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Hospital birth with DH & 2 midwives - Delivered DD kneeling up on the bed, facing the head of the bed & holding onto the slanted headboard for leverage, with a giant stack of pillows to lean on if needed. About 45 mins pushing, which was uncoached, the position seemed to have worked well, I just ended up with a slight graze.

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On my back. Sometimes, it WORKS. I had two natural births and throughout all of the labour with them, on my back ended up feeling the best. I should add that the first one was maybe 20-40 mins of pushing and the 2nd one was 6 minutes (but i hypnobirthed - HUGE difference)
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Of my 6 births, all but the first one were on my hands and knees. If I had been given the choice and opportunity with my first, he should have been born that way as well.
With my first, I was semi-reclining, he got stuck, they gave me an episiotomy, pulled him out by hooking an armpit, and then he had a partially collapsed lung for 2 hours from the trauma.

Birth position really is an instinctual thing. Just like semi-reclining and sqatting and side-lying don't work for everyone, niether does hands-and-knees, or birthing in the water, or any of the other "in vogue" birth methods and positions. My body told me hands-and-knees, so that's what I did. I had been all prepared to squat or have a waterbirth, but that just wasn't meant for me to do.
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Hands & knees, then semi-reclined for the final push.

The midwife had my husband sit on the bed and me sit up, back to him and between his legs. I thought she was insane to ask me to sit down with something coming OUT down there, but I'm thrilled that she did. My DD was born one push later, right into the arms of both mama and papa.

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#1 - hospital birth center - squatting on the floor with DH holding me up
#2 - homebirth - squatting on the floor with DH holding me up while he sat on the piano bench lol
#3/#4 - unassisted birth with twins - standing, mostly over the toilet! (for those who like pictures as an example: i like this one) This was totally instinctual as I'd "planned" on squatting on the floor like the previous births.

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DS1: Hospital birth. All was good until I announced I needed to push. Immediately all the lights flashed on and people flooded the room, including about 10 residents. I was told to get up on the bed. My legs were held up and people started yelling at me to push while others started counting. I felt like a deer in the headlights! I was suddenly unaware of my body. Was I still having contractions? I couldn't tell what my body was wanting to do. So I pushed like they told me. Luckily he was out in about 20 minutes, but it was a horrible 20 minutes!

DS2: Homebirth. I got in the shower when ctx started getting heavy. When I got out 30 minutes later I felt like I needed to push, so I squatted down in our candle lit bedroom while holding on to my husband's dresser and pushed him out in less than 2 minutes! IME squatting really helped with the pain. It felt so much better!
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#1- FSBC transfer to hospital-- lithotomy.

#2- homebirth-- supported squat.
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Labored in a million positions; when it came time to actually push, I was too tired to stand/squat (like I'd expected I'd want to), so I lay on the bed, on my left side, with the midwife holding my right leg over her (amazingly strong) shoulders, and DH lying next to/behind me, holding me in his arms. Aww. Makes me nostalgic. (Betcha no one says that about the lithotomy position!)

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1st 9years ago - at home, hands and knees pushed for 18 minutes.
This felt good, I had good traction and control but was very eager to GET IT OUT! so I did tear a little. 7 1/2 lbs
2nd 1 year ago - at home again, flat back with a little lean to my right side, left knee way up near my head but this was because my son was in a funky position (slightly OP and needing to get under the pubic bone)
pushed for 28 minutes, no tears. This time (in part because of position)I was able to not go full blast and allow for a slower crowning/exit. 8 lbs 10 oz

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Pushed in every position in and out of the tub ended up pushing on back while my mom my doula and dh worked yo keep my very small and tight hips open.

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#1/#2 (twins, with epidural): flat on my back. Pushed for 10 min with each.

#3: on my left side with my right leg in the air. Pushed for about 15 min.

#4: in a birth tub, squatting. Pushed for about 10 minutes.

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I pushed standing up for about 10 mins and then moved into a squat facing the end of the hospital bed-holding onto my doulas and DH's shoulders and then I actually birthed holding onto the birth bar with my hands and pushing my feet against the sides of the bar. I wish I had stayed in the squat position but my Dr. "needed" me turn around so I did. I tore pretty badly when he came out and I'm sure I wouldn't have had I stayed in the squat. Oh well. His delivery was pretty fast(25mins) so that may have had something to do with the amount of tearing. This time around I'm doing it all at home so I'll birth how I want to

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on the toilet at the hospital (no meds). Labored most of the time there to ensure my privacy. I thought I'd be able to get to the floor to squat by the bed when the time came, but by the time the nurse realized I was crowning (I knew, just didn't bother to mention it to anyone, lol) I didn't feel like moving. Wish I had at least stood up, because since I was holding my butt up away from the toilet seat so the dr. could catch the baby, I tore a little, but oh well. It was still a nearly perfect, extremely low-intervention hospital birth, so I'm happy

this baby: will probably be squatting. That felt REALLY good to me, and the only reason I went back to the toilet last time was because I thought my legs were going to go to sleep! (weren't even sore the next day, my labor was pretty fast). I've been sitting on the birth ball and doing a lot of yoga squats in preparation.
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At the my second son's birth, my latest one, I was on my knees on the floor leaning against/laying on my birth ball. With birth #1 and 2 I gave birth on my back. But I have talked to my friend who was at those births and she and I agree that it was that I was in the hospital on a bed and it felt to exposing, whereas birth #3 was at home and I was on the floor and there were only 3 other people present (dh, midwife and her assistant), so I was alot more comfortable.
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I pushed through two contractions on my hands and knees in the tub, but it was really uncomfortable. Then for the next couple contractions, my midwife had me on my back with my legs up to my chest, while she pushed down in there to get him "unstuck." Then I moved to a birthing stool where I gave birth. Once I got on the stool, I couldn't even feel my contractions any more. There was just something inside telling me exactly when to push.
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I've done quite a few....

#1 was a cesarean (hosp)
#2 semi-sit VBAC w/episiotomy (hosp)
#3 on my back, wriggling (hosp)
#4 on my knees (hosp)
#5 hands and knees (home)
#6 semi-sit (home)
#7 semi-sit after being flipped through the air for minor shoulder dystocia (home)
#8 almost on my back (I kept slipping down.... don't use plastic on the floor (home)
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Originally Posted by Tuwamare View Post
I've done quite a few....

#7 semi-sit after being flipped through the air for minor shoulder dystocia
Did it work?

DS 12/22/05 and DD 5/24/09
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squatting on a birthing stool
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On my knees leaning over the bed.
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First-hospital transfer against my wishes, gave birth on knees on floor with a stupid slidy beanbag lol but more upright hanging onto a trolley I think, I refused to get up on the bed it would have been like birthing on a platform to me. 36 hour labour, stalled after been assaulted by mw at home, she even admitted it saying I deserved it! She told the trainee mw to shut it if she wanted to keep her job, the trainee mw was horrified and tried to get me to register a complaint but I was still trying to give birth at the time.
Second, UC in 2-person tent, on knees hanging onto tent pole which bent with my exertions but I was half in half out the door. Very fast labour, 4 hours, preemie.
Third, UC in transit van, on knees but managed to get on my feet in a squatting position.
I usually straighten my back up a bit to deliver rather than leaning over on all fours. About 12 hour labour.
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first baby, on my back with too many members of staff around (+ two cleaning ladies who had asked to come in at the last minute, "to see a birth) , was parched, not allowed to drink, with epidural, felt i was in such a silly situation being made to lie on my back & had no strength to push, was just frustrated to have let myself be so mistakenly guided by so called experts ....

second baby, changed hospital, could move around, rotate hips sitting on birthing ball and go to the restroom, but still had to climb on the birthing table for the last 10 minutes due to some little complication ...

third baby, risked out of birthing center, but still with staff open to natural births ideas, could move around, DRINK if I wanted to, started mainly rotating hips with elbows on a table, did some belly dancing movements too, spent half the time on the toilet (first needed to empty my bladder and bowels due to the pressure BUT ALSO wanted privacy in fact !) and actually nearly gave birth on the toilet since I was "still only 3 cm" 15 minutes before the baby arrived ... luckily had the presence of mind of standing up, two mighty contractions when I howled like a demented wolf, couldn't control anything, just put one hand because I thaught my innards were coming out, felt the head of the baby, put my second hand and caught her on the second contraction, she arrived a few seconds before the staff came back hurrying after hearing the noise I made .... I didn't know it was "normal", only read a similar account by Michel Odent AFTER that birth, in restrospect it was the most satisfying birth of the 3 !
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With my daughter the standard legs bent and pulled back slightly reclined laying on back with a midwife delivering at a hospital,Pushed 1 hour.She was 7lbs 13oz 20"

With my son i had a horrible medwife* a kaiser midwife* and my doula suggested i push laying on my side with one leg bent and held back and the midwife almost didn't let me push that way: But i did and didn't tear at all not sure how long i pushed though, he was 8lbs 14oz 22"

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first, trying to semi squat on the "bed" they forced me back onto in the hospital. i didnt have any stirrups or anything to push my feet off of at ALL so that sucked..took 7 pushes

and my second, on my knees in the water and i caught him. i ushed a trad to see if he would move any, and his water broke. next one out came his head, and the next out came the rest of him.
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first birth was hospital laying down, not by choice.
second birth i took contractions standing up, then mw arrived and she told me to lay down that she could check how much i was dialated, so i did a second later i felt a contraction coming, so by instint i jumped of my bed on hand and knees pushed 2 times (total 2 min, if that) and baby was born, and the mw got never to check me.
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squatting in water

(I lifted DD up myself)
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DD#1: All-natural low-intervention hospital birth but I was semi-reclined and had coached pushing and tore pretty badly, lots of stitches. Pushed about 20 min.

DS#2: Kneeling in the bathtub at the birth center. Pushed b/c my body told me to, he was out in 2 cx and I caught him myself. Minimal tearing, no stitches.
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#1 - standing
#2 - sort of half-squat propped with pillow
#3 - squatting in the birth tub

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I delivered in a birthing pool at a hospital and was "floating" on my back the whole time I was in the water and delivered dd in that position. I pushed for 15 minutes or so. I "napped" between contractions because labor was from 3am until 5:30 am and I was tired and that was the easiest position to rest in. I'm a very lucky first time mama!
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whenever I read a study I always look at who did the study, how they conducted the study, who participated and what exactly was the ? to be answered. It can tell alot about the result.

#1-hospital on back natural (I was young and I think this helped with my ability to flex and stay on track physically) not a choice I must say but the only option, I guess OB's can't bend there head to the side to see a baby coming out!

#2- home, most of labor on hands and knees, standing, this one took only four hours from start to finish-one push (lots of grunts) he came out when I was sitting/standing- it was strange and I had an excellent midwife who would catch that baby no matter where I was!! go kim!!

#3-home, on my side with my leg pushed up against my midwife-go kim- and my back pushed against my hubby, this one was sunny side up and had his hand stuck to his face and his arm pop out with his head!, so I kinda rotated from side to side to get him out-the hardest work I have EVER done

#4-home, on my knees laying over my bed-from the torso up- so kinda squat, bend, hands knees, this one had a very short cord, stuck sidways on the placenta, and wrapped around her neck-she actually came through the cord like a jump rope! lol so I didn't have much time to think and I didn't have much option for her to get out without hurting herself, in fact just as she came out, you can see on the video, I kinda turn to the side and put a knee up and rotate.......the baby told me to do that, so she could breath!! smart girl........

don't let any body tell you where or how to give birth, find someone you trust to only interupt you if they HAVE TO, not for their ease of view or whatever......find someone that will read your signs and help you in your direction.

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In a birth center, on a birth stool. It was awesome!
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