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Greaseball's Avatar Greaseball 06:51 PM 11-15-2003
According to the Discovery Channel, fathers pace the halls instead of getting to watch. (The mother was also on her back and draped.)

Is this true of any other countries, or certain hospitals in America?

teachinmaof3's Avatar teachinmaof3 07:10 PM 11-15-2003
I saw a similar thing on episode of A Birth Day Marathon on TLC a while back. I can't remember what country it was..China maybe. The father was in this little room and they had cubbies w/ tv's in them...they could watch what was going on but not be in there. The man was SOOOOOO very concerned for his wife and he begged the lady (I don't think she was a RN...but like an attendant in the room) to go in. She told him he didn't know anything about birth, he would be in the way, etc. It was AWFUL!!!!

Another country they showed the hallway of a hospital. There was a little cart w/ babies on it, in those little plastic beds (not the isolettes..but the open ones they have in the l/d room). There had to have been 8 or more on that cart. They were sitting out in the hallway. No one attending to them or supervising them at all.
gurumama's Avatar gurumama 03:55 AM 11-16-2003
My BIL is Ukrainian--moved here 3 years ago. When he and my sister had their son last year he was shocked that he was allowed (expected) to be there for the birth, and that visitors could see my sis and the baby, and that she'd be released after two days with the baby.

Many hospitals in Ukraine they don't have basic, bascis things we take for granted here--antiseptics, antibiotics for infections, etc. So any germs can pose a HUGE hazard. The mom and baby deliver with the dad out of the room (or gowned and coming in immediately after the birth) and the mom and baby stay in hospital for up to 2 weeks to keep germ exposure to a minimum.
Greaseball's Avatar Greaseball 07:47 PM 11-16-2003
It makes more sense, if you are worried about infection, to get mom and baby out of the hospital ASAP!
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 08:18 PM 11-16-2003
Makes sense.....isn't that the way America was just 30 years ago?
gurumama's Avatar gurumama 08:46 PM 11-16-2003
I agree, Greaseball. That's the prevailing approach, though, as Mssgrl pointed out--it's an old-fashioned view of germs and they're clinging to the idea that hospitals are "safer".
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 12:52 PM 11-22-2003
My grandmother said when she delivered her first 3 children (about 55 years ago) she had to stay in the hospital for 10 days!!!! She said she loved it that way:
Greaseball's Avatar Greaseball 03:43 PM 11-22-2003
My mom is giving me this joke gift - a pregnany book from the 30s and 40s. She read me one line: "After you have been home from the hospital for two weeks, ask your doctor if it is okay to get out of bed."

There was also something else about how when your baby is 3 months old, it's OK to pick him up every now and then. Younger than that, they say to leave him in his room alone all day!

On a mainstream poll answered by thousands, 10% of fathers said they did not attend their children's births. 5% said they didn't want to be there and the other half said they couldn't because of work.

Also, 2% of women said they didn't want their dh's there.
Corriander's Avatar Corriander 04:21 PM 11-22-2003
T I would love for someone to "order" me to bed for 2 weeks after having a baby. I really loved staying in the hospital with my second baby for every moment that insurance would pay. I spent one-on-one time with my son, I pushed a buzzer if I wanted something to eat or drink or someone to help me up to go to the bathroom, and there was always someone available to watch the baby if I wanted to take a shower.

Once I got home I had a toddler who also wanted my attention and a dh who was being pressured to come back to the office. My mother works and did as much as she could but no one was as attentive as those nurses!

Of course I have nothing against those who want out of the hospital as soon as possible. I was that way with my first baby.
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 01:41 AM 11-23-2003
Originally posted by Greaseball

There was also something else about how when your baby is 3 months old, it's OK to pick him up every now and then. Younger than that, they say to leave him in his room alone all day!

Everytime I hear something like that I just cringe! THose poor lonely