes i felt like i was just so close no drugs all natural, why did i have to have a csection? BUT, i never would have forgiven myself. i don't think the doctors wanted to deal with me and help me finish it off, but i think i made the best choice, and we are both healthy and happy.
AugustLia23's Avatar AugustLia23 04:11 PM 04-12-2007
Thanks for all the responses mammas, very informative.
kbstanley3's Avatar kbstanley3 04:57 PM 04-12-2007
Yes, my c-sec, which I had a week and two days ago, was necessary (unfortunately). I labored for three days and finally dilated to 10, pushed for 3 1/2 hours befor they realized my pelvic bones were too small for him to fit through (she literally had her hand up there feeling his head for 30 minutes). Also, after he was born, they realized he was actually sunny side up. If he would have been turned the right way, I probably could have given birth to him vaginally. Unfortunately, no one realized he was turned the wrong way (even when she had her hand up there!). If they would've realized it sooner (before he was stuck) they probably could have manually turned him. But since no one did, my c-section was necessary. I wasn't given a choice at that point.
LiLStar's Avatar LiLStar 05:03 PM 04-12-2007
kbstanley, that sounds exactly like my birth story. only my midwife could feel that she was posterior. And she DID try to spin her around and she didn't wanna budge. My midwife described it like, with some people, the baby's head fits through the pelvic bones like a key fits into a lock. If its not turned *just right* its simply not happening. I sure like that explanation better than "the baby is too big" or "your pelvis is too small for a vaginal birth"
pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 04:26 AM 04-13-2007
Originally Posted by LiLStar View Post
My midwife described it like, with some people, the baby's head fits through the pelvic bones like a key fits into a lock. If its not turned *just right* its simply not happening. I sure like that explanation better than "the baby is too big" or "your pelvis is too small for a vaginal birth"
I would completely agree with you here. I think your mw's explanation accurately addresses your situation at the time, but w/out making you feel like anything was "broken" or "too small" as so many women often feel when given the other explanation. a big "way to go" to your mw!
ericswifey27's Avatar ericswifey27 05:50 AM 04-13-2007
Mine was definitely NOT neccessary. I was lied to by the doctors and staff, scared into having a csection with the "your baby's in distress" line, oh and "you're not progressing" among other things. Got the records. We were both totally healthy. I was progressing, in spite of the situation. They just didn't want to wait around any longer until I was ready, had to get to their holiday parties...

Bottom line, I had the wool pulled over my eyes. It's actually made me stronger and I have learned so much...but I can't say I would do it again if I were able to choose.
sonrisaa29's Avatar sonrisaa29 03:47 PM 04-13-2007
i was induced 2 weeks early as there was too much amniotic fluid and then my baby's heartbeat dropped considerably and required a c-section.
katytheprincess2's Avatar katytheprincess2 09:59 PM 04-13-2007
Short answer NO!!!

My first child was a very quick very easy vaginal delivery with no meds or interventions.
My second child was frank breech. My water broke and I was already 6 CM + when I arrived at the hospital and there is no doubt in my mind that I could have delivered my 5#13 oz breech boy with no problems but the hospital wouldn't allow it.
My third child was a scheduled C-Section because at 35 weeks I was informed that my MW/OB office would no longer be allowing VBAC's.
I am due to have another repeat c-section in a week and there isn't a doubt in my mind that this is a totally unneeded major surgery.

With all that said I do know several people who had C-Sections that saved thier children's lives without a doubt! So I am not saying that every section is unneeded just the ones I have had if that makes sense.
fenwickmama's Avatar fenwickmama 10:26 PM 04-13-2007
in the end, yes. it started with a coerced induction at 40.5 weeks. after 2 days of pitocin and an overnight of cervadil, & no progress at all, doc recommended c/s or go home & do it all over again on monday (this was friday afternoon). after much debate that i won't go into, we decided in favor of surgery. turns out the "very short" cord was tightly wrapped 3 times round his neck & had to be cut before he could be lifted outta me....so, although i wish i hadn't been induced i guess it could have been very traumatic for ds had we labored?
erikandgregsmom's Avatar erikandgregsmom 10:44 PM 04-13-2007
and I guess I would have to say that the first one SHOULDN'T have been, which led to the 2nd one having to be.

#1 - after doing my own research and becoming friendly with someone who happens to be a midwife, my first son was almost certainly posterior. Midwives have ways of detecting a posterior lie and trying exercises prior to and during labor that usually turn the babe anterior making for an easier vaginal birth. I ended up on labor day with the one practitioner in my practice who I didn't like - a male OB with a "what's the difference" attitude about vaginal birth. I saw him for a sum total of about 30 minutes over the course of a 19 hour labor, and his only solution to my FTP was the knife.

#2 - after 22 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing, the baby's head hadn't descended past -3 station. When they opened me for the c/s, they found the beginning of a rupture - as well as extensive scar tissue from my first c/s. So I guess that one saved me and my son.
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