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tinyshoes's Avatar tinyshoes 01:20 PM 10-17-2003
I was very suprised at the perineal pain I was feeling right after my baby boy was born (at home.)

I had a lovely labor and quick pushing/slow crowning (13 minutes) stage, and after my laobring was done, as I was holding my newborn, I was so distracted because my perineum hurt so badly, and I felt an incredible urge to pee. It tuns out I did have a little tear that did not require a stitch. (This tear: the result of the "husband's stitch" my OB added to my 1st baby episiotomy repair.)

All I wanted was to sit in a tub of ice water, and then hold my new baby. I wanted my pain/discomfort over and done with when I was holding my baby, but that was not the case. I handed baby over to dh and tried to pee in the shower, and then again later on the toilet, and then finally I felt 'normal' enough to enjoy my baby, relaxed in bed w/ an ice pack between my legs.

Anyone else feel like this? I was so suprised.... it was like my labor hadn't ended just yet, even though my baby was out. I am a teeny bit dissapointed when I look back and reflect and remember that my mind was on my crotch and not my baby! It was so distracting.

Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 07:30 PM 10-17-2003
Me me me, I felt that way too. With ds I felt great after birth, not a tear, and was looking forward this time to felling great after labor, but that wasn't the case. After she was born (although she did "pop" out) all I could talk about was how sore I was. I gave birth in the tub, and felt ok in there, but when they got me out, ouch, did it hurt, and kept hurting. I was so surprised I thought with number 2 it would have hurt less. But like you I had a 1st degree tear this time that I didn't have with number 1.
kati6110's Avatar kati6110 06:28 AM 10-19-2003
I hurt so much right after both my kids were born that I couldn't enjoy them at all.

With ds#1 (hospital) the nurses immediately started kneading my stomach. I had to sit with my legs spread while the midwife stitched up the HUGE and unnecessary episiotomy that she gave me -- even though I put in my birth plan that I didn't want an episiotomy at all. (can you tell I'm still bitter about that?) Those two things were so distracting and painful that I told my dh to hold onto the baby until they were done.

With ds#2 (home) I had a big ol' tear cause I had to push him out real fast. (His heartbeat was really slow, slower than mine in the few minutes before he was born) Anyway, that tear hurt so bad right after he came out ! Not to mention I felt like I had been run over by a truck after going through transition. I just wanted to go to sleep!

We're not planning on having any more children. I grieve for the loss of that perfect moment after birth, where you pull the baby up onto your chest, look into his eyes and fall in love. I never had that, but I make up for it by trying to savor the time I spend with my kids each day.
gratefulheidimomma's Avatar gratefulheidimomma 05:20 PM 10-20-2003
me too - i was very distracted (and surprised to be distracted) by perineal pain after my third, kella, was born (3 weeks ago). i did have a 2nd degree tear along my old episitomy and unwelcome 'husband-stitch' scar, even tho' my ob and i were determined that i wouldn't tear. i crowned carefully - for about 5 minutes!. (labor was less than 2 hours, and pushing was less than 15 min.) the pain was intense and only improved a bit when the ice pack came 90 min later (it seemed). the stitching was slow and very painful, despite many shots of local anest. and my doctor, whom i like, wasn't sympathetic - joked he would tie my legs open if i kept closing them! i was holding kella and thrilled and very grateful, but honestly was horribly distracted and bothered and full of complaint about the pain! don't remember this from my first birth, (vaginal and fast and mostly normal) and my second was a c-sec for placenta previa. i felt guilty for being so bothered, but i'm over that - it hurt and surprised me! what are you gonna do?!
tinyshoes's Avatar tinyshoes 06:47 PM 10-20-2003
Glad to have your fine company, mamas!

Y'know how it's said that mom and baby are super-aware and high on oxytocin at the time of birth, thereby heightening the bonding experience, like making scents more vivid, etc?

I wonder if this theory couldn't also explain the heightened perineal pain that was so distracting for us!
XM's Avatar XM 08:46 PM 10-26-2003
nak... that's strange, i've been pondering how it could be that my perineum hurt more after ds's birth (#2 baby) then dd's birth (firstborn). the second thing i asked for when ds was born (after my baby, lol) was a cold washcloth for my perineum. FWIW, both babies were born w/o episiotomies and a tiny 'skid mark' each (i have very fast 2nd stages). nice 2 know i'm not the only one, i had assumed that baby #1 would leave me more tender then #2 (who was only 1/2 lb bigger)