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Ribena's Avatar Ribena 12:34 PM 03-06-2008
I've recently overheard snatches of conversations that really interested me. But I don't know the correct terms to research and find out more. I was hoping you talented moms might be able to help me

1) After giving birth, I think it was a water birth- if that matters, the placenta was wrapped in a bag and left attached to the baby. The placenta was kept there until it had shrunk to a tiny size compared to how it came out. Anyone know what this is called?

2) Is it only possible (Q1) with a natural birth? I'll be having a c/s is there a way it can be done via a c/s.

3) This is my 1st baby in the US. Am used to midwives and Dr in the UK- from what I hear. Dr here are not as flexible with birth choices because of hsp guidelines. Is this type of thing ( mentioned in Q1) something a Dr would entertain or laugh at.


kltroy's Avatar kltroy 01:17 PM 03-06-2008
1. This is referred to as a "lotus birth". Lots of threads on MDC about it. Do a little searching.

2. I have no idea. Usually they'll let you keep the placenta if you tell them in advance, but I'd be quite surprised if you found a hospital that would let you keep it attached. Never hurts to ask.

3. You'll probably get laughed at (or at least looked at like you're crazy). But who cares? The world is a "don't ask, don't get" place. Again, never hurts to ask. Still, since you're having a hospital c/s, I suggest picking your battles to make sure you get the things that are really important to you. Chances are they will be flexible on some things and not others. If this is one of the things that is VERY important, make sure they know that. If not, I'd ask and drop it if they say no way.
Ribena's Avatar Ribena 12:35 PM 03-07-2008
I have no idea what it's really all about as I overheard just those little bits. So now I know the name I can look into it more. It had never occurred to me to do this before and sounds interesting. I don't know if it's something I would feel strongly about to be honest but I love the fact you can have different birthing choices.

having had c/s before I know how powerless I felt so am quite resigned to the restriction of hospital. I know it's for the safety of the baby and me. It's just a hard pill to swallow.

Thanks again.