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I haven't ever had a more painful experience than birth, but I'd MUCH MUCH MUCH rather give birth than have a migraine. Both throwing out my back and having migraines were worse than my births. Not more painful, but way more miserable somehow.

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I've had migraines way worse then childbirth, honestly childbirth didn't hurt for me. Migraines, the day after getting my wisdom teeth pulled, doing too many sit-ups that's been worse. Going to the bathroom for the first time after labor hurt more also.. Physical pain really isn't too bad for me.

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Yah migraines can be pretty close. Some of the sittings for my tattoo were pretty close too. Just a little FWI....don't get a tattoo when you are ovulating. You are way more sensative.
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When I broke my leg rollerblading, a spiral fracture of my tibia (shin) and fibula, it was WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY more painful than our second child's unmedicated birth. And it was a pain that no amount of morphine could dull, and it went on for over twelve hours, until I had surgery the next morning to set it. All night I was begging the nurses to have them go ahead and put me under (of course they can't do that)...and when they arrived to take me to surgery in the morning, I remember saying "oh thank GOD you are here, would you all PLEASE put me to sleep now ??!!!"

In fact, back when I broke that leg, my doctor told me that the upside was that having been through that amount of pain, I would probably find birth to be a walk in the park if I had children some day (he was trying to cheer me up). He wasn't that far off, and I think part of the reason I was not overwhelmed by pain was that I had already been through much worse. I think it might do something to your brain to be in that much pain.

Originally Posted by truemists View Post

Can anyone else think of any pains worse than their experience giving birth?

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PTSD for coming up on 4 years now from a birthrape, being suicidal, not pushing out my baby, living with the injuries to his body, the memory of hours spent begging to be taken to my baby. That all hurts a heap more than the 50-something hours of strong labour I had to birth his sister at home.
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getting hit by a car 10 years ago...

i would much rather go through my pitocin induction (when i didn't know better or know MDC existed..) 3.5y ago than get one of the migranes i used to get that lasted for days with auras and such...

amazingly though, after i had that daughter, my migranes like that went away and so did all of my allergies and hay fever????!!!! it's wonderful!!!!
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Worst pain of my life...when I woke up from the anesthesia after having my hysterectomy and pretty much that whole first day. I was drugged to the nines, but could not even open my eyes due to that excruciating pain...second only to ovarian cysts, which quite frankly are very similar to labor pains. My doctor tried to explain that pain to DH..he said "take your left testicle and crush it"...he got that point.
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Recovering from a cesarean! That was a misery that lasted for weeks. I've never had broken bones or any other major health problems, but a painful sciatic nerve in my first pregnancy was awful! Much worse than any pain of childbirth.

My VBAC was relatively painless, so there are a lot of things more painful. Have I ever WORKED harder in my life? Nope. But it wasn't pain.

I've had bad tooth aches, headaches, back aches, etc... and I would say that they hurt more, but labor is so intense!!! So, I'd rather have a headache than go through the hours of labor again... plus the fact that I'm losing my mind with two kids, I don't know what I'd do with more!

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I had a very traumatic hospital birth that was not a positive experience for me (with of course the exception being my beautiful baby). It was not an empowering in control homebirth that I hope my next is...

And bad as it was it does not even come close to having an inflamed, abcess that hurt so bad I was screaming with noone even touching it being cut into with a scalpel and no anethestic at all...

Nothing has ever hurt worse than that and I can't imagine anything ever coming close...

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Originally Posted by candiland View Post
Laying on the floor literally screaming in pain overnight...........from about 9 pm until 6am... I still don't know what caused that pain, but I had waves upon waves upon waves of the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life.
Wow, you still don't know what caused it? What kind of pain was it, and was it all over, or just in certain parts of your body. For some reason I'm intrigued. I'd be worried it might come back.

Or maybe it was a voodoo doll. Everytime I get those stabbing pains for no reason that cause me to yell out, I figure someone is sticking a pin in my doll.
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Originally Posted by rharr! View Post
Healing from childbirth
nursing through breast infections :
: and also, the time i had an abcessed tooth. so much worse. oh. so much.

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Kidney stones, gallstones...and a perforated eardrum that had gotten infected. That was the most maddening pain I have ever had. I actually remember lying in bed kicking the walls in insanity. I had a gallstone attack and I really thought I was going to die...literally and I used to have migraines so severe that I was afraid to get out of bed for fear of putting a knife through my head to end the pain. All have been worse than childbirth for me. My first birth was vaginal after 56.5 hours of back labor with a lovely side of Pitocin. All in all, I think I have a pretty high tolerance for pain.

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My birth was horrible, but I have to say that while the contractions hurt a LOT, once they introduced the Pit-drip (not progressing "fast enough," or whatever), they were mind-numbingly, suicidally-painful.

So for me, fake childbirth hurt worse than childbirth.
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Gallbladder attack and then subsequent gallbladder removal surgery. PAIN -- it lasted weeks! I could not believe how sore my tummy was after that surgery.

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umm..almost absessed teeth.
both times of being in labor, i didnt scream or cry, or anything, and umm..i did a lot of both with my teeth hurting. it hurt so bad i ws seeing black and stars.

i didnt really get the ring of fire thing with my first, the doc was threatening me with a vacuum for not pushing fast enough (and i got him out in 7 pushes..wtf? she shoved the freakin thing in me and i wanted to knock her more than one. omg that HURT.) and that tore me. very bare\ly, but my skin was split by it, and him conming through hurt as well because of that (and yes, going to the bathroom after it stung a lot. it didnt dawn on my that the spray would hurt, i didnt even think of that, lol.) my second, it didnt even hurt as much as a really strong sensation that i cant remember the word for.. labor hurt, not horribly, but it did hurt. pushing him out (2 real pushes, i did bare down down through a couple more, but not to push, i used my stomach muscles pushing against the contrax, not to get him out.) but it didnt really hurt to get him out, seriously. and his head was an inch smaller than my first though e was almost a 1b larger and i had no pain there after either.

so ive thought about it more. yeah, my teeth hurt way more. afterpains with my2nd that came out of nowhere and were way stronger than contractions hurt really badly. those both were worse than labor and definitely worse than birthing.

and this is something i thought of while in labor...comparing it to other pain in my life. seriously.
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This thread is making me seriously rethink getting my impacted wisdom teeth removed.
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Originally Posted by hanno View Post
This thread is making me seriously rethink getting my impacted wisdom teeth removed.
you know, i guess that's one of those experiences that varies wildly. i got a couple of impacted wisdom teeth taken out, and although it was sore for nearly a month, it really didn't hurt that much for me. more like it was aggravating when i tried to eat or whatever. i was bf at the time, and so they didn't give me any pain meds, and i was able to suck it up and manage without it. (i just remember i came home and slept the rest of the day after i had it done...)

for me, it wasn't even on the radar with childbirth...lol

don't be scared. if you're able to get a day or two worth of pain meds, you may find it's not that big of a deal (but if it's awful for you, don't come find me and shoot me. )
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When I was 10 yrs. old, I broke my foot....IN HALF!!! Yes, in half...plus 3 toes. The big bone that is behind your big toe was sticking out of my foot! Now that was PAIN!! HAHA! I was screaming and moaning! That was pain I will NEVER forget! I have already forgotten about the pain of both by dd's births and my first was pitocin induced!
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I haven't read any of the other replies, but for me it was breastfeeding those first few weeks! I told DH that DS was going to be an only child because I could do the drug free birth again, but I could never breastfeed an infant again. Of course I'm pregnant with #2 now...
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my gallbladder hurt alot more than what I remember of my labor.
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It depends on how bad your birth was... one of mine was horrifically painful, nothing in my life has topped it.

But, if you use my other births as comparison, the following were more painful: a pulled muscle in my back that had me in agony for 48 hours; repeat mastitis every 6 weeks for 18 months; a pulled muscle in my calf that, thankfully, did not last long, but the time it did last was worse than my non-horrifically painful births.
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For me, dental work, having puncture wounds flushed with water, and having a doctor shove his hand up your vagina fast & rough to show his displeasure at your not having given birth in his hospital.

ETA - and charlie horses.

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what hurt more?
any sort of burning my body...it pisses me off so much!
the ring block (local anesthetic) when I sliced my finger
the unanestheiased (is that a word?) insertion of a cathertar, after my birth. that freaking sucked.

Originally Posted by Rockies5 View Post
do most people just not challenge their bodies, or endure any other kind of pain in today's society and therefotre childbirth *is* really the hardest thing they have (or maybe will) ever do? I'm struggling to understand because if what I've read here is normal then I may be doing a disservice in my childbirth classes by my opinion that it's work but not terrible or suffering kind of pain.
I just wanted to comment on this post- I know a lot of people were offended. I understood what she was saying. I think most of us except professional athletes and say, people in the army or firefighters, don't really know what their bodies are capable of, becuase sure they may have pushed them hard, but not to any sort of brink. I also think she meant in a more global sense, to women who have suffered war, abuse, opression or demanding physical labour every day birth probably isn't the hardest thing they've done. Even if it may have been hard or very painful, it paled compared to other things going on in their lives.


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I had horrible back labour, and altho I'd say it probably hurt more than a migraine, I still say a migraine is worse. So is visiting the dentist. I HATE the sound of the drill.

The thing is. at least with labour, I usually had at least a few seconds between contractions. A migraine is jsut unrelenting.

Then I again, I wasn't throwing up in labour. if I had, I might feel differently.

Also, I didn't have to look after a toddler during labour, and I had poeple lookiong after me. WIth a migraine, i have a toddler to watch, and when I throw up, it iusuualy upsets her so much she throws up too. Fun huh?
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Originally Posted by meowee View Post
It depends on how bad your birth was... one of mine was horrifically painful, nothing in my life has topped it.
I'm really curious if that's the birth you had with my midwife. I just want to know. The homebirth I had with that midwife was a fair bit more painful and traumatic than my hospital birth--it would be interesting if you said the same.
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the hemmrhoids i got afterwards...
it was like the 'ring of fire' of birth, only it was over and over and over again.

I had some back labor, but not terrible. I tore, but not a ton. My baby had a substantial head (36cm/14.5in) and pushing took two hours...and i hadn't slept in two nights so I was pretty wiped out...but all of that, yeah, not really so bad. I think it's like some pp's have said--labor gives you breaks between contractions, and also once it's done, it's done. I only had one ring of fire delivering that head...with the stupid 'rhoids it was multiple times and that made it worse (not to mention the complete lack of laborland endorphins...)

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Deep vein thrombosis and resultant pulmonary and cardiac embolism. I went through 10 days of aggressive treatment to save my life, but was unable to have a general anaesthetic even though they were doing surgical procedures (1 to 2 hours per day), so they would just up my demoral (sp??). It didn't do much to take the edge of the pain, so they had to strap me down and I'd scream until I passed out, then wake up screaming again. Occasionally they'd accidentally overdo the dose and I'd go completely unconscious for half an hour or so, that was a blessing. During the downtime in the ICU I'd just watch the clock tick down to my next shot.

So yeah, 10 lb baby au natural was noooo problem.
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I had 40 hours labour, 3 hours pushing and a 3rd degree tear all unmedicated. Luckily I haven't experienced aything more painful than that! At the same time though, I found it wonderful that I was coping with it, right up until the last hour of pushing - when i realised I'd failed in my quest for a natural delivery (ended up with vacuum), and i might as well have given in to an epidural the day before!

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Nothing. I've had kidney stones and migraines and pyelonephritis, and NONE of that hurt as much as childbirth. But none of it was as worth it, either.
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Hour for hour, I'd rather repeat either of my labors than have my teeth scraped clean (assuming I"d have to sit through it for the same amount of time).

When I was 12, I had something they thought was appendicitis - I had every symptom including the rebounding pain, fever, and elevated white count. The only reason I didn't have an appendectomy was that they had to call in the surgeon. BY the time he was there, I suddenly felt better. I judge all pain against that night and labor/birth didn't even come close.

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