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Originally Posted by Storm Bride View Post
So - what was your stay like? Was it restful, or stressful? Did you get a break or want to make a break?
Well, what was good about my hospital stay... Dh stayed with me all 4 days. He left the hospital once to go home and shower, and grab stuff (tv, vcr, play station, movies ) and only 2 other times to go out to the parking lot, once to pick up pizza delivery!

Everything else was either scary, annoying, or just plain mean!!! I was induced at 38 wks 5 days for pre-eclampsia, so I had no warning. I was 18, and thankfully had become very interested in pregnancy and birth, and knew a thing or two. Though if I knew then what I know now. Well, we won't go there.

I arrived at the hospital, extreamly anxious, finally an hour later got a room. Was told to undress. I was told I was not allowed to keep my bra. At the time I was very uncomfortable with out a bra, and only took them off to sleep.....sometimes. That was the first thing that started to break me.

Next I was put into the bed, and a after a while a nurse came by. Apparently I was the very first patient she started an IV on with out assistance. It hurt like hell, and left my left elbow laying in a puddle of blood. The needle was on the inside, about half way up my left forearm. I still have a scar, he's almost 6 years old.

Then about 20 minutes later, a nurse comes in with a huge bag labled 'PITOCEN' WHAT?! I tell her I don't want that. She smiles and says, how do you expect us to induce your labor. I told I wanted to talk to the doctor. When he came in, it all fell apart. The calm, gentle birth I'd been dreaming of for my son was ripped away from me.

I was told that I would have to have an IV with pitocen, and lactated ringers, it would be on from now until a short time after the birth. On top of that I would be given magnesium sulfate, it would make me hot, and groggy, and really angry at everything. I only remember being hot and groggy. Finally, a cathiter would be inserted into my bladder, I was not allowed to get up and walk to the bathroom. I began to bawl. I protested saying that I could use a bed pan! But I really didn't want one!! It was 'non-negotiable'. I should have asked for my doctor to be let in, she was just down stairs in her office, but wasn't allowed to be in L&D that day because she'd been there for the 24 hours prior to 8 am that morning.

The nurse noted on my fetal moniter strip that I'd "gotten emotional" about the cathiter. They left, and 20 minutes they returned, and "ripped off the bandaid".

What followed I don't remember much of. I know my IV was started at 12:20. I was 3-4 cm and about 75%. Around 4 I was 6 cm, and 90%, with his fingers inside me, the doctor asked if he could break my water. In pain, I agreed. All cervical exams were extreamly painful for me. My water broke, and I got him pretty wet too .

Around 7 pm my blood pressure had gotten so high (for me) my two friends were asked to leave. My silent support. And I was talked into an epidural. During the talk, and the procedure, my BP climbed more. The fight with the nurse about an internal fetal moniter didn't help. But dh turned away from me and told her "YOu will not be screwing that thing in to MY sons head!"

We won. That was my small glimmer of hope. But the epidural was still done. When I layed down, I nearly vomitted. A new, and better nurse arrived, and took my temp, checked the strip, and then my cervix. She announced "I have good news, your complete!"

YAY! I want my friends back. Ok she says, your BP was much more stable before they left, but under one condition, the pregnant one sits, we nearly had to admit her for preterm this week. I agree to make sure my friend understands this.

I begin pushing, because it feels better than letting the waves hit me over and over again. I let her count, but then tell her to stop, I can't push that long, I'm not ready. She says the baby looks good and is still high, so it's ok. She won't call the doctor in yet.

After another hour, I hadn't progressed at all, so she called people in. They started to get ready slowly, and the doc. or midwife hadn't come in yet. People started clearing out a bit, but then suddenly came back in. This time the CNM and the OB from earlier came in. CNM announces "Mom, it's been 2 hours, you must be awfully tired, would you like some help pushing your baby out?"

Thinking it had only been 30 minutes, and hearing 2 hours, really knocked me on my butt. I thought I'd been doing well for myself. (And I know now that I really was)

So they cut me (which I didn't find out until almost 4 years later after my daughters birth) and put the vaccum on his head. I pushed as hard and as long as I could, and they pulled. It popped off and scared us all to death. Finally my son was born at 9:53 pm, with a nucal hand, and a huge hematoma on his head.

I was so out of it, I didn't even inspect my baby. I just looked at him and said "Hi baby, I love you," and layed my hands on his body then layed my head back. Apparently I had begun to hemmorage a little, and was given a stronger med to make it stop. I didn't find this out until around 7 in the morning when I was given two anti-diaarehals and told my hip would be sore from the shot.

Nursing went suprisingly well, but his first food was formula, because the mag sulfate left him exhausted for about 12 hours, and my nipples flatter than my back, and impossible for him to latch on to. But after he got some sleep, and they let me eat a popsicle (wasn't allowed to eat for 24 hours, or until I peed...I pitched a fit around noon, and finally got a popsicle...amazingly enough, I peed 10 minutes later) I still wasn't allowed solid foods until 24 hours after birth, and had to keep the mag.

So SO sorry this turned into a book, I don't think I've ever told his birth story on his board.

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Oh, um, No, I didn't like the hospital. But there was one other thing that was right.

My baby. I would do it all over again if I had too, but I still wish I could have given him an easier arrival.

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My overall hospital experience was positive. I went to a hospital that isn't ..well..let's say suffering for money. The doctors were fine. The RNs were great. I had wonderful supportive nurses and none of them pushed or pressured me into anything. They were attentive, friendly, and informative. It sometimes surprises me when I hear how awful the hospital experiences of others but then each experience is different. I was one of the luckier ones, I suppose.

I had my own private room with my own private bath. It didn't cost extra. Just so happened I lucked out on the day I gave birth. Some mamas are two to a room though I hear the hospital is remodeling so each mama may have her own room in the next year or so.

The food was so so but I don't expect much at a hospital. It's not a restaurant, KWIM.

There were Lactation Consultants on the same floor as the Labor/Delivery. So if one needed help with nursing the LCs were right there. Plus, the nurses were pretty knowledgeble about breastfeeding. I didn't get a formula bag or whatever it is that I hear about so often on MDC. I got a pump - a damn good one too - a Medela Symphony to take home until I got my own Medela PIS.

What I can't stand about hospitals is the noise factor. It's incredibly hard to rest or relax. There's ALWAYS someone either walking down the hallway, talking, paging, coming in to take another blood test for the umpteenth time. I had to ask DH to close the door because that was the only way I could get some rest. The hospital had a comfortable cot for DH but he's so tall that his legs just dangled from it. Still, it was nice to have him room-in with me. No one said anything about the long hours spent by visiting relatives. In fact, some of them stayed well past visiting hours.

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I'm fairly neutral on my hospital experience. The birth was great - very supportive of my NCB, although I suspect part of that was it went so fast no one had any time to try and do anything! They have no nursery, so 10 minutes after DD was born it was just me, her, and DH alone in the room. Except for breastfeeding help and checking my vitals at shift change (8 am and 8 pm), they pretty much left us alone. They asked that when DD was awake for the first time after midnight that I call them so they could do her daily check, and I was more than welcome to come and observe/help. One of the nurses was very encouraging when I complained to her that the baby would only sleep while being held (I was nervous about co-sleeping in the hospital bed!), and helped me set up the bed so we could co-sleep in it.

So that part was great. What sucked was the food (the nurses apologized every time they brought me a tray, I swear). And I guess because I had a NCB and DD took to nursing right away, I felt ready to leave by about 12 hours after she was born, but wound up staying for 2 days because for some weird reason I felt like I needed 'permission' to leave, rather than just saying, hey, I feel fine, we're going to check out now. My OB didn't show up to discharge me until 48 hours after the birth (DD was cleared by our family doctor to be discharged when he saw her for the first time at 24 hours post-birth).

I did like the shower room, though. It had a little chair and everything; that first post-partum shower was awesome.

Next time I'll probably have a home birth, but if I wound up at that hospital again I'd let them know I wanted early discharge (I know people who have gone home 12 hours after the birth from this hospital, so they're willing to do that with little fuss - frankly, they need the beds!). And I'd make all visitors bring me food so that I wouldn't have to eat the hospital garbage. No wonder sick people get sicker in hospital, eating that crap.
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Originally Posted by dis View Post
And I'd make all visitors bring me food so that I wouldn't have to eat the hospital garbage. No wonder sick people get sicker in hospital, eating that crap.
After my last section, I'd finally learned. As soon as I was transferred to the maternity ward, I sent dh to the grocery store for fruit. He came back with plums, peaches, bananas, grapes - and some yogurt smoothies. I still burst into tears when my "breakfast" tray arrived the next morning (water & coffee), but at least I had food.

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Even though I'm having a homebirth this time I have to say that my hospital experience with my dd's birth wasn't that bad.

The food was really pretty good. All the nurses that I had were angels. They were respectful of my wishes and helpful when I had questions.

When I had a hospital m/c after planning a hb, it was the complete opposite experinence. Only two people were kind to me at all. The OB who did my d&c and the nurse in post-op. My nurses when I got to my room treated me like I was a burden to them. Doogie Howser was in the ER and I don't think anybody had shown him how to do a vaginal exam yet. It really hurt. My roomate had her tv blaring at all hours of the night, loudly talking on the phone, and turning on MY light. When I finally got to sleep at about 5:00am. A very gruff nurse came in at 5:30 to draw my blood.

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