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flower's Avatar flower 07:44 PM 10-18-2003
I'm not pregnant--and not sure I will even have a 3rd baby but I was wondering something...

If we did decide to have baby #3 down the road someday, I would love to birth in water at a birth center.

What I'm concerned about is I am a *huge* bleeder. Both my previous labors involved lots of bleeding--I'm talking it gushed out of me--especially during transition. How does one handle that if laboring in a tub?

Maybe I need to let go of some hangups or something but laboring in a tub full of blood seems a bit much! lol The movie 'Carrie' comes to mind...

Anyway ~ anyone else a big bleeder who labored and birthed in a tub? How is this handled? I'd hate to have to keep draining it and re-filling it up.

Thanks for any info

Peppamint's Avatar Peppamint 01:28 AM 10-24-2003
Hmmm... looking back at my birth pictures, there wasn't any blood in the water until after ds' head came out but after that... ewww!

At the time, I didn't care a bit though! Let me tell you... pushing half on your back on dry land and and pushing in the water are two very different things!

I'd definitely go for the waterbirth myself. Good luck!