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hubris's Avatar hubris 10:49 PM 06-27-2008
Originally Posted by MsElle07 View Post
Really, THE KEY, IMO, is birthing on your terms, off your sacrum, in a non-hospital setting.
absolutely! I had two normal-headed posterior babies in hospital that "required" vacuum assistance and then one huge-headed babe gently birthed without so much as one forceful push, at home. The MW commented that his head could've been on a baby twice as big.

Believe in yourself, mama! And believe that your body knows what to do!

crystaldawn's Avatar crystaldawn 01:02 AM 06-28-2008
I delivered both of my 10 lbers in a hospital setting with the most "natural" OB doc I could find. I delivered spontaneously (ie no vaccuum, no episiotomy etc) after an average amt of pushing. I had a skid mark with both and took the ONE stitch that was offered with both deliveries.

FWIW after both deliveries I thought "it wasn't that bad"

Good luck
loveandgarbage's Avatar loveandgarbage 12:35 AM 06-29-2008
thanks everyone! these stories really help. i think i will definitely be squatting to help the head come out .
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 12:50 AM 06-29-2008
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