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Do you guys know how long does it take to loose all the additional fluids you get with an epidural? With my first one, it was totally natural and unmedicated, the second time I got an epidural (it was a week ago) and my weight at that time was 126 pounds, my daughter weighted 7 pounds and when I got home (1 day later) I weighted 120 pounds! Not even the baby's weight? Can I attribute it to the IV fluids? how long does it take to loose it? (my hands are still swollen!)


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I was planning a natural birth--my water broke at 34 weeks. I went to the hospital with my pants soaking wet dripping amniotic fluid onto the floor. I had some mild regular contractions when I got to the hospital. They admited me to a L&D room and when I layed down to take a nap because I was trying to rest up before they got too intense and when I woke from my nap the contractions had completely stopped. They did not want to induce me because the baby was only 34 weeks so they just let me wait it out in the hopstial and see if I went into labor naturally. I prayed and prayed that I would have contractions on my own and not have to be induced- I never went into labor on my own-- at 35 weeks 2 days they induced me. They started me on pitocin Monday morning- I labored naturally for over 24 hours. I couldn't sleep at all Monday night- the pain was too intense. I thought for sure I was in transition Tuesday morning- They didn't want to check me too much because my water had been broken so long-- the risk of infection was very high. THey wanted me to tell them when I felt the urge to push. Well, when they finally checked me Tuesday morning I thought I must be near the end and I was only a lousy 3 cm!!!! I just couldn't do it anymore- I got the epi and I'm glad I did. I was able to get some sleep and before I knew it I was 10 cm just a few hours later and I really felt the urge to push. It was a wonderful experience. I would love to have a natural birth next time but depending on the circumstances (induction with pitocin) I would consider an epi again.

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Originally Posted by ColwynsMommy View Post
I had epidurals with my first two births. They worked really, really well.. basically the perfect epidural. They weren't turned off until after the birth, but still I felt an incredible urge to push and felt every sensation except the pain.
This is my experience, too.

I had naturals with my first 2, one in a hospital (it was an icky experience), one at home. I planned a UC with this one, and when I went into labor things were WAY different. She started out posterior and I just could NOT handle it. I wanted to go to the hospital & so we did.

I ended up with an epidural after a few hours, and a failed attempt at pushing (my birth story is in the July DDC forum), and holy crap! I never thought I would have one, but I am SO GLAD they exist!
I really really needed it, and it was done perfectly. I was not too numb, could feel everything I needed to feel and it was a wonderful experience.

6 days later I am just so pleased with my birth experience, and it was SO different that what I had expected it to be.
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Mine was much needed with my first, with severe pre-e and an early induction. It worked, I didn't feel the pain of contractions even though they were crazy looking on the monitor. I even got up and walked to the bathroom, which the nurses didn't like, but my legs worked just fine. When it was time to push, I felt it clear as could be though! I was thankful for it, as it helped me feel how to push the right way.

With my second, I was induced again, and got a spinal at 8cm. It was just getting uncomfortable, but we weren't expecting it to go so well and just wanted to have a non-traumatic birth experience so badly I was happy to have the epidural. So the whole labor went well, really pain free, still felt when to push, and only pushed a few times total. While getting the epidural, I swear he hit a nerve or something, so I jumped reflexively, which was a bit scary and brought some of the risks home as real possibilities to me.

With my third, I am planning not to have an epidural. In hindsight making it to 8cm without being in pain was a breeze, and I think I could get through the last rough part without anything. I am going to take a natural birth class so I am better prepared this time though!

Good luck!

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I had an epidural with my first. Had been labouring for about 6 hours and asked for it. They gave it to me without checking my dilation as they thought first bub, long way to go. Turns out I was asking for it because I was in transition and at 10cm! Then they told me to push and I thought they were nuts! Could not feel a thing! Just went from being this mad, naked, screaming primal woman to thinking...hmmm anyone fancy nice cup of tea!! So my first got stuck and they had to turn off the epi so I could push and I did not push very effectively at all. Having had 3 subsequent births I can honestly say I prefer to give birth without an epidural. I feel that the birth is so much more spiritual without pain relief, I think I am able to push so much more effectively so the final stages are much easier and I do think that my first baby had a less gentle birth. He came out more "battered" looking and seemed less alert. Of course I do not know if this had to do with the epi. It is very subjective.
What I do know is that I always allow myself the option of an epi! With my second I asked for it, had it inserted and then there was no time to actually administer the actual drug so I just pushed. Third I did not ask for it and fourth born at home. But i always went into labour with no expectation. I allowed myself to know that if I felt I needed it then I would have to transfer to hospital and get it. Giving myself that option seemed to take off the pressure I was putting on myself. Now having delivered 4 children I realise that when I start to think I need an epi, it usually means my baby will arrive within the hour! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!!! So instead of asking for the epi, I ask for moral and emotional support from my partner and delivery team. Never under estimate the power of positive thinking and words to get you through the final stages before you meet your baby. Good luck with your birth.

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I feel like my epidural was a good choice for the situation at the time- hospital birth, large posterior babe, back labor, compound presentation, lack of labor support, lack of preperation for labor (if you're not afraid, it won't hurt! )long labor, very little to eat, "stalled" labor- so I don't regret having it. I think it likely helped me avoid a c-section. And ultimately, birthing my son was amazing and empowering and made me want to have 15 kids.

That said, with my second birth, we choose to stay at home to avoid ending up in the same situation again.
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Pain wise, epi worked fine with my first two.

However, I almost died due to complications both times

Since I have had 2 drug/intervention free births.

If you want me to tell my stories, pm me.

: for you.

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i had pitocin and an epidural with my first. it was a great birthing experience actually. we used a midwife, i had my favorite cd playing, there was a huge mirror i could look into and see my beautiful daughter being born. i also had friends and family in the room. no regrets honestly. my son's birth was very different, but we really wanted a different experience.

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I had a wonderful experience with it ... Until it wore off. I dealt with 5 days of prodromal labor at home and had the epidural placed shortly after getting to the hospital because I was FREAKING OUT (I don't deal well with pain). It lasted until 9am and I started pushing at 11am. They gave me something in my IV (I dunno what) to help 'ease' the pain, but that wore off before I started pushing, as well. Thank you, Pitocin (sarcastic eye-roll).

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I haven't read the other replies, but I wanted to say-- I think your experience is the reason why the existence of the epidural is a good thing. It might not be good for everyone--or even most people--but it gave you a break and probably saved you from a c-section, which IMO, is a much less desirable intervention. It sounds like baby's birth was a great experience for you (and that the birth itself was probably similar to a non-epid. birth, anyway), baby's okay, and that's what matters. that's very different than "I'm at 4 cm, give me the drugs now!" I think epid. should be a last resort, but if you need it, there is no shame in that!
I have a friend who wanted a natural childbith and "caved" to the epid. after a long labor; the baby was turned strangely (her forehead was presenting, I think). She pushed and pushed; they ended up needing such strong vaccuum to remove the baby that the doctor was pulling my friend off of the table. If she hadn't had the epid....

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Interesting thread. I had an epidural with my first child almost 15 years ago. I had wanted to try a natural birth, but didn't really have the tools to do so (communication, assertiveness, relaxation and pain management.) After laboring for 12 hours at home, we went to the hospital. I was only 4cm (dilate 2 cm in those 12 hours). I felt like I was going to die, I was vomiting, I had the shakes, the personality change - but since I was 4 cm, I was told I had a long way to go. I lost all confidence and asked for the drugs. It worked too well. My blood pressure dropped so I needed medication in the IV, my contractions slowed down so they turned up the pit. A couple hours later they told me I was complete and that I should start pushing. I could not feel anything. I could not move my legs. I pushed for 1 1/2 hours on my back because the nurse told me that all her epidural patients do this. So, after 1 1/2 hours of sit ups (they wouldn't support my head because they needed to hold my legs), my neck hurt. I just wanted to change positions, but they said no. The doc said, "she's done" and he cut an episiotomy and used vacuum to pull out my 10 lb 11 oz son. The nurse told me cheerily that I only had a 3rd degree. No one told me what that meant. All I knew what that when it wore off, I was in excruciating pain in my rear end. For the next two weeks I could not sit. It felt like a knife up my rear end. I had to eat my meals standing up and nurse laying down. It is hard to fix an improper latch while laying down, which led to cracked bleeding nipples. I still have permanent damage to my pelvic floor from that unnecessary vacuum extraction, even after surgeries to repair it.

I know that the epidural was not entirely to blame for all my difficulties, but it played a huge role. With my next two - I took Bradley and had wonderful unmedicated births. I birthed in the tub for my last baby and that was fantastic. I had almost no pain (lots of strong sensations, but not really pain.) They don't call water the midwife's epidural for nothing.
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I did NOT intend to have an epidural, but I got one after 30 hours of labor (mainly to rest in anticipation of pushing). The worst part for me was actually getting the epidural as I felt the needle in my back. It did ease my contraction pains, but I felt every.single.bit of pressure when it came time to push. (And I pushed for 3 hours ... and still ended up with a c/s. ) So, I guess I got exactly what I needed from my epi - some time to sleep, but I still retained the ability to know when I needed to push.

I was really sad that I had the epidural. At the time, I thought it was for the best, because I really did need the rest. I think I would've been more ok with it had I delivered my baby vaginally. But, I ended up having an emergency c/s, so I feel like I got the epidural for nothing.

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Originally Posted by mama to 2 girls View Post
I had one with my labor was pitocin induced, which *almost* anyone who has had a pitocin induced labor (meaning I wasn't in labor at all) will tell is HORRIBLE....

So with dd2 I decided that I could do it and I did.
My experiences were very close to this. I was induced with pitocin with Tru at 39 weeks. I got an epidural about 4 hours in at 6 cms and then gave birth vaginally about an hour and a half after that. I tore badly and had to have 30 stitches. I attributed it to the fact that I couldn't feel anything and was pushing too hard. It took me 4 months before I could stand to have slow, boring sex. With my second, I went unmedicated and only had to have 8 stitches. We were having sex again at 8 weeks and probably could have done it sooner than that.
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I had one with my first as a chance to avoid a c-section. I was not progressing. They turned up the pit. Oh my, the pit was awful. The pain was so awful I could not progress. They put the epi in, put something through it and then turned it off. (I never asked what it was) The severe pain was gone, but I could still feel the contractions. They felt like moderate menstrual cramps after the drugs. 15 minutes later I was fully dilated and ready to push. 15 minutes after that, the baby was born. I would have been sectioned without it, due to the length of time I was in labor and baby was already having some bad decels. (probably from the combo of pitocin and a tight nuchal cord, I would think) Position changes and wearing oxygen just didn't fix the decels enough.

I think epi's have their time and place. I did not feel I needed one with my second. I didn't have pitocin, so the labor was painful but still doable. Pitocin is made by the devil himself.
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