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PinkTerrier's Avatar PinkTerrier 02:49 AM 12-22-2007
This is so cool! Not my auction. I don't think it's really that old, but it's a neat idea.

Pre-Columbian Chancay cloth Midwife scene

You are looking at a Chancay Midwife scene. The delivery is taking place inside a covered tent and the mother is assisted during labor by three attendants who are placing their hands around the woman's body. The Midwife is delivering the baby. Made with authentic Chancay cloth with charming earth tones.

In the Chancay culture the midwife scene was given to the pregnant mother for a safe delivery and good luck for everyone involved in the birthing process.

The dolls are made out of ancient chancay cloth following the doll making tradition that has been practiced along the arid Andean coast more than 1000 years ago.

Measurements: 4" wide x 6" long by 3 1/2 tall.

Materials: Woll (camelid), Natural dyes (pigments) and cotton.
Origin: Chancay Culture of Northern Peru, South America.
Dates: 1000-1300 AD
Period: Pre-Columbian