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I was born in 1976 and my mom doesn't remember it at all. I don't know if it was twilight sleep exactly, but she was pretty much knocked out. I guess she tore pretty badly too. She was 18 and I think she feels like the dr. didn't care very well for her. I think she was drugged and unaware for my sister's birth too--in 1982.

It made me sad to talk to her about her birth experiences while I was pregnant--and even more so after dd was born. Giving birth was such an amazing experience and it's too bad my mom didn't get to have that. When my sister had her son 7 years ago (naturally) and was talking to mom about breastfeeding, my sister was giving mom a hard time for not bfing us. Mom said something like "it just never occured to me to breastfeed." It's amazing to me how normal it has become to be so unnatural.
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My mom had all 3 of us vaginally, in hospital no pain drugs but we were all induced with pitocin. She remembers everything, but I think the pitocin certainly made the experiences much more unpleasant than they needed to be.

The one thing I do know about my birth (in 1975) is that I was born in a teaching hospital so there were like 20 people hanging around watching and the head doctor says "there are too many people in here....YOU need to leave" TO MY DAD!! My dad did get to be there for the birth of my brother and sister but he missed mine

However, the great thing was that my mom was feeding me after I was born and she was in "recovery" and the nurses forgot about me. Even though we were in a hospital, I got to spend my whole first night cuddled up next to my mom. It was her favorite thing about my birth
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Twilight Sleep, amnesiacs, and sodium pentathol were used up to about 1970 in most locations. Regional anesthesias became popular after that. Even acupuncture for c/secs.

Ever wonder why there was such a prevalent drug culture among the young people in the 1960s? They were all born high. This was the first generation born almost entirely in the hospital and their mothers were knocked out cold because that was "better".

I was born at home UC, premature, in 1954. People asked my parents if they were too poor to pay for the hospital, because that was the ONLY reason a woman would not go to the hospital in them days...

My own four were born at home, 1980-92...my contemporaries all had their babes by c/secs in the hospital.

"Vaccines are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get - acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy, allergies, diabetes, eczema, petit/gran mal seizures, ADEM, AFP, ASIA, CFS, GBS, JPA, JRA, LGS, LKS, MS, POF, POTS, RA, SJS, SLE, SPD, TPI, Henoch-Schonlein purpua, fibromyalgia, Retts Syndrome, encephalitis, Hughes Syndrome, neurological damage, coma, or death."

~paraphrased from "Forrest Gump"~
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I was born in 75 and I was a Natural birth much to mom's dismay. She was wanting her spinal. The nurses told her she wasn't in labor and sent her home. She returned when her water broke. The dr would not leave lunch to get her the spinal said she would have to wait till he finished his lunch. Well I was born in the hallway of the hospital caught by a nurse and a medic while the Dr was still at lunch.

What can I say I was never a patient person. LOL! I didn't wait till I was full term (born sometime between 34-36 weeks depending on who you ask) I didn't wait for a Dr, and I didn't wait for a delivery room.

MY DH was also a Natural birth again to his mom's dismay. The DR refused to give her pain medication because she refused to let him adopt DH. He was trying to use pain to bully this young single mom. Shameful that women were treated this way. She had a 24 hour labor with a 9lb 12 oz baby that was born by forcep delivery with MINIMAL pain medication because he wanted to adopt DH and she already decided that she wanted him adopted through the church.
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My mom was knocked out for my birth in 1963... she doesn't remember anything about it. She doesn't remember much about my sister's birth in 1967 either, but she had some memories of my brother's birth in 1972. She actually nursed him for a while. I feel sad that I don't have any stories of my birth... especially since birth is such an important part of my life.

My paternal grandmother gave birth in the hospital in 1939... she birthed naturally. But in those days she was expected to stay in the hospital for 10 days afterward. The baby was kept in the nursery, except for a few brief feeding times, when she would be "allowed" to be with him. Her experience made me incredibly sad. My grandmother loved babies, and my dad was her only one.
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I was born in '77, have quizzed my mom about my birth (her only), and have gotten zero details. It's like she can't remember or just didn't know exactly what was going on. I've asked her if she got an epidural and she doesn't know, but doesn't think she felt any real pain. She has distinct memories of what she ate after and everyone who came to see her, but like, nothing about the birth itself. Maybe it was twilight...?
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Originally Posted by Jyotsna View Post
Hi everyone,

I know it seems strange that I would have no memory about my birth, since I was an infant, but I think I lacked any connection to my birth at all.
I'm not really sure what you mean by this. I don't remember my birth either. One of my earliest memories is from when I was about 3.

I was born in 1980, my mom was induced and I think she had a spinal or maybe just Demerol.
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I was born in 1975 by emergency c-cestion. My mom was knocked out. She didn't even see me for a couple days and barely remembers that. Then she contracted hepatitis while in the hospital. I was in the nicu in an incubator for 6 weeks. My mom saw me 1x.

I often wonder how that has affected who I am not bonding with my parents as a newborn and being so sick.
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What exactly is "Twilight Sleep"? Was it a certain drug? They were asleep for days???
The name itself gave me the shivers actually :
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My sister was born in 1980
c-section after labor started under general anesthesia
she was breech and over 10 lbs, but never descended.

I was born vaginally with an epidural in 1982. My mom said she chose an epi this time in case of uterine rupture and they wanted to section her, that she would be able to be awake this time ...
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