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rubymoon's Avatar rubymoon 04:35 PM 07-01-2007
My newest babe is just over three months old and I am noticing my hair starting to fall out. I also notice that my baby's hair is falling out too. This happened with my first babe-my hair seemed to be falling like crazy. Every time I washed my hair there would be tons in my hands and I found my hair all over my house when I'd sweep. I was 6 months post partum when I got pregnant with my second child and so my hair stopped falling out until just recently.
I am afraid of going bald, or close to it. For this pp hair shed I have cut my hair very short so that it is easier to deal with.

Do any of you know if this is normal and how long it lasts? Is it permanent? When do our hormones go back to normal? I am breastfeeding and planning on at least one yr of it.

Am I going to be a hormonal mess until I'm done breastfeeding???
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mwherbs's Avatar mwherbs 04:50 PM 07-01-2007
I believe that there is an increase in hair growth in pregnant women and the loss after normal birth is normal-- there is a reaction to excessive blood loss/hemorrhage where all or most of a woman's hair falls out -Sheehans (I think is what it is called) but your hair can still grow back after that.You can talk to your provider and have your thyroid checked to rule out a thyroid problem which can be the cause of some women's hair loss
Our family had a teen mom live with us for a year and before she moved in with us her mom had been insisting she drink milk all the time- well she also had horrible gas and she had bald spots her hair was falling out in big clumps- well I don't have milk in my house to drink and I don't think you need to drink milk to make milk and this gal's gas and hair loss cleared up once she stopped drinking 1/2 gallon-1 gallon of milk a day.

here is a main stream web site that has talks about normal hair loss---
gini1313's Avatar gini1313 04:51 PM 07-01-2007
My baby is the same age and I was surprised it started happening so late. I had remembered it starting sooner after the birth of my first, so I thought that maybe I had missed it all together. No such luck.

With my first, I feared going bald, it seemed like I must be going to with the rate of hair loss, but alas I never did. I don't remember when, but it does stop. I think it is one of those things that happens so slowly that one day you take a shower and think, "hmmm... my hair isn't falling out anymore, when did that happen?"

My MIL did tell me that she got a bald spot after one of her kids, but I think that must be rare, or else we would see a bunch of bald mamas running around :

So, take good care of your scalp/hair and don't fear... you won't wind up completely bald...
Peony's Avatar Peony 08:14 PM 07-01-2007
My DD2 is 8 months and I'm still losing hair. : it isn't falling out in chucks anymore, but when I comb out my hair, I still have a good size hairball on my comb. I normally have extremely thick hair, thick enough that clips can't fit around my hair. Now my hair is so thin that it falls out of a clip. : I've lost about half my hair. I remember hair loss with DD1 but it was not this extreme. I cut off a few inches because it was looking thin, ans am considering chopping it really short. I cringe just thinking about all that hair growing back in, all those little wisps sticking up everywhere. :
meggles's Avatar meggles 06:29 AM 07-02-2007
My hair fell out for two months--from 3 to 5 months pp. One day I just noticed that it had stopped. My dd lost some hair, but not all of it. My hair is now growing back and I have little spikey wisps all over. It's annoying to say the least, but at least I'm not bald!