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Turquesa's Avatar Turquesa 09:36 PM 09-07-2007
It's no mystery how I ended up this way. During my natural and normal childbirth, my pushing phase was a whopping four hours, and Dd ended up weighing 10 lbs!!

Now, five months later, I'll find myself GUSHING when I am, say, at the grocery store or taking Dd and the dog for a walk. It doesn't happen just any time; it's usually when I'm standing and walking around.

I don't consider this as serious as fecal incontinence, I'm not considering surgery, and I'd just as soon where Depends the rest of my life than have a C-delivery with another baby!

But dag nabbit, it's frustrating! So now what? Unless I'm being impatient, Kegels just aren't doing the trick. Am I overlooking something? Chiropractice? Physical therapy? Any ideas???

SublimeBirthGirl's Avatar SublimeBirthGirl 12:56 AM 09-08-2007
Maybe get a kegel exerciser or weights, to add resistance.
Bellejar's Avatar Bellejar 02:08 AM 09-08-2007
They actually do physical therapy, my midwives gave me this option after my last birth. They hook you up to sensors and show you how to isolate muscles. You should try it, certainly better than wearing depends in the long run! Hope it works for you!
MsBlack's Avatar MsBlack 09:32 AM 09-08-2007
Consider a more comprehensive exercise program to build up tone in your entire torso rather than just pelvic floor. Yes, learning how to maximize the pelvic floor exercises is a good idea, but you also need to work on abs, back, etc, for best effect.
Jak's Mom's Avatar Jak's Mom 10:20 AM 09-08-2007
Definitely PT! I had 5 sessions for pelvic floor damage from my son's delivery and it was amazing!
Turquesa's Avatar Turquesa 01:12 AM 01-05-2008
Quick bump-up with news. PT has worked wonders!
dianna11's Avatar dianna11 01:39 AM 01-05-2008
My labour was lightning fast and DD was only 7.7 pounds. I ended up with pretty bad incontinence afterwards, but I found that it got better as my estrogen began to go back to normal around 1.5 years PP.

I will definitely ask about PT this time!
tjjazzy's Avatar tjjazzy 01:20 PM 01-08-2008
Thanks for this! I'm a little worried about baby # 2 (TTC now) and knowing there are options out there really makes me feel better. I have been on many meds in the past and I've never had incontinence but I always worry that another baby will be more than my bladder can handle.
Can I ask how one gets set up with physical therapy? I have a urologist and will bring it up with him at my next appointment if that's where I can find PT for incontinence...just in case!
serenityjewell's Avatar serenityjewell 02:40 PM 01-08-2008
Look for a PT office that says it deals with women's health issues or pelvic floor rehab. I also had amazing, simple results from just a month's worth of sessions when my DS was about 8 months old.

I am due with #2 very soon and know what to do if my symptoms return!

Best to you,
cynlair's Avatar cynlair 02:59 PM 01-08-2008
I didn't just have a child (I'm 53) but have had mild incontinence problems since giving birth that have worsened with age. I did PT, tried a pessary and talked to urologists about collogen and drugs. When I had given up and was about to request surgery (which I had heard doesn't hold for long) I found a practitioner that has studied with the French osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral. In the work the practitioner actually moves the internal organs (by working outside of your skin!) to put them back in their proper place. Sounds crazy but Dr. Barral was identified as one of the leaders in the field of medicine to watch by Newsweek magazine. I have had no problems since I began this amazing work.
antaresmedspa's Avatar antaresmedspa 01:09 AM 01-09-2008
Hi Ladies, I had to post on this as this is my field and also being a mum I can identify (my baby girl is due next month and I have two little boys) and in between time I am also a Women's Health Physical Therapist. I see ladies for Incontinence a lot along with pelvic organ prolapse, pain and sexual dysfunctions. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is only as effective as the practitioners experience and the clients motivation. Kegals alone do not cure incontinence but they do help. Call you physician and ask to be referred to a Women's Health Physical Therapist in your area. There are not many around and each therapist undergoes much more intensive training that general PT's. Most times the problem is the right muscles to stop the flow of urine are not being identified and activated. Also, post pregnancy incontinence is multifactoral due to weakend and lengthened pelvic floor and abdominal muscles not supported the organs correctly. Hormones have a huge effect on muscle tone and if you are nursing which is awesome, some lax effect on connective tissue will continue until you stop nursing. (not ever a reason to stop nursing). However, any type of incontinence is NOT normal and is a urinary dysfunction and should be evaluated by your physician and where appropriate a referral to PT. The average woman (7 out of 10) who suffer incontinence take at least 7 years to seek help!! If you see how many shelves DEPENDS stock take up on a supermarket shelf compared to baby DIAPERS you will see what a huge and preventable dysfunction Urinary Incontinence is in our society and as one of the few professions that treat and stop incontinence I urge every woman who leaks urine even just a little to seek help as there are very effective therapy techniques to keep you dry for the rest of your life. Please do not resolve yourself to a lifetime of Depends as incontinence is usually muscle weakness/imbalance most of the time and very effectively treated. Same for all those ladies who have overwhelming urges to urinate and increased frequency. Not normal and lots of help out there if you can just call your physician.
Most area OB/GYN or Urologists have lists of practitioners specifically trained in treating Pelvic Floor disorders. Ladies need to speak up about all these issues and get help soon. Remember MOM #1
Have a great week.
FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 04:41 AM 01-09-2008
Thank you for starting this thread. It's only gotten worse for me not better. My ds was also 10#'s and I'm not a very big person and I also had acute shoulder distocia. Will be making my appt. now.
KarenEMT's Avatar KarenEMT 10:14 PM 01-09-2008
I saw a urogynecologist locally because the incontinence was interfering with my ability to exercise. I did the physical therapy intensively and exercise daily, but still have issues. I went back to the doc and got fitted with a pessary, which works great and I can finally run around with my kids and not leak. I am going to reevaluate things after my DD self-weans because I probably will have the least invasive surgery when I am completely done having children.