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2+twins's Avatar 2+twins 07:07 PM 12-13-2007
I had a great first birth (all my births have been great) but it was at home.

Phoenix_Rising's Avatar Phoenix_Rising 07:21 PM 12-13-2007
I wouldn't change much about my babe's birth given the chance. We chose to do a home birth with a MW who we really connected with quickly. Absolutely every one of our wishes was followed in terms of the "birth plan" and what we wanted to happen after the birth. The ONLY thing I'd go back and change is I'd allow my MIL and BIL to be present if they so chose. My FIL died unexpectedly when I was about 20 weeks pregnant and I think MIL and BIL would have really liked to be present at the birth.
RockStarMom's Avatar RockStarMom 09:57 PM 12-13-2007
I wanted a homebirth, but didn't feel like it was possible, so I did everything to ensure a fulfilling hospital birth--took Bradley classes, had a doula, had a great birth plan, only went to the hospital for the final couple hours of my labor, etc. I had a "successful" unmedicated hospital birth, but the bottom line was that I didn't have a homebirth, and I realized *after* the fact that in my heart, that's what I really wanted.
I notice that you say that you're, "probably going to have to birth in the hospital." If you want a hospital birth, that's great. But my one piece of advice is to not settle for something you don't want when it comes to your birth.
gcgirl's Avatar gcgirl 12:01 AM 12-14-2007
I had a good first. It wasn't as perfect as I would have liked, but considering I was on antibiotics for GBS and it was pitocin-induced, it still went pretty well. I was able to get through it in about 7 hours, no pain meds, and my healthy baby boy was born alert and ready to latch after 20 minutes or so of active pushing. I'd like to do my next labor W/O pitocin, however.
Naturesway's Avatar Naturesway 12:12 AM 12-14-2007
I had a wonderful 1st birth. And second! I had a midwife who I loved and who became a part of our family. My labor lasted 9 hours. It was DH, my mother, my grandmother and the midwife. We lived in New Mexico at the time and it was such a beautiful night. I labored in the water with the window open. It was warm and breezy and I could see the moon. Carolina Rain was born at 3:32 am and I was so at peace.
lizabird's Avatar lizabird 12:31 AM 12-14-2007
Not following this thread, but just wanted to say I had a great first birth. (natural birth class, birth center, waterbirth, great supportive dh who didn't say much but was just there with me, trusted my midwife, trusted my body)

Actually, I thought my 2nd birth was harder (longer time pushing)
AlpineMama's Avatar AlpineMama 11:52 AM 12-14-2007
Originally Posted by herwitsend View Post
OOOH, pick me, pick me!!

I had a great first birth (in a hospital)! Looking back, there are a couple of things I would do differently, but it was a beautiful experience!
Me too. Except it was a birth center in a hospital, but same difference.
dex_millie's Avatar dex_millie 03:02 PM 12-14-2007
I had a wonderful first birth and it was a homebirth w/ a CPM. Only two hours of labor - my water did break 46 hours before labor though.

oops, I basically read the title. But I will leave what I wrote up there.
luckymamato2's Avatar luckymamato2 03:50 PM 12-14-2007
I had a good first birth. 12 hours of labor, no drugs. I did have a medwife though, and that could be improved upon if there is another pg/birth in my future. FSBC (free standing birth center), went home 12 hours afterward because of GBS+ status. My birth story should be in birth stories somewhere, at the end of 1/06 titled Lindsay Nicole has arrived. I also had a doula. I was glad to be giving birth at a FSBC because I knew they wouldn't be able to give me an epidural if I asked for one. I did ask for one during transition, like many women do, but it would have been too late anyway.
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