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samy23's Avatar samy23 08:06 AM 03-20-2013

I started having an early miscarriage yesterday at 6 weeks pregnant, which is very early, and I'm confused how to feel about it. One day I was happily looking at a positive pregnancy test, then a week later AF arrives and the pregnancy ends. I feel a slight sense of loss so far, and am wondering what to expect as far as emotions and feelings go. Should I expect to feel more strongly of a loss when it all sinks in properly? which I don't think it has as it only started yesterday. There was a life growing inside me, even if it was only for a very short matter of time, it was still there, and I have still lost something...right? But it wasn't a baby yet?...so I haven't actually lost a baby, but the beginning of what would become a baby...? Bit confused...has this happened to anyone else really quite early on in pregnancy? How did you feel?

nsmomtobe's Avatar nsmomtobe 08:45 AM 03-20-2013

Yes, it was a loss. There is not a right way to feel and it will probably take a while to sink in, but you might want to read this thread, which identifies some of the same thoughts:


SunandRain's Avatar SunandRain 12:16 PM 03-20-2013
I had three chemical pregnancies n the last 8 months. Those didn't get to me, and some women are not bothered by early losses. And that is OK. Others really are affected, and that is OK too.