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My fourth birth (most recent) was my easiest recovery. The labor was long (24 hours), but I only pushed for 1 minute. I had no tearing. I had extremely mild cramping sensations but no pain at all after the birth even though people say that each baby gets worse. It was fabulous! I attribute it largely to my Hypnobabies skills.

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I went through 2.5 days of labor; gave birth at 4 am on Wednesday after not having slept since Saturday night because labor was too intense. My eyes had been rolling in my head between contractions toward the end because I was so tired.

And yet, as soon as the baby came out, I had such a rush of energy that I didn't get to sleep until 4 or 5 pm. I couldn't understand why they wouldn't let me just walk to my pp room and insisted on putting me in a wheelchair. They moved me into bed, where I sat up nursing my newborn while my labor coach's 7 month old slept across my knees, and when a doctor came in to take my baby 3-4 hours after birth (he had aspirated quite a bit of meconium and the pediatrician heard something funny in his lungs that really scared him), I just jumped out of bed and went along. I had never felt better in my life. I even had stitches, and the worst I ever felt was a stinging when urinating for a day or two.

Two days later, I woke up from a nap feeling all sore; almost like a flu type soreness. The next day it was gone and then there was just normal fatigue from being up all night with a baby who didn't get the whole diurnal bit.
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Originally Posted by hapersmion View Post
Yep, I got eight stitches right there where I had the baby (at the Farm). I had never heard of NOT getting stitched up, didn't think to question it. I'll have to find out more about that for next time. As the PP said, they inject the Novocaine (or whatever) right around the tear. I think it stung a little, no problem really - my memory of this part is hazy, though. I was really just glad to be able to lie down for a while, after all the pushing, and I was watching my husband holding the baby. I think I felt a little pulling with the stitches. *shrug* The most annoying part was that it seemed like it took forever, and I wanted to be calling people and telling them the news.
OMG my OB forgot to give me novocaine with DD. It wasn't until she chastised me for squirming she realized what she did. I was told oh well she was almost done. DS I had a smaller tear and no stitches. I healed really well with the second tear.
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i had a really long labor (48 hours) and 4 hours of pushing. (my babe was almost 10lbs). i was high after he came out. i hadn't slept in two days and was delirious while in labor but the adrenaline, hormones and endorphins kicked in when he came out and i was euphoric!!

then i had a hemorrhage from a calcified placenta so i ended up having a cutterage which required a spinal saddle and morphine on top of the 18 hours of an epidural (and i still felt everything btw!) i'd had ...BUT if i hadn't been so darn swollen from all the fluid and drugs they'd pumped me with i would've felt pretty good.

the overall soreness set in about 5 days later when i stopped taking the percoset.

my cranial sacral therapist, who does homeopathy, gave me a "prescription" dose of arnica (200c) in her office around 5 weeks after my ds was born and i started feeling much better in my perineal and lower back area about 4 hours later. she also gave me mild chiro adjustments and cranial sacral therapy that day- the first time i went to her. i was having problems walking and felt very twisted in my body.
i would recommend getting some arnica remedy from the health food store and take them according to the directions immediately after birth. try to get the highest dilution- like 60x is the usual one they sell OTC. do not put arnica gel directly on the perineal area- it should not be used on any broken skin. for the tear/stitches i used a peri bottle wash of warm water, 2 drops st. johns wart tincture, 1 drop tea tree oil, 2 drops calendula oil and 2 drops cham/lav oil. i felt fine down there. i was actually surprised at how normal it felt. oxytocin is a helluva drug!
also, i think i mentioned this before to you (?) in another thread magnesium, magnesium, magnesium. pooping after was the worst part and this supplement helps a lot. it's also a muscle relaxer.
sorry! not trying to be bossy there just sharing a couple things that i found useful. and no matter how you birth i think having those things can't hurt.
overall, i didn't feel bad from the actual delivery it has been more residual aches and pain from the long labor/ back labor. i'm feeling almost totally back to normal 3 month pp.
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I don't remember a lot of pain, except for the moment where I peed for the first time (the nurse hadn't yet given me a peri bottle to rinse with - ouchie! LOL!). I was very fatigued/woozy, though - I needed help getting out of the shower cause I felt lightheaded. And it took a few days before I could walk around the house without feeling like it was a grandiose effort. I think I lost a bit of blood and that contributed. And the other thing I remember was sore muscles -not painful, but I could feel muscles you would never have expected to feel, like all the intercostal muscles between my ribs. It was bizarre! After a few days I was feeling more energetic.
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stickywicket67: Oh, magnesium works for... that... as well? Kewl. I bought some magnesium supplements on your recommendation. Had my first yesterday, and didn't wake up to muscle cramps today! I'm hoping it wasn't coincidence... I could get used to this whole 'not waking up in agony and flailing around the bed' gig.

bluepetals: I have intercostal muscles? Neat.

OMG my OB forgot to give me novocaine with DD. It wasn't until she chastised me for squirming she realized what she did. I was told oh well she was almost done.


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